How to protect the diploma perfectly?

Protection of the diploma project - important stage. For each student's Day filled with excitement. To feel confident and maximize the chance of getting an "excellent", it is important to provide a range of nuances. It is necessary to think over the smallest details and to take care of everything in advance. It is worth noting that the "five" on the protection of the diploma will never be superfluous. Of course, first of all it is very important for anyone who goes to the "red" diploma. However, the diploma "horoshist" looks more dignified when Final qualifying work valued at a perfect score. This demonstrates the interest in the specialty, thoroughness, thoughtful attitude. A man versed in the subject and loves his profession. When then a graduate gets a job on their profile, excellent grade for the diploma makes a positive impression. Follow the advice and undertake certain steps in advance. Then you will be able to defend the diploma perfectly well without any problems.

A number of cases you
will need to perform in advance, long before the defense.
  1. Selection of the head.Many wonder "how to protect the diploma perfectly well?" A few days before the defense. Of course, the earlier you start preparing, the better. First of all you must carefully build relationships with the head of your degree project. Ideal - to reflect on the progress of defense at the stage of selecting the head. Often, students pay little attention to it, focusing on the "ease" theme and the "adequacy" of the teacher. But if your boss makes a few comments, it does not mean that the defense will take place with dignity. Go to the definition of a responsible leader.
  2. Contact us.The manager should make contact, to answer your questions.
  3. I want freedom.If you are given complete freedom , but you are not a straight A - is a bad sign . Perhaps your supervisor just do not have time for you . It 's not too late to change . You will be surprised how it easily and happily agree to a teacher .
  4. Understanding.It is advisable to choose a leader with whom you nice and comfortable to communicate. If you ever feel fear , feel free to ask questions and show their incompetence, you will not be able to fruitfully cooperate with the teacher. Either change the form of communication , or look for a more suitable leader.
  5. The use and productivity.Remember that your communication with the project manager should bring maximum benefit. Ask questions , clarify all aspects . Demonstrate an outline and agree on a plan. You will be able to thus considerably increase your chances to defend the diploma perfectly .
  6. Your opinions and preferences.Well, if you already have a favorite theme , their own ideas and work plans . The best option - a deep understanding of the subject, to treat it with a sincere interest in and do the job well . Such an attitude is always noticeable, positive impression on the head and the Commission.
  7. Head of the department.When you are working on a diploma , you can easily establish contact unobtrusively and head of the department . Please note: your questions, clarify and talk about the project should not look clarifying information and its double-check behind the head . You should demonstrate to his full confidence .
  8. Final work.Take responsibility for writing the final work itself . You must navigate the fine text of your diploma , a well- know all the sources used to create it . Do not make reference to the books that you have not read the whole , taken out of context certain parts . It is possible that members of the committee will ask you questions related to items not directly related to your work , but considered in the same sources . You will need to demonstrate erudition , the amount of knowledge .
Before the defense of the thesis
Before the protection of the degree project you need to correctly set up to work out the details and final protection.
  1. Speech.Carefully prepare a speech.
  2. Review.Consider all the comments, the reviewer indicated.
  3. Text.Once again, check the text of your work.
  4. Records.You will be able to enjoy the protection of your records , read it off the page . Try to prepare a brief on separate pieces of the recording . Reflect everything is more difficult for you. Find the right information in the text of the work is sometimes too complicated and long. For this reason, the text of the report is better to learn and spend a few rehearsals before his speech imaginary Commission.
  5. Emotions.Try to tune in to a positive defense, get rid of fear and constraint.
  6. Sleep and breakfast.Before the protection you need to sleep.
Defending diploma
When you have completed all the necessary work done to give you a sense of confidence.
  1. Speak at a moderate pace.
  2. Pronounce words clearly and loudly enough.
  3. Try to take your eyes off sometimes leaves and intone correctly , otherwise you will look like a reader , reproducing unfamiliar text. It is best to conduct a thorough and complete training report " without papers ." This statement is much more convincing than reading text.
  4. Do not tighten your speech.
  5. Answer questions clearly and distinctly . Try not to engage in debate or argument with members of the commission . If you made ​​a remark , it is important to react sensitively. Even if you do not agree , do not display irritation. Note that sometimes make comments " to order." This does not mean that you want to reduce the rating.
Demonstrate confidence, show your knowledge.