How to confess?

Not all people, even baptized in the church, regular confession. Most often, this prevents a feeling of awkwardness, embarrassment, someone takes pride. Many are not accustomed to confess at an early age, later in life all the time postpone the moment when you want to talk about their sins first. With each year decide to confession more complicated. To remove the burden from the soul, to start talking with God and sincerely repent of sins committed, should learn how to confess. Trips to confession you are sure to help: you yourself feel how lighter heart.

Confession of one of the most important rituals in the Christian church.

What is for us a confession?
First of all it is important to understand the essence of confession, its role in our lives.
  1. Conversations with God. Professed can be at home, in front of the icon, lost in prayer. However, it is going to church for confession is of particular importance. There you will converse with God in His temple, and you will be a conduit between the priest. Note: you
    will talk about their sins are not mortal man, namely God Himself. The priest has the power of God, it can give you useful advice and explain to you the reasons for your actions, help to overcome misconceptions. That priest has the right to release your sins by laying on your head stole.
  2. Humility is pride. Sincerely talking about their sins to a priest , you shall afflict your pride. To profess and practice is very important , there is nothing shameful or embarrassing. The sacrament of confession is intended to enable you to cleanse your soul, recognize sin and repent of them. This is possible only if you really discover the soul of the church , the priest will tell everything without reserve , without hiding anything and not underestimating .
  3. Repentance . You should not think that to admit the sins of bad. Man is by nature a sinner , on the ground there is absolutely righteous people . But in your power to get better. The recognition of their mistakes and errors , bad deeds , deep remorse for sins committed by every person is necessary for the further development of self-improvement .
Only confession able to really help cleanse the soul from sin and receive absolution from a priest.

Preparing for Confession
Enormous role played by proper preparation for confession.
  1. Focus.
  2. Pray.
  3. Think of your sins.
  4. Tune in to the confession. It is important to recall the picture of your sins , repent of their sins sincerely . Priests recommended that you configure to confession for a long time . Well, if you pray a lot , to observe for a while fasting, to remember in the privacy of their sins .
  5. Record your sins. Take a blank sheet of paper and list it on your sins . So it will be easier to remember everything in the confession. It is especially important to use this leaf on the first , general , confession, when it is necessary to talk about the sins committed in his life .
  6. Pay attention to your appearance. Women should wear a skirt below the knee , closed jacket . It is necessary to tie a head scarf. It is important to refrain from applying cosmetics. Lips can not be painted , because you have to be applied to the cross. Men should not wear shorts, even if it is hot outside . The body is best to cover the clothes.
How to confess?
Answering the question " how to confess the Orthodox Church ," the priests often point out that even the parishioners who regularly visit the temple of God , is not always right to talk about their sins. It is important to treat the confession seriously, not to turn it into an ordinary formality. Only then will you be able to really cleanse your soul .
  1. General confession . First, you can visit a general confession. There comes everyone , and the priest shall transfer to a confession sins committed by people more often. You may have forgotten some of his sin : general confession helps you remember about it .
  2. Sincere repentance . You need sincere repentance of their sins . Remember that the essence of the confession - not a dry enumeration of sins committed . God already know your mistakes and sins . Confession is necessary first of all to you, it will help to repent of mistakes, realize sin not to make them in the future . Just come to confession with deep remorse , you can cleanse your soul and receive forgiveness from the Lord.
  3. Without haste.
  4. Talk about their sins in detail. Priests are advised not to limit simple listing of names : "pride ," " jealousy ", etc. In an interview with the priest indicate the reasons that prompted you to sin , tell me specific cases , describes the situation . Then the minister of the church will be able to sort out your thoughts , essence of your sins , will be able to give you invaluable advice . Having farewell priest to help you deal with sinfulness , otherwise you start to build your life .
  5. Do not read from a sheet. Read out the list of sins with a leaf , just to give a leaflet to the priest should not be . This will niveliruete all the sacrament of confession . In the confessional , you can really become a cleaner, closer to God , to receive absolution . To do this, you must understand the nature of sin , sincerely repent , heed the advice of the priest. Leaflet only need to tell you do not forget about some of his sins , can correctly confess.
  6. Analysis and self-improvement . Confess , you must fully examine their lives , their spiritual world , to consider not only the actions , but also addiction thoughts . You spend an original work on the bugs , to cleanse the soul of the sins committed by removing from it the severity and prevent further transgressions .
  7. Full confession.
  8. The belief in forgiveness.
  9. Go to confession regularly. Go once a general confession, believing that often confession should not be - an erroneous position . Unfortunately, all of us are sinful . Confessions of support in the believer of his aspiration to light , repentance , gives way to remedy .
Come to confess sincerely, with an open mind.