How to stop loving a married man?

Cupid - being playful and windy. And some things done without thinking. For example, it can hurt your heart by an arrow of love for a man who is already married. And happily married. It may be such that his marital status, you will learn only when your feelings flourish violent and magnificent color. And perhaps you learn by accident. Or chance. You will be painful for both. What to do? How to stop loving a married man, if you believe (probably quite rightly) that your feelings and your relationship can not be a happy future?


How to stop loving a married man, if you do not have relations
Look inside yourself. Try to understand what is happening. Are your feelings so deep and so true, do you think? Are you ready to go all the difficult and unpleasant way of a secret lover and destroyer of the family? Is this man so you need that you are willing to endure the humiliation hidden from all meetings, his care and that he belongs to another woman? Maybe your mind is muddled all-consuming passion and you are not ab
le to look at the situation realistically. In this case, you can ask for help from someone you trust. This can be a best friend, your mom, or a wise psychologist who can help you ignore the situation and look at everything from a different perspective.

Hunter or Victim? The question to ask yourself to understand what motivates you and why you fell in love with it at the man. Maybe for you there is nothing sweeter than to select something that belongs to another, even if it is the desire and the subconscious. If this is not the first time being in love with a man who has a wife or girlfriend, you should think about. Maybe this man to you immediately lose the appeal as soon as free will? Imagine that he does not have and does not have a wife. We are confident that he will still like it? If not, then you are a typical hunter. With this have something to do. Maybe you should join the society hunters and set traps for wild animals to satisfy their hunting instinct? And this man better leave it alone.

Another option - a victim. Some women are subconsciously looking for a relationship that can not initially develop normally, as usual. Their role involves a victim of circumstances with which it is unable to cope. Sometimes the reason for this lies in the family and in children's experiences. Perhaps you have in mind that the program laid down that the family - these are the problems, quarrels, scandals and perpetual dissatisfaction. And you think that you are unworthy of a happy marriage. If you grew up in a psychologically troubled atmosphere, you need to carefully track their affection. Perhaps realizing that you no longer wish to be a victim of circumstances, you will be able to stop loving her married lover.

Plenty communicate with other men. It is known that the best remedy for a man - another man . And if a man is not one, the effect can be even stronger. Surround yourself attractive , witty , attentive and gay men . Use the all possible ways , one of which - a visit to concentrations worthy males . You can enroll in courses of extreme driving , do bodybuilding or backpacking , become an active football fans , etc.

And do not be afraid that you will make new friends will be difficult. Yes, your heart is busy, but your time and your interests belong to you . And when you do not feel strong emotions and are not afraid to fail , to get acquainted with a man much easier. Treat them as drugs . Taken three times a day for two tablets .

Perhaps , after a while you realize that your lover is not the wrong one in the world , there are other men , worthy of your attention. And, quite possibly , you find that it is not so smart and not so compelling . And the obsession passes.

Learn more about his wife and children. Maybe to you now his wife - is " the woman " who stole it from you , bewitched and did not give him the opportunity to be with you. You are attuned to it with hostility , even without knowing it. To his children , too, you are unlikely to cherish warm feelings , because they - not the fruit of his love for you .

And perhaps you are thinking very little about this aspect of his life. You would think that when he know and love you, they just spontaneously and completely disappear from his life . But this is not the case. These people are now occupy an important place in his life and it will hold even if you zavyazhutsya relationships and it comes to divorce.

Therefore, you should know them better . Inquire through friends , find out what kind of person his wife what she looks like , where he works , how long ago they met and how long married. Even better - to watch him in the bosom of the family. It is not so simple, but this step is quite effective . Very often, the contemplation of how he is gentle with his wife and both having fun with the kids , heals all potential lover by her passion and desire to be with this man , come what may.

How to stop loving a married man, if you have become his mistress
If your love and your appointments for you to become familiar and necessary , you can not imagine life without him , it will be difficult to forget . But bad habits need to get rid of , and if you decide that it is - your bad habit that will only frustration , emotional emptiness and the loss of the best years of his life , be firm in its intention . Do as smokers who quit smoking .

Someone throws simultaneously : finished his last cigarette , throws a pack and never smokes . If you - a woman with an iron will , you can do so. Just throw it out of my heart . Forget . Rasstantes once and for all.

Those who prefer to stretch the agony gradually reduce the number of cigarettes a day . You can arrive in accordance with this principle. Reduce the number and duration of meetings , find new hobbies and interests , or to remember the old , to be distracted and not think about it constantly .

Some replace the habit of smoking to other habits.

Alter externally and internally. Work out , start to draw, dance or write poetry. Do something never done before , but have long wanted . Or did not want to , but I still try . When you change, you can look at the situation in a new way . Perhaps your updated the "I" will feel for this man is not the same that felt old .

Many women who become regular mistresses of married men and gradually lose hope to marry them , have low self-esteem . Sometimes this self-assessment are inherently female , and sometimes it is acquired over time , with the help of a married boyfriend . It may intentionally or unintentionally inspire you thought that you no one else but him , do not need , thereby blocking your way out of these relationships .

If you expand your horizons , improve their appearance with the help of sports or even some techniques that automatically raise your self-esteem , you feel that you deserve the best and you will have power to stop these unpromising relationship.

More often tell him that you want to marry him. What is determined to become his wife , next and last . Require immediate divorce. Threaten, throw a tantrum . Bring him to a nervous breakdown . But do not bring yourself . Keep inner peace , even at peak times raging tornado.

And do not be afraid to appear before him and grymza shrew , because your true purpose - not to force him to marry , as you declare , and leave. If you show him my ugly , capricious and hysterical , side , it is likely to also show you are not chivalrous behavior. And your love for him can unwind itself.