How to part with her lover?

Become a mistress can quite unintentionally , without planning or plotting anything . Anything can happen by accident , and as if by itself . Any woman can succumb to weakness, especially if the man has the art of seduction and is able to put pressure on sensitive points and vulnerabilities. And now you're a prisoner relations , pleasant and frightening , desirable and dangerous . If you understand that all the flowers of these relations has thwarted all that was new and interesting was boring and mundane , then you will want to part with her ​​lover .

Parting can be desirable and if you do not feel the instincts of James Bond and the need to lead a double life , to lie and pretend you are annoying. Or maybe your lover you something hurt or you believe that you are not worthy of it . In any case , the separation is unlikely to be easy, if the desire to end the relationship once you are experiencing .

Your lover may fall so low that it will begin to threaten you expose your connection with him. And it will r
equire to leave everything as it is in exchange for his silence. Clearly, in this situation, even the acquiescence to the terms, you will not have the pleasure of communicating with him. Although, maybe it will. On certain forms of communication. Human nature is so contradictory, that is not always possible to experience the feelings and sensations that seemingly put to test in a given case. If you like these tough adult games, it's your right. And if you are still sick of it and you dream of a quiet family happiness, you have to fight for it. In this case - with your lover.

If he is married , then you can apply reciprocal threat of illegal disclosure of your relationship. Guarantees that this option will work, of course not . You are in the same position , and whoever of you decided to arrange the first expose to the spouse and the public, it will be bad for both of you . It is a war of nerves , and it will win the one who has a strong will and desire to go their own way. And it is not necessary that the will is stronger in men.

Yet part with a married lover is usually easier than the blank . This only applies to those cases where he values ​​his family and is afraid of losing it. Any fear - it is weak and you can take advantage of this weakness by pushing the necessary levers .

Sometimes, an obstacle to the completion of relations is exhausted you are not a lover difficile , and your own second "I" . Experiencing excessive attachment to this man , to this relationship and to the emotions they bring. With a struggle , on the one hand , it is easier - because this enemy you know by heart, the other , more difficult , because the enemy is in your own body .

Your second "I" understands that the gap will be agonizing and painful that you will pull again take up the old and that your love may relapse of the disease. To get rid of this dependence should be about as well as any other. Someone stop smoking abruptly and forever, one reduces the daily amount of cigarettes gradually , and somebody replaced the nicotine from cigarettes to nicotine from the patch . Similarly, the process of separation.

If you have determined the nature, impulsive and unbending willpower, then throw her lover at once, simultaneously. Tell him that it was time to leave, briefly explain the reasons. Or explained. It is believed that the rules of etiquette at break relations should be carried out with the personal participation of both parted. Apparently, in order to be able to personally look into shameless eyes of one who has prepared a message about the end of the relationship. Etiquette etiquette, but if you do not feel reluctant to show their beautiful but unscrupulous lover's eyes, you can carry out the procedure of separation and correspondence: by phone or via the Internet.

Following the announcement of the end of the relationship, do not take it up, do not meet, do not write and do not respond to letters.

If by reason of their nature or because of the situation (for example, when he categorically did not want to break off your connection) can not be a one-time completion, then you need to act slowly, step by step.

Under various pretexts, reduces the number and duration of your meetings . Let him gradually withdraw from you . Yes, and you have to grow out of it. During meetings behave more coldly than before. The degree of cooling is to gradually increase : first, you're just a little bit scattered and inattentive to it. Then you are meeting and talking on the phone to solve some problems , it is quite uninteresting . Later, you can start to cancel visits and other ways to show that you do not want to see him.

All these actions are aimed at it, the fact that he had lost interest in continuing your relationship. If you are lucky , he will propose to leave after a while . Or he is mentally prepared for a similar proposal emanating from you.

The gradual reduction of relations there may be a good option for you if you feel that the gap will not be easy due to the fact that you are having a lover some feelings.

In the case of a difficult separation for you personally , you can try to replace the positive emotions that you experienced with dating lover , to something else . But it is unlikely there to give advice to replace one lover to another . Using one man as a means of getting rid of the other, you can again fall into the trap leading nowhere relations.

The replacement must be from a different category . Pay more attention to my family , especially my husband . Try to look at it with new eyes . Once you liked it, you've seen it many advantages not found any flaws. Now everything is quite the contrary. Shortcomings are evident , and what attracted you to it , as though somewhere evaporated . In fact, everything in place, you just do not look so . Try to correct vision and begin a new relationship.

Making a decision about the separation and considering how best to do this, you should take into account the character and temperament of your lover.

If it is active and impulsive choleric, who used to have everything the way he wants and does not accept failure, you will have is not easy.

With cheerful and balanced sanguine best just to talk heart to heart.

Vulnerable and sensitive melancholic can create problems for its unpredictability.

Phlegmatic in response to your suggestion may just leave shrug and accept.

If you decide to part with her lover - to leave. Use of any methods available to you , or do not use any , but just stop to meet with him . The main thing , remember: you do not have to be in a relationship, that you burdened and no one can force you to do it.