How to please her lover?

When you love, you want to please your loved one constantly: do surprises, to say compliments and just nice words and commit such acts that cause on your favorite face smile. It is a measure of intensity of feelings and it varies depending on the stage of your relationship. At the beginning of the ratio of the rolls, because they want to please each other from time to time. Later, the intensity can be reduced, and you remember your sweetheart only between work and other concerns. Yet remember, and, therefore, still love and still want to please.


How to please her lover ? This question is asked by the woman and often try to answer it with a female point of view . But not every man loves a cute teddy bears with hearts in paws touching or foam bath with rose petals . Although , as for baths , will love this option , if the bath will float you are not burdened with a lot of clothes.

Let's try to understand what men like and what pleases them.

Tasty food.This idea is most likely correct . Even Baba Yaga , before
using good fellow in his view , was to feed him and put to bed . Everyone needs to eat and delicious to eat much better than tasteless . But preparing for a special romantic dinner men , must be considered in the first place it rather than its taste . It is possible that he will choose not an easy salad and fruit dessert with whipped cream , and baked leg of lamb , and it - some herbs and drink with degrees .

Romantic evening.The traditional program includes candles, champagne glasses and you in a beautiful dress and chic shoes. The program is good, especially for the initial stages of a relationship, when you are all in for the first time. Later this standard set can become boring and does not induce the necessary emotions. Make adjustments: candles, shall remain, men usually do not pay them much attention, and you will feel mysterious in their twinkling. Champagne can be replaced with a drink, but it does not matter. Fundamentally different: your outfit. A beautiful dress - it's good, but he's already seen you a hundred times in different beautiful dresses. But in the Little Red Riding Hood costume, nurse or flight attendant - is unlikely. (If these suits are not for you professionally). Why not try? The result may please you both. If you do not want to bother suit, you can do without it, leaving only the chic shoes.

Massage.The good thing , especially if your man has come tired from work or training. But here it is necessary , or at least have some skills or intuitively feel that it is necessary to tired muscles. And keep in mind : a real massage - it's hard physical work , not for nothing that she is so well paid. Although erotic massage does not need any special expertise, only in love with the object of massage. You can make a long lasting gift to the man : to enroll some varieties of massage and practice it regularly .

Fishing.If your loved one loves this event so that you sometimes doubt which of the two of you it is more expensive, you may want to please him as his participation in the case. But before you decide on such a serious step, it is necessary to weigh all the "pros" and "cons". And what if he does not want you riding with him? Suddenly, fishing - this is the place where he is resting on you and on the passions of your relationship? To come back to you rested and missed. If, however, you believe that he would be happy to share with you a favorite hobby, go. And if you go - suffer. No squealing at the sight of the nasty red worms, they should stick to the hook, spitting on them just to be sure whether, whether because of some magical reasons. Do not run away from the freshly caught fish flutter, she had no feet, and she does not catch up. If you said, to sit quietly, sit quietly. Then ask, what's that bubbling in the water, why it was necessary all the time to pull the bait and cast again, and what a word he was saying, when the fishing line tangled in driftwood. Struggling enjoy it and openly demonstrates. And do something useful that nobody except you would not do: prepare and cover with a delicious meal, light a mosquito coil when you are allowed to speak loudly and sincerely admire the catch and the personal qualities of the fisherman.

Gifts.Giving should be one that fits the tastes, interests and hobbies. If you do not understand something in his enthusiasm, disassemble. Start a conversation on topics of interest to him. Usually women avoid asking men about what they do not understand. And you do not avoid. Let him tell you how to sort out the carburetor and change the candles, how to make slicing down when the enemy tries to hit you from the bottom left-hand how to get to the fifth level "Vorkrafte" or keep the sail to catch a weak southerly breeze. To understand the issue, you can do unexpected and therefore very valuable themed gift: a rare automotive parts, ordered by catalog, and had brought the factory of the manufacturer, the new version of your favorite computer games with the keys or, for example, a rope to the boat.

How to please her lover?Emotions.Do not forget about the need for emotional shocks. Make surprise. Of course, pleasant. For example, plan a trip to his favorite direction, but did not warn him about it in advance. Invite him to visit old friends without his knowledge. Arrange a day of doing nothing, or joint contrary, frenzied activity. The principle is: from time to time to do something you would not normally do. It is even possible that you do not come to mind. Turn on the imagination. Learn online. Contact the agency for the organization of non-standard holidays, surprises and jokes. And do not forget that going to please her lover, it is necessary to take into account his tastes and preferences.

Football, ice hockey and other strange activities.Perhaps you wonder why a couple dozen attractive men in long shorts running after a ball, and millions of other men sitting near the TV screens and actively experiencing, calming himself a beer. But once men, our intellectual, financial and physical support, are engaged, so it's really important and interesting. Try to understand how and why they do it. Ask loved about the rules - he is likely to be a pleasure to talk about his favorite sport with an attentive, though naive listener. When you understand everything, you too can become interesting. You too will experience why this bonehead is, when you have to run the ball and the goalkeeper is sleeping and does not catch the ball. And then you and your men will be another joint activity, another topic of conversation and the opportunity to interesting pastime. If you can not fall in love with football or hockey - do not worry. Importantly, do not bother them to love her man. And when his case raduyte tickets for a rare match vest or scarf with symbols of favorite teams or record a broadcast, which he did not have time to look.