How to fall in love with a married man?

Everyone knows that the love of evil and love can be all. Including one who already have legalized public authorities the second half. What should I do in this situation? There are two ways: to retreat and go to the side or by any means to achieve his. Both paths deserve both praise and sympathy, because you can not always understand what is the fate and destiny, and what will those or other actions. If this man was reappointed for you, and you do not have the slightest doubt, but he was married for some reason on the other, then we are faced with the question how to fall in love with a married man.


Consider the step by step instructions.

Step one: to attract attention
Is it possible to attract the attention of a married man ? Of course you can . From the fact that he had a stamp in the passport , the man does not cease to be a hunter and a male. However, there are some limitations . It has been observed that the level of attention of a married man to other women is directly proportional to the time elapsed
from the date of the wedding.

Fresh husbands usually focused on their newly acquired wives and the rest of the fairer sex react poorly. If your attention was drawn to just such an instance , you do one thing remains - to wait. Over time, it becomes familiar wife , and his eyes will slide past her toward the other legs , lips and eyes.

If a man is married at least three years , it is possible to take lukewarm . Although persistent instances can admire his wife , and for a longer time . There are cases when a man loved a woman all her life , and not only she never cheated , but do not even dream about it. But it is very rare before that we will not even consider such an option .

So, how to attract the attention of a married man ? Just like any other . Give your appearance in a most attractive form. Be seductive . Dress so that you have a high-end women's merits is not in doubt . But do not go abroad vulgarity. Behave in a measure flirtatiously . Smiles at him as if it was his presence makes you the happiest woman in the world . It is not difficult in the case if you are in love with him .

Step two: consolidation of results
He noticed you , and probably appreciated. Now you for it - the same attractive stranger , who works in the neighboring department , or lives in the house opposite , or is engaged in fitness in its sports center , or even friendly with his wife (in this case , probably not a stranger ) .

But it 's not enough that he holds you think every time you turn around. You need something more . You want him to think about you day and night , to finish you all imaginable and unimaginable ways, and was ready to do anything for your smile. You must be his only one, unique and irreplaceable .

At this stage, if you are not familiar, it must meet. It is not so difficult, if you want an excuse to start a conversation is always there. The easiest way, if you work together. If you have not been introduced to each other, can be found by colleagues or by yourself, think of some excuse for a working cooperation. You may have to go via backstage intrigues in his office or in some other way to get into his circle of friends. If you play sports together, or live near Think for whatever reasons, use any common interests and common ground to start dating. And beginning to deepen and expand.

Step three: are working out a positive reaction
You learn, communicate , and , apparently , likes his handpicked successor . Now we need to make sure that you are not just liked , but caused delight , joy and the desire to see you again and again . He must develop a conditioned reflex : as soon as he sees you , just experiencing numerous and bright positive emotions . How to achieve this?

To fall in love with a married man, you need to give him something that he is deprived of the house.

Novelty.He knows his wife for a long time and a long , learned it from the inside and outside , and does not expect it 's nothing new . You - the value of new and little known , and already by this extremely attractive . At this point you do not have to do . The novelty is already in you.

Praise and compliments.Wives rarely praise their husbands. They perceive their own and what they do for granted. Here in front of you the whole untilled field. Admired his business acumen, energy and communication skills, if your colleague. Flows into the ecstasy of his muscles and his courage, if communicating with him in the gym. Praise him elegance gait, ability to park the car and his dog if you live near and Think outside the house. Admire all that you can only admire, but do it subtly enough. While some men are susceptible to rough, undisguised flattery, others are more sensitive and your excessive pressure may scare them.

Intimacy.As they say all sorts of researchers , and how they echoed popular rumor , the quantity and quality of sex after a few years of life is significantly reduced compared to what it was in the beginning of a relationship . Therefore your triumphant and seductive appearance can cause in his heart and other organs of a storm of emotions . And your - the task to maintain and escalate the tension.

How to fall in love with a married man?It may be simple, if a man is already internally matured for treason , but can be very difficult if it - highly moral type ( which, although rare, but occur in our time ) and does not want to succumb to the call of the flesh , as if this loud cry was no .

You should try to ensure that he was burning with desire, but could not realize it. Straight talk and open allusions to sex at the same time should not be. The move should go the hidden tricks: random touching , seductive gestures : stroking himself through his hair or other parts of the body , stretching , lifting fallen objects ( do not overdo it , it may look funny, but not attractive ) talk about eating habits , and forms of recreation ( I love ice cream, it 's so nice melting in the language ) and the like.

Warning.Intimacy - an important aspect of life , but not the only one. And you have to expand the offensive on all fronts. Your task - to take an active part in his life and become its integral part. The easiest way to do it if you work colleagues , and he loves his job . You are already a part of each other's lives . Are you busy a common cause , and spend a lot of time together. You will easily become indispensable for him and make sure that it was difficult to manage without you .

If you meet in your spare time , it will be difficult to achieve , but not impossible for a woman , a man obsessed . Spend a lot of time together. Services provided to him and offer help. Let him get used to you next and are always ready to support it.

Step Four: Keep your distance
He has matured and is ready to violently lash out at you like a Neanderthal, shoulder to shoulder, and carry off to his cave with predictable intentions.

Do you have something promised?

It's time tactical retreat. You need to temporarily step aside so that he realized how bad it without you , and how good it was to be with you always. If the preliminary work has been done qualitatively , it is necessarily aware of .

Step five: a victory over rival
So he wants to spend furiously with you as much as possible and as much as possible a variety of ways . Do you want the same . What 's stopping you happily join ? That's right, wife . Before that, we talked about it once in passing, and not by accident . You also do not need to talk to him about it. Especially to say something bad .

You just have to show that she , not you have all the rights . She - his wife according to the law and it should be with her. Once he realizes that you push it into the arms of his wife's boring , he will understand how you need it , and will be ready to do anything until the divorce. And this is what you sought , is not it?