How to fall in love with the guy?If you're trying to find an answer to the question of how to fall in love with Man , you need to first understand some of the subtleties of relationships. It is important to realize that you can not make a man fall in love with yourself . However , you can push it to it. In this article, we assume that you are already familiar with the guy that you want to fall in love and it already has some interest to you . If not , then you need to quickly get to know him in any suitable manner and follow the instructions in this article , to fall in love with the guy.

  1. External beauty and attractiveness.By law, it ranks first in the list, as it is the main weapon of any girl in winning the hearts of men. No wonder they say that a man loves his eyes. Do everything possible to improve their appearance and highlight the natural beauty, not omitting to vulgarity. Take care of your health and good shape. Make sure that your hair, skin, teeth and nails are always well maintained. Most guys are kind to the girl with long hair
    . Therefore, if nature endowed you with them, you will never hurry to part with them. Find your style of dress, or consult your stylist. All their appearance you should radiate confidence and demonstrate high self-esteem, which ultimately bound to attract guys. But, the beauty and attractiveness is not the only answer to the question how to win the Man.
  2. Stay itself.If you want to really understand how to fall in love with the guy, and do not blindly follow some patterns, you should always be yourself. In every man there is something particularly attractive, some zest. Find it and underline. This could be, for example your unusual character and then all that is required of you - is to be natural. Naturally, multiplied by the sense of attractiveness, with a little mild playfulness and courage is required to give the results that you have no longer have to put considerable effort to win the coveted heart. Everything happened by itself.
  3. Smile more often.No man can resist the sweet smile of the girl. Beautiful , radiant smile - is a sign of the friendly and open-minded person . Smile when meeting a guy, laugh at his jokes , even if you 've heard them before. The main thing it should look natural.
  4. Supports its interests.Joint interests are always greatly strengthen relationships. Find out what your future boyfriend is interested in what he has a hobby. Go with him to a football match of his favorite team, make a note in the sports section, which he attends, if the sport is suitable to you. But, in any case not become a boy in a skirt. Your goal - is to find more common ground with the future of man, while remaining in his eyes of this girl. Thus your arsenal, concerning the question of conquering the hearts of Man, gained another effective method.
    How to fall in love with the guy?
  5. Be sociable and inclusive development.You will be much easier to approach the question of how to fall in love with the guy if you're always able to competently and interesting to keep the conversation on any topic . For example, you proizvedesh lasting impression after talking to a guy about cars like a real expert auto . Of course , it is difficult to become erudite in a short time on many topics , but you can simplify your task if you learn about the topics and areas of interest to the guy and skontsentrirueshsya on them.

  6. Remained inaccessible.Using this skill advice on you will be able to significantly increase its interest to you , especially if prior to that he has not encountered such a problem , as the word "no" from the lips of girls. But in all you need to know when to stop . If you too often will give him the heave-ho , it may just annoy your prospective guy and he chooses for another girl.

  7. Try to cause jealousy and the instinct of the owner.If you feel some interest in Man, we can significantly strengthen it, to make him jealous. It is important to consider the following points. Firstly, it should look quite natural that you do not have suspected in the theater. Second, to avoid accidental exposure and possible complications are not used as an object of jealousy for someone of his friends. And third, do not cross that line, after which the man decides that you have engaged with you and he did not "shine". Flirtation - that's all you need to see the right guy. No hugs, kisses, and the more intimate relations should not be.

  8. Show off your talents.Find the right opportunity to showcase their talents and to make clear how amazing and admirable person you are. For example, if you attend a dance school , you can always elect to give a beautiful dance in their own performance . Guys are always sympathetic to striking , active, well-rounded girls and admire them .

  9. Be mysterious.Try to always stay for a guy a little bit mysterious. Do not confuse with the mystery of secrecy . If you're not going to tell anything about yourself - it will cause unnecessary suspicions and doubts about the feasibility of relationships. But the issue at the first date on the spirit of his entire biography is not necessary. Give the guy a strictly metered amount of information about his private life . That you will always be warm interest in himself .

  10. Observe conspiracy.No way a guy does not have to know that you fell in love with him and wanted him to reciprocal feelings . For many guys girls is unacceptable initiative in these matters . It's very important to realize their masculinity and that they are making the girls for their courage and determination.

We hope that this article will help you to permanently conquer the heart of Man, of which you have long dreamed of.