How to get to the monastery?

The decision to leave the monastery in the lives of many people, once so appears. Especially "sin" that young girls who think that life ends after the departure of a loved one. But to get to the monastery is not really so simple. Wishing to avoid worldly problems and to find solace in the monastery to prove themselves and other monks that the decision was not spontaneous, because to leave the monastery after in the worldly life will be difficult. Therefore, the exalted personages who come to the monastery, the monks recommend first weigh everything and start a difficult path to the monastic life with the usual work for the good of the monastery. This work does not pay the money, but she makes it clear whether a person is ready for the monastic life.

But it is only in ancient times, the monastery imprisons man without desire by cutting it all the way into the world.

Step one: regular attendance at church services
So you've decided to leave the worldly life in monastic. But how are you getting on with a visit
to church services, confession and communion? If you go to church from time to time to light a candle or to order service, then start the confession and communion. Find your spiritual director from among the priests. Tell him about his desire to get to the monastery. If you are too lazy to wake up early in the morning to defend the service in the church, if you are not ready for a sincere confession, think! After all, in the monastery have a few hours a day to give service, rising to five in the morning.

If you are burdened with the problem of worldly life, go to a pilgrimage to the monasteries.

Step two: staff member
In large monasteries have their own websites on the Internet where you can learn the history of the monastery and the monastic movement , write a letter to the monastery , expressed a desire to go there as a staff member . All the monasteries are required believers who are ready to work selflessly . You can come to the monastery on their own, without notifying in advance. For a simple meal and a hostel , you can count on. And then come to the monastery leadership and agree on the work .

Staff - a person who will have to work a lot . If you want to get to the monastery staff member , be prepared for the fact that the work is dusty and dirty . Have monastic economy and care for the animals, and to weed the garden , and clean rooms. If the life of the world you occupy a high position , and your labor was mostly mental , at the monastery have to work physically. Here your regalia and diplomas in the standings do not go.

Step Three: novice
You spent some time in a monastery as a staff member, are not afraid of physical work and was happy to attend the service?

How to get to the monastery as a novice ? Write in the brotherhood of the monastery a special application for admission . If you have proven patient and hardworking person , Abbot will meet you. You will receive a cassock , on for months or years will pass probation, proving its willingness to renounce the world , devoting himself to God. By the way, the novice may at any time withdraw from the monastery if realize that is not made for such a responsible ministry.

Step Four: Monk
The novice , who is to become a monk , should know that he will have to take serious vows. When he decided to enter the monastery and become a monk , he should understand that a monk - a man who renounced all worldly goods. Monk even given another name .

From what people refuse what vows?
  1. Obedience.We have no monk will own it entirely subject to the confessor.
  2. Celibacy (for women - virginity).Monks may not be sexually active, have a family, children.
  3. Non-possessiveness.Monk can not have any property, it is considered a poor man.
  4. Constant prayer.Even performing routine work, the monk to pray in his thoughts.
This can not be in a monastery?
Many clergymen to the question: "Can I go into a monastery?" Answer: "In the monastery did not take people, and Christ." But if a person's worldly life were certain obligations to the family, the monastery always be asked to perform their first, and only then leave the monastic life of the world. So, if there is elderly parents, which is necessary to take care of, it is necessary to remain in the world and take care of them. Do not take the monastery and married women with young children. Of course, there are situations where the family is very poor awkward relationship with her husband and children, but any confessor will explain what you need to establish peace in the family, and not to divorce, to give to her husband or children in orphanages to become a nun.

A person who suffers from a serious illness and can not take care of themselves on their own, we must understand that in the monastery has no permanent health services.