How to display an image from your computer to your TV?

The reasons why there is a desire to obtain an image with a small computer monitor to the big diagonal HDTV HDTV can be very different . Someone wanted to know how it looks favorite computer game on a big screen , while others would not mind comfortable and cozy sitting on the couch , watch your favorite movies on discs , but has at the same DVD- top boxes .

All this is quite easy to solve if you know how to get an image from your computer to your TV. In principle , this is no big deal . It is only necessary to understand a little standard input / output ports of the image, if necessary, to purchase additional equipment , plug it in and set up , taking into account some of the nuances .
  1. Look what connectors for input / output image have your computer and a TV. In computers and laptops to display an image commonly used 4-pin or 7 -pin S-Video port , a standard 15-pin video connector of the standard VGA. Their appearance is represented in the image.

    How to display an image from your computer to your TV?

    Almost all televisions recent years the issue has tulip -type
    connectors (RCA) video input . Often it can be divided into color channels and denoted 3RCA (RGB). To connect the computer to a TV in this case, you need an S-Video to RCA ( tulip ) .

    How to display an image from your computer to your TV?

    But to find such an adapter does not always work, and it can be received only standard definition image SDTV.

    Therefore, look for the presence of your TV VGA input.

    For high definition images HDTV and laptop computers are provided with output port HDMI, and TV interfaces for the same input. TV and computer in this case, connect the HDMI-HDMI cable suitable length .

    Since TV can be provided with a large number of similar appearance ports of entry and exit , always pay attention to the direction of the signal to the plug connector . Signal input is always designated the English word IN, and the output OUT. To prevent damage to electronic devices need to perform the connection to turn off the TV and computer.

  2. After installing the "physical" connection requires to make some software settings.

    Turn on the TV and select its settings in the video source, set the appropriate connection in the preceding paragraph (Component, PC, or HDMI).

    Start your computer and then load it into the operating system Windows Vista or Windows 7, right-click anywhere on the desktop and select "Personalize" from the menu.

    In the window that opens, navigate to the component "Display Settings" and then run it.

    How to display an image from your computer to your TV?

    Just click on it and check the items become available "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" and "Use this as the primary monitor."

    How to display an image from your computer to your TV?

    Click "Apply" and then "OK".

    How to display an image from your computer to your TV?

    As a result of these steps, you should see an image on the TV screen.

    If the resolution of the connected TV will be automatically determined not true and the screen will remain black bands are not used , then again need to run " Display Settings " and now it has become the second active display to change the extension to the desired value by dragging the appropriate slider .

  3. After these settings, you can operate the TV screen like a normal monitor. Run on computer games , watching movies to make video player program to obtain images on a large TV screens .

Additional advice
When you disconnect the computer from the TV to make sure again the main computer screen.