How do you know whether you love a man?

Most women wonder sometimes question: what feels their choice? The desire to know whether a man loves, can occur at different stages of development of relations. In the beginning, dating interest stems from the fact that the woman wants to make sure that her feeling is mutual. However, it received a positive response, deciding that the chosen still loves her, this lady is not complacent. Agree, very little time passes and the woman is already dreaming of more. He still did not offer his hand and heart? And does he love? Or just got carried away? But men are different from those of the fairer sex. They are not used to clearly show their feelings, not so quickly make decisions and difficult to part with his freedom. Yes, a man does not dream of marriage. But even if he has not yet decided to get married, it does not mean that he does not love you. Try to assess his feelings objectively, use different techniques and tips.

Why have a question?
To find out whether you love a man, you will help and self-analysis
, as well as a small study of the current situation in your couple.
  1. You yourself are in doubt about their feelings.Of course, if you have any doubts about the viability of your relationship with your loved ones , such thoughts can appear in men. Decide for yourself whether or not you continue to communicate with this person . Perhaps you have met someone else ? Or you do not satisfy the relationship ? Perhaps the cause of the problem should first look at themselves .
  2. Your expectations are not met.You were hoping for more when we started to communicate with loved ones. Now the frustration prevents you from properly assess the feelings of men . Please note: if you do come up with something , " drawing " the image of the chosen one and transferring it to a real person , a man of guilt about it. Try to abstract from your fantasies and to approach the issue rationally. After all, this man can love you , care for you , to show the remarkable quality , despite some inconsistencies fictitious ideal.
  3. Relationship "stopped."You waited a while for further development of relations , but they are frozen in one point. Nothing drastic does not happen , and you need certainty , bright events . Consider the features of the temperament of your favorite men , the degree of employment , character traits . Different people in very different ways to show their feelings . Be careful and better explore the inner world of your chosen one , avoid stereotypes.
  4. The man did not show love seems indifferent.There just has to be one more question: what do you mean by displays of love? For some men, it is important first of all to support you financially, help in the home. A romantic in love can give a huge bouquet, invite to the movies and a restaurant, but do not notice that you are tired, you have a heavy bag in his hands. Everything is relative. A major role here is played and your personal priorities. Just remember that the fervent recognition and flowers you will need only a little while. For a long and happy life a man should have no romance, and other qualities: reliability, practicality, common sense and the ability to take care of you.
  5. He does not call marriage.In most cases, women want to know whether their loved man, because they can not wait for the promised proposals. But do not forget that the man could be many reasons not to rush to enter into a formal marriage. This solution takes time. Also, the desire to wait for the registration is sometimes associated with negative impressions from talking to women, a negative personal experience, an example of their parents or friends. Ideally, the ratio should be prepared, but you do not just demand perfection. You may need to wait for more, or find another way out. In any case, the lack of a stamp in the passport - is not an indication that the man does not love you.
  6. The deterioration of relations.When you have noticed that your communication was obviously heavy , it lost its former understanding, really worth double the attention . Just try to determine what are the reasons . They can not be against the man for you, and in some external factors. For example, your loved one have trouble at work, it helps to overcome the complexity of the family . Then even a temporary worsening relationship with you is understandable. Try to keep your man , to restore contact with him .
Try not to demand too much from the men, more sensibly evaluate his feelings for you.

Learn whether a man loves.
First of all you need to pay more attention to your loved one, to find out his true attitude . Remember that the sensitivity and the ability to see every little thing you always come in handy . Observe all the nuances , reaction and behaviors of men. So it will be easier to develop your relationship in the right direction , to rebuild their own behavior and to resolve conflicts . And, of course , it helps to know whether you love the man .
  1. Warning.Try to understand how attentive to you man . Loving person interested in your health, mood , plans and actions . He will clarify the details , if you tell about some issue. If you see that a man is often abstracted from your worries , he prefers to talk only about yourself - this is a really bad sign.
  2. However, while easily.Sometimes you can find , and such unions : couple looks happy , people shine set to positive. But they do not share with each other problems , do not support at this difficult moment . Preferring not to speak and not think about the bad , they are together only as long as it is easy and pleasant . Of course, love is hard to say . When your favorite hiding any difficulties in his life , wanting to seem successful, and demands the same from you, you will not have to count on his support and love .
  3. Potential.Rate the likelihood of a positive development of your relationship with the man of their potential. If you are talking for a long time and favorite still has not introduced you to friends, parents , chances are that he does not think your union perspective . Perhaps for him it's just flirting, no question about love .
  4. Caring.Analyze is taking care of you, not outside , " tinsel " . Many gifts , fine compliments and a few trips to the expensive restaurants are no substitute for real care and support of the beloved . When you time to lean , you just feel it . We feel the attention of men , real support ? Most likely, he really loves you .
  5. General.Pay attention to the strength of your relationship with a man . The more you have in common - the better. Well , if you are walking together , discussing work and business , leads management, rest, are giving each other advice . A loving man will listen to your opinion and be sure to try to penetrate into your problems , offer a good solution .
Of course, a welcome proof of love of man - a wedding ring on his finger . Try to combine a small initiative with delicacy . Rush things and put pressure is not necessary. But it is important to convey to the man that you love him , appreciate your relationship and want to keep them forever , dream about family and children . Then , it's possible you'll be the wife of your chosen one , make sure that he likes you .