How to behave in the church?

Russian - Orthodox country and the people in it - mostly the same. Nominally. Many were once baptized, many people believe in God, but ... to reach the church, unfortunately, not all. This is preventing a lack of faith, someone - a very natural fear of doing something wrong in the church and to be condemned and all-seeing all-knowing grandmothers. Meanwhile, the people in the church may be in touch with the true understanding of the heavenly and the earthly world order, to communicate with God, to purify his soul from sin, to get help for yourself and loved ones, to try at least one step closer to heaven.

How to dress to church?
Doors Orthodox churches are open to everyone . They may come to anyone , including the one who does not know how to behave in church. The main thing is just to come . Everything else can be learned in the process. Is that right will have to dress in advance. Men should be in the church in trousers and without headgear , women - in dresses or skirts and shawls .

The basic principle of
the selection of clothing for the temple is to not look defiant. Women should prefer loose clothing that covers legs and arms. As a headdress is desirable to use handkerchiefs (light - holidays, dark - in the days of the post) and only in extreme cases - caps. Men should pay attention to their pants and shirts are not too tight-fitting and frank. Shorts, even in the summer heat, in the church are not welcome. In winter, women can afford to come to the temple in trousers, provided that their outerwear comes at least to the level of the knees. The latter is the exception and not allowed in all the churches.

How to behave during worship?
Learning how to behave in the Orthodox Church can be of parishioners around you. Typically, each temple has its own permanent congregation that comes there regularly and knows all the nuances of worship taking place. Reliable services are usually posted in the narthex - the place is located between the street and the inner doors of the temple. In major temples of worship take place every day in the morning and evening. The holidays hold two morning services - one early, one regular. In the week can also be early morning service. Every Sunday service, including in the days of fasting, is considered to be festive and goes especially solemnly. At the time of worship can not talk to each other, use a mobile phone, and to make any loud and distracting other people from prayer action. Remember, during a church service with God communicates not only the priest, but each worshiper, one of which is you. Observe silence in the church must be in the hours when the service is not available, because people come to talk with God at any time.

How and when to bow and be baptized?
To make the sign of the cross , you must put together the thumb, index and middle finger of the right hand so that they touch each other pads. Three fingers are a symbol of the Trinity : God the Father , God the Son and the Holy Spirit . The remaining two fingers are pressed against the palm. They symbolize the dual nature of Jesus Christ - divine and human . The right hand with fingers crossed in the beginning you need to bring to his forehead , then to his stomach , then to the right and at the end - to the left shoulder .

After a shadow of the cross is made bow. Its depth depends on the physical capabilities of the person, but it is assumed that the bow shall be explained. We bow differs from the waist that is made on his knees with his forehead must touch the floor. Prostration placed in important cases. Learn about when they need to do, you can look around. If the bulk of the congregation during the service falls down, then, and you'd better do the same. Old and sick people prostrations are allowed to do.

Sign of the Cross is performed once in front of the temple, three times at the entrance, once the approach to any icon, three times at the exit of the church, and once on the street in front of the temple. During the service, you can be baptized after the priest and the other parishioners. If you for whatever reason, feel uncomfortable, you can not keep track of what is happening or heavily immersed in prayer, there is no need to worry, because all crossed himself, and you - no. Many people in the church are baptized intuitively, feeling that now they need the help of the Lord.

What can you do in the temple?
Learning how to behave in church externally - is not difficult, but it is much more important to learn the inner motives for spiritual matters. The first thing you should do when entering the church is to come and bow to the central icon. Approaching the icon at the beginning you need to cross, then bow, and then put to her lips and forehead. After the kiss Orthodox express their love and reverence for the one who is depicted on the icon; touching his forehead made in the hope of acquiring the highest wisdom and grace. So you can be applied to all icons located in the temple.

Candles that are put in front of icons, it is best to buy in the candle box. All that is sold inside the temple - consecrated and acceptable to God. Candles, bought with it on the street, in the Orthodox churches are not welcome. To spark was sharp, it is necessary in the early light it from another candle, then melt the lower tip and quickly put a candle to the desired location. Touching someone else's candle, to correct them if they bend under the effect of flame or light them when they went out, - possible. Simmer another's candles and throw them in a special dish - it is impossible. To do this in the church there are special people. With his candle can do anything - even put out in the middle of prayer and to take home. The most effective force have candles burning at the time of worship.

Post notes , " the health " and " for the repose of " priest to read them only in respect of baptized people. Normally, a note is made in person, sometimes it can write for you in the candle box. In drawing up the note it is necessary to write its goal and put the image of the Orthodox cross.

During the service, it is advisable not to wander the temple here and there. Leaving from the church to the streets to "breathe fresh air" is also not desirable. This can be done only if you became ill. When crossing the center line of the temple should be a time to cross. Go for the central icon (main and central icons of the limits) - is impossible. They need to bypass the front. Turns his back to the altar only as a last resort. When censing (when the priest passes the temple with a smoking censer) need to get into the inner circle - otherwise you will find yourself outside the most effective in respect of each of the Orthodox prayers.