How to make the jeans got?

Jeans is simply impossible not to love, with all their advantages. They are appropriate in most situations, comfortable to wear, versatile combine with other clothes and perfectly emphasize the shape. Although the last point is sometimes disappointing. High-quality, well-tailored jeans sit perfectly, emphasizing every curve of the body. But they remain the property of only the first time after purchase. Intrigue also lies in the fact that the better sitting jeans - the more they want to wear, and more often worn jeans - the faster they are stretched. And now, after a few times of planting different from the original, and pants are not so tight hold on her hips.

In fact, stretching - it is a normal characteristic of denim and other cotton fabrics. These fibers are flexible enough to lengthen with the regular tension. For this reason, manufacturers of clothes and experienced shoppers are advised to buy one size smaller jeans of yours. If the dressing you barely managed to fasten the zipper on the fly, and th
us took his best to involve the stomach, just to breath, so after a couple of days, a maximum of one week, these pants will sit on your butt, did not bolt, but did without restricting movement. Jeans, once purchased by size, after the same time stretch and never will delight you with narrow silhouette.

How to reduce Jeans
Jeans , improperly selected or stretched in the process of socks , do not rush to give a more complete girlfriend . It will certainly be glad to have such a gift , but you yourself can still wear them. Especially if we are talking about not cheap stuff , which, in general, satisfied with everything but more than you need size. Fit it on the figure in one of these ways :
  1. Wash Jeans- This is the easiest method to make them already, we all regularly check in practice. Surely you've noticed that freshly washed clothes to pull harder and buttoning. In jeans, this rule is particularly bright. Laundry is able to eliminate the extended knees, hips stretched - but only temporarily. A few days of active wear pants return their previous form. To extend the "diminutive" washing effect, use hot water. Hand wash in scoring differs little from the machine, because its main effect is to wet the fabric fibers. But stiralka you can set the temperature up to 90 degrees and a high speed rotation of the drum, which in this case is preferable. After an intensive spin jeans become less one-two sizes, perhaps even less, than they were when buying. But be prepared for the fact that it will soon have to wash again, because once again they will be stretched, they have time to get dirty.
  2. "Boil" Jeansthe same technology on which boiled underwear our grandmothers. Put your pants in volume pot or metal bowl with a lid, cover with water and completely dissolve the detergent in it. Powder should be sufficient to obtain a concentrated solution. Things that have passed this procedure for 20-30 minutes, usually running up a couple of sizes. But it is evident side effect: jeans blackness uneven spots, acquiring trendy "cooked" appearance. If you like it, then said bonus shrinkage - if not, then choose another method of reducing the trousers.
  3. Dry Jeansafter washing can also be such that they will sit down. The first method consists in that after a strong dehydrating almost straightening, jeans hang on the rope near the source of hot air. During evaporation of the moisture remaining in the cloth trousers skukozhatsya and become smaller. The second way: dosushit pressed jeans on a towel or other cloth absorbs water. The third drying method involves the use of an automatic dryer. This device is able to make the fabric to escape while maintaining the shape of the garment. Find such a device can be in the laundry or in the store to buy household appliances.
  4. Redesigning Jeans- A radical way, that is exactly help if previous proved futile. The easiest thing is attributed to the workshop, but you can cope on their own if there is at least basic skills of sewing. Specific actions depend on the style trousers and features of your figure. For example, it is enough otporot belt, shorten it and sew back to jeans good again held at the waist. But if the pants are too big and noticeable hang on you have to redo them completely. For this purpose all the thrust side seams and, if necessary, the stepper seam. Remove the thread remaining from the previous stitches, and the items proutyuzhte. By its own standards, or by applying appropriate to your jeans, take a special marking pen or chalk to. Cleave the details among themselves. Do not hurry to make a solid line, first baste reduced jeans and gently try on them. If the new size is right for you, feel free to stitch jeans. However, the majority of ordinary household sewing machines can not do a special "Jeans" seam, so the thing will be updated not only jeans in the literal sense as denim trousers. But so you can take the opportunity to adjust their style: Sause leg down to shorten them and / or get rid of a flare.
  5. Take inYou can not any jeans, but only from a sufficiently thin stitched denim. As in the previous case, it is better to use a sewing machine, because even the most delicate denim different density weaving. Depending on where it formed an empty space and extra fabric chosen method of reducing trousers. If they hang on the buttocks - that should reduce groin seam. If empty at the hips - have tapered side seams. If extra space is formed along the entire length of the leg, the most effective step to make a new seam. But in any case, where and how much you would not stitched by jeans, do not rush to cut allowances tissue. Do this only after, as an example of a thing with new seams and it will suit you in size. But do not forget that ushivka can not only reduce the jeans, but also distort their style. Be prepared for the fact that the new sutures pants will look different, not only in the degree of encirclement, but also in form.
Tips and tricks
Fit to figure jeans, which have become too big, not difficult.
  1. When washing , boiling , drying and spinning jeans decrease not only in volume but also in length. Therefore, these methods are suitable for shrinking wide pants, but not recommended for those whose trousers are not far below the ankle bones . Otherwise you would get out of the car , not only narrow, but also too short pants , who will have to pay a child or a younger sister .
  2. Washing in hot water can be used only if your fabric your full cotton jeans , contains at least 70 % of cotton in the composition and / or stretched greatly . Synthetic fibers , such as Lycra can be heated in very hot water may behave unpredictably distorted , stretched , etc.
  3. If you do not want to wash jeans too often , do not wear them every day and allowed to "rest" , then they will not so quickly extended. And anyway, if you like to sit on your pants " in oblipku " give preference to more dense , but at the same time, rib fabrics . Loose denim with lacunae , and the effect of rubbing stretched over them more quickly as planned producers.
To part with your favorite jeans , if you noticeably thinner or just stretched them quite sure Mr . But , having tried all of these methods to reduce the thing, do not worry if none has helped restore the original appearance of their pants . First, a little more comfortable jeans stretched tight and are now at the height of fashion . Secondly, the deformation of the old things - it's a great excuse to go shopping for a new one.