How to eat flax seeds?

Nature - an inexhaustible source of medicinal resources for the human body . She wisely made ​​sure that her gifts we could find everything you need for your health . And the first place as a source of profit occupy the plant , most of which are not expensive , are available and distributed at the expanses of our country. Almost all the seeds contain a powerful charge of vitality and strength needed for plant growth and development . When used properly, this natural battery can share their stock to you.

When selecting components for herbal medicine , pay special attention to the flax - or rather, its seeds . It contains a huge amount of biologically active substances that are beneficial for the metabolism in the human body . Because flaxseed is cooked and squeezed oil, preparing medicinal tinctures and add it to the sweetness. But the less processed product is subjected to - the more useful features it preserves and transmits the people. So you should learn how to use flax seeds for health and longevity .

The properties of flax seed
Flax seed is used in medicine, cooking and cosmetics.
  1. Polyunsaturated fatty acids are omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9, in which three times more than hvalenyj fish oil.
  2. Fat-soluble vitamins A, E, B and F, necessary for rapid cholesterol and fat metabolism . On the one hand they help to normalize the weight and lose weight , but on the other - take care of updating the cells of sufficient moisture and elasticity of the skin.
  3. Selenium - a valuable trace element that is involved in the absorption of vitamins, maintaining the immune system and synthesis of important hormones.
  4. Lecithin , which is impossible without the normal operation of the brain and the renewal of all cells and tissues of the body . Liver tissue around the nodes of the nervous system is almost entirely constructed of lecithin, which , moreover , fighting free radicals and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  5. Lignans - plant hormones, antioxidants.
  6. Polysaccharides - complex carbohydrates, which are an invaluable source of energy for all living organisms.
All these definitely valuable components make flax seeds and essential in the treatment of many diverse diseases. Digestive tract problems are solved with the help of flax particularly successful - thanks to the shielding properties of the mucus , which he identifies .

The use of flax seed
The easiest way to add flaxseed daily for food. Its seeds are small in size and complement of porridge , soups and salads . Every day to eat thus not less than 5 g of valuable product. But there are other ways to use flax seed in the food :
  1. A decoction of flax seed.Take three heaping tablespoons of flaxseed and half a liter of clean drinking water. Bring water to a boil and pour it linen, then set in a water bath and cook for 20-30 minutes . After this cool down and take on an empty stomach half an hour before each meal . One serving equals half a cup of decoction of flaxseed .
  2. The infusion of flax seeds.Those who do not want to expose the seeds to prolonged heat treatment , can take three tablespoons of flaxseed and a liter of boiling water . In another bowl , or a thermos to fill linen cover with boiling water and leave for three hours . Dosage and admission rules - the same as in the broth .
  3. Flax seeds with honey.You need equal volume of flaxseed and liquid honey . Grind flax seeds in a coffee grinder or mortar and immediately mix with honey . It is best to cook this drug and grind the seeds just before use because the air component rapidly oxidized and lose some of its properties .
Furthermore, sprouted flaxseeds are added to baked goods and dairy products. Choose the method that would be more convenient for you personally. The main thing is that the raw material was fresh, not rancid or damaged by mold and pests. If possible, make sure that the flax grown in ecologically clean area and not treated with chemicals. Otherwise, its use can bring you more harm than good. Just like patients who are contraindicated flax seeds. First of all people with sensitive stomachs, women with diseases of the uterus and those whose kidney stones were found.

The use of flax seed
Flaxseed - a universal remedy and effective medicine.
  1. When overweight , obesity in the initial degree of broth or infusion of flax seeds , cooked on the above recipe, take one full glass several times a day about an hour before a meal and another drink. Thick liquid blunts appetite , that is helping to eat less and better digest food .
  2. When colitis , enterocolitis and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract infusion of flax seeds take half an hour before meals three times a day. Infusion differs from the basic recipe : flaxseed for him to grind into powder and pour a glass of hot water immediately before use. This facility produces both enveloping and mild laxative effect .
  3. When arrhythmia , tachycardia, and other pathologies of the cardiovascular system prepare an infusion of 2 tablespoons of ground flax seeds and a glass of very hot water . After 10 minutes of mixing the liquid should be roused and drink before a meal . Over time, you will notice that the heart began to work more smoothly , and the pressure returned to normal or fell .
    How to eat flax seeds?
  4. When you cough, sore throat powdered flax seeds steamed in boiling water, mixed with honey and resolves in the mouth between meals until symptoms are not reduced.
  5. In diabetes , kidney failure and other endocrine disorders infusion or decoction of flax seed prepared in any convenient way to do a permanent component of your daily diet , and a long time to take it on an empty stomach , making then wait at least 20-30 minutes prior to the next dose food.
  6. When cancer flax seeds provide more preventive action. They can be consumed in any form , in whole or grinding , in beverages and foods. Regular use improves metabolism and strengthens the immune capacity of the body.
  7. When allergies use flax seed allows relieve symptoms and speed up the adaptation organizma.Ne certainly tinker with decoctions and infusions of flaxseed - even adding it to the morning porridge will have a beneficial impact.
  8. When pregnancy flaxseed strengthens the woman's body and the fetus inside her, the child forms a stable nervous and immune systems . You can take a decoction , extract or add shredded and whole grains in any food , juices and pastries . The best effect is achieved when receiving a warm flaxseed .
  9. When skin diseases gruel prepared from milled and diluted in a small amount of water or herbal decoction of flax seed is applied to the affected area as a compress a sterile dressing.
It's only the main areas in which successfully applied flaxseed . The basic rule of only one thing: in most cases, flax seeds and preparations of them are taken on an empty stomach . This technique can be optimized and made more pleasant if the cook flaxseed jelly or mixed with oatmeal .