How to weave Baubles of ribbons?

Distribution baubles began in the 60s , when the first hippies. While the " flower children " believed that all men are brothers , and confirmed this brotherhood donation each other baubles . At the same time it was impossible to shoot Fennec - Friendship is considered abandoned and generally any kind of relations . Baubles not sold - was a sacred act of giving . But now Fennec - is, above all , the decoration , which is often nothing symbolizes. Therefore, in addition to standard baubles from threads become popular Baubles of ribbons.

How to learn to weave Baubles of ribbons?
Weaving baubles not such a difficult thing, as it might seem at first glance. The most important thing you have to do - to stock up on materials , patience and good humor , because without a positive attitude Fennec lose an important share of the symbolism. So, in order to weave a simple Fenichka of ribbons you will need:
  • 2 satin ribbons;
  • pins;

    materials for the capture of ribbons baublesmaterials for the capture of ribbons baubles

  1. The first step is to choose contrasting o
    r matching well with each other in color.

    selection of color ribbonsselection of color ribbons

  2. Tie a simple knot, leaving the ends of sufficient length tapes - later there will be strings.

    fixing unitfixing unit

  3. Form two loops, green and beige.

    forming loopsforming loops

  4. Pass the green loop in beige.

    threading one to the other tabsthreading one to the other tabs

  5. Tighten beige loop by pulling the long end.

    delay loopsdelay loops

  6. Form another loop beige and insert it into the green.

    creating new tabscreating new tabs

  7. Carefully tighten the green loop.

    delay loopsdelay loops

  8. Form another green loop and thread it in beige.

    creating new tabscreating new tabs

  9. Repeat these steps as long as your not Fenichka will gain the necessary length.

    repetition of actionsrepetition of actions

  10. When the length of baubles will meet your desires , proceed to the formation of the end node : another loop to flatten the tape. Tie a green ribbon beige and tighten the common node . To strengthen the structure can make two or three knots - so you do not drag Fennec (hence , it does not skew ) , but protect yourself from its unleashing .

    the formation of the end nodethe formation of the end node

Fenichka ready!
ready Fenichkaready Fenichka

However, to weave Baubles of ribbons can be another way.
  • 4 satin ribbons;
  • pins;
  • tape or electrical tape;
  • scissors.
Weaving baubles of four tapes are not very different from ordinary weave Baubles, but for best results, better fix bindings pins.
  1. Pick up a pair of contrasting color strips and glue them together so as to remain free ends for fasteners . Both pairs are arranged so that the threads of braided turned the square : a green orange , green under a beige , gray under the brown, beige over .

    plaiting materials baublesplaiting materials baubles

  2. Turn brown and beige ribbon so that all four tapes looked to one side.

    Location ribbons plaitingLocation ribbons plaiting

  3. Pass under the gray ribbon of green, brown and over by beige.

    threading ribbonsthreading ribbons

  4. Likewise fix green ribbon.

    fixing stripsfixing strips

  5. Now turn the gray and green ribbons to one side with the other.

    the process of weavingthe process of weaving

  6. So keep weaving until the desired length.

    weaving to the desired lengthweaving to the desired length

  7. When you want to finish Baubles, in the same position exposing the ribbon so that on each side there were two.

    rspredelenie baubles for tying knotrspredelenie baubles for tying knot

  8. Then start to tie the knot.

    tying the knottying the knot

  9. Here's a triple node should get in the end.

    Final assemblyFinal assembly

  10. That's all cunning weave Baubles of four threads.

    ready Fenichkaready Fenichka

Baubles of the ribbons are very popular, especially in summer. Due to the material they are bright, beautiful and light , which is particularly strongly felt in hot weather. Mix and match the colors , use tapes of different thicknesses , and the image will be added to your new bright colors .