How often do Mantoux children?

Mantoux test - it is not vaccinated , and diagnostics for the presence of the child's body TB bacillus . The vaccine , which is administered to children , called " tuberculin " . This procedure is performed in order to determine the disease at an early stage , preventing its serious consequences. Mantoux test does not carry any risk to the health of your baby , because the vaccine is made up of heat- killed bacteria .

Mantoux test - an immunological test that is able to identify the child's body in the TB infection . After the introduction of the tuberculin at the injection site begins to develop an allergic reaction . The skin at the site of the sample turns red , it appears on a small hillock . A positive Mantoux test occurs in those children who are present in the body TB bacillus .

Each baby after birth in hospital being vaccinated with BCG - vaccinated against tuberculosis. When the child turns a year , he conducted the first Mantoux test in order to monitor how the body will react to the tuberculin .
This procedure is carried out annually until the age of 14 the child , if he does not allergic and skin diseases , epilepsy . Since the age of 14 , adolescent must undergo an annual chest X-rays .

Before each Mantoux child must necessarily examine the pediatrician, as this procedure should only be perfectly healthy baby. After the last of the disease must be at least 30 days. At 72 hours post-vaccination sample is measured with a ruler. During these 72 hours the injection site can not be wet and scratching .

Children who are at risk of tuberculin, Mantoux test is carried out twice a year:
  • Children who have not received BCG vaccination.
  • Children who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system.
  • Patients with diabetes mellitus, systemic diseases.
  • HIV-infected.
  • Children who receive hormonal therapy more than a month.
If necessary, additional tests or during the preparation of the child for BCG vaccination Mantoux test is repeated with a minimum interval - a month.

It is very important to the Mantoux test annually, as reaction to the tuberculin estimated dynamics.

Mantoux test is carried out three days before any planned vaccination or a month after her.

Children who suffer from allergies, Mantoux test is carried out simultaneously with taking antihistamines 7 days before the trial and 2 more days after it.

Mantoux do both right and left hand.