How to prepare for a pelvic ultrasound?

Diagnosis of pelvic organs is performed in order to timely detect many diseases and to begin treatment at an early stage of development . Women may examine the uterus , bladder , epididymis and determine pregnancy using ultrasound diagnostic of small pelvis . Men may examine the prostate and bladder. Pelvic ultrasound done with the help of sensors , one directed to the abdominal area , the other - vaginal, it is suitable especially for fat people get a clearer result.

When are examined
Indications for pelvic ultrasound:
  • suspected pregnancy;
  • pathology of early pregnancy;
  • multiple pregnancy;
  • clarifying the place of the ovum (in the cervix, uterus, tubes);
  • endometriosis, fibroids;
  • identify cancerous tumors and precancerous signs;
  • ovarian pathology;
  • improper functioning of the internal genital organs;
  • Education in the pelvis;
  • complications following childbirth or abortion;
  • diagnosis of internal genital organs to detect abnormalities.
    For the detection of gynecological disorders, pelvic diagnosis should be done 1 time in a
    year or two.
How to prepare for the survey
To perform this procedure, you will need: enema, clean water - 1-1.5 liters and diet.
  1. If you have assigned through the abdominal ultrasound region, it is necessary to pre- prepare the body for optimum performance and results. A week before the test stick with the diet , as the intestines and the stomach does not have to be filled ;
  2. From food give preference to milk and milk products . Products that cause flatulence : bread, meat , bakery products - do not use 7 days before the ultrasound. The day before the diagnosis, drink only milk drinks , and mandatory to do an enema in the morning and evening ;
  3. If you have a diagnosis will be held with a vaginal probe , then in addition to sparing diet do a cleansing enema . In the morning , the day of the survey do not forget to do an enema . Be sure to take a liter bottle of still water , you'll need to drink an hour before the ultrasound. Diagnosis start doing on -filled bladder, and then on the empty ;
  4. For a survey of men using transvaginal and transrectal probe method.
  5. If you go for ultrasound pregnancy after diagnosis may tell you the exact date of pregnancy. This diagnosis allows for the study of the internal organs of the fetus , after which it will be clear whether to keep the pregnancy or not.
The advantage of ultrasound diagnostics lies in information content , availability, non-invasive, painless method . Modern equipment allows to accurately identify any abnormalities , disease and changes in the human body. Therefore, it is important to take time to survey , to avoid unpleasant consequences .