How to replace the upholstery on the chairs?

Replacing the upholstery on the chairs may be required as a minimum in cases where the old and already rather worn appearance or lost when recently bought the chairs do not fit the color of the interior of a house or apartment. Or maybe you just want to change the color and variety of solutions for the usual "stools". Whatever the reasons for this desire to carry it out and replace the upholstery on the chairs is not as difficult as it seems to many. Of course, a lot depends on the design of the chair. In some reupholstering is quite simple, and will have to work with other longer.


For any work you need to have a certain minimum of hand tools and other devices.
  • Building stapler.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Set for staplers.
  • Hammer.
  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • Pliers.
  • Scissors.
  • Felt or any other writing tool.

Of course before you have upholstery advance purchase upholstery, drapery visiting . As a material for upholstery can act as a special fabric upholstery ( it fits the usual ) and leather ( Faux ) . It is also recommended to pur
chase and replace the foam pad if the old chairs for a long time serve you faithfully . Take necessary to foam thickness of 3 cm or more , if you like , the chairs were softer .

How to replace the upholstery on the chairs: practical advice
  1. Remove the seat and back of the chair, as if it is upholstered material.
  2. Turn the seat upholstery dismantled and put down on the floor or other suitable and convenient for working surface.
  3. When the old interior will be dismantled , cut to size piece of foam seats and make the pattern of the upholstery , repeating contour seats with indented 4.5 cm, which will go on podvorot and fastening straps below the upholstery .
  4. Charge stapler staples. On top , place the upholstery foam , and foam chair seat . Good pulling trim , attach it to the seat brackets from the back side . Keep the padding is not pulled and " not moved out " in one direction, as in this case, you will not be able to fix it on the opposite side . Pay special attention to corners , creases to trim them neatly turned out . If some of the staples will not hammered as it is necessary , remove them with a screwdriver and pliers and pristeplerite again.

    upholstered chair seat view from belowupholstered chair seat view from belowupholstered chair seat view from aboveupholstered chair seat view from above

  5. Once the seat is too tight, you can trim the excess trim from its mount and fasten the seat back to the chair.

    Binding to the chair seatBinding to the chair seat

  6. From the back of a little more complicated.
  7. Secure the back of the chair.

On one chair time required to tug upholstery range from 1 to 1.5 hours if you do not want to upholster the back.