How to check the blood vessels of the brain?

About vascular pathology of the brain may indicate diseases such as migraine, hypertension. Particularly appalling fact that they are increasingly suffering from the younger generation. Most drink painkillers and do not seek medical help, I do not think that should not delay and check the condition of the brain vessels. Only thus can avoid the development of serious diseases. Indications for the study may be common complaints of headaches and different diseases. In a more advanced age indication it is to study the presence of atherosclerotic plaques. There are several ways to test the brain vessels.

Angiography is an X-ray method of investigation. The procedure is most often prescribed by a doctor when there is a suspicion of serious disease. To conduct the study is puncture and contrast injected composition, whose weak capacity of the X-rays. At the same time the pictures of the brain takes some time, but the procedure takes at least 60 minutes. After examining the patient watch, give plenty o
f drink for a quick withdrawal from the body of contrast agent. Thus, angiography does not cause inconvenience, but allows you to see the exact picture of the disease and prescribe the best treatment. This method is currently in the first place among others.

Magnetic resonance imaging.
With MRI, doctors can diagnose existing violations in the work of the brain, and to identify inflammation. The tomograph allows you to see in detail the state of the tissues examined organ. If you want to explore the brain more gentle, a contrast agent is injected. Thus viewed places where a stroke may develop in blood vessels and platelets. The image is used this method turns three-dimensional. MRI is not for everyone, it has contraindications and limitations. If the patient's body is metal items, appliances and devices (hearing aids, pacemakers, intrauterine device) imaging is not performed. In addition, MRI is contraindicated in pregnancy, breastfeeding and people with kidney failure.

Duplex scanning.
Duplex scanning - almost the same as brain ultrasound of the veins and arteries. Research carried out as follows: take a sensor and is attached to the patient's head, and the screen can be traced US state of vessels, particularly their structure having pathology of plaque and other atherosclerotic changes. Transfer procedure is very easy, does not cause inconvenience to prepare for it in advance is not necessary. A definite plus - the absence of contraindications. However, duplex scanning is not possible if the person can not take a horizontal position.

NSG is assigned only to children up to one year , as performed through an open anterior fontanelle . The procedure is performed on the machine using a special ultrasound probe. As a result, doctors can obtain data on the state of likvoroprovodyaschey system and blood disorders .

The method - the principle of ultrasound.

If you have even a slight suspicion of problems with cerebral circulation, often headache , increases or decreases the pressure , do not hesitate to consult a doctor. He will listen to your complaint and give direction to one of the described research.