How to get pregnant twins or twins?

A person who has a brother and / or sister will never be alone. But if a close relative willing to come to the rescue in a difficult situation, the twin just always there for you, even if you are geographically far from each other. This proximity, which has become a byword, genetically determined and practically does not depend on the will of the twins. But at all times it causes an increase in the interest and curiosity of others. A woman who gave birth just two (or more!) Babies at different times and in different cultures enjoyed the reputation of saints, the witches, but never unnoticed.

Today, the birth of twins entails rather pleasant surprise and squared trouble during the time of their growth and maturation . Growing up, twins remain invisible and incomprehensible " loner" communicate with each other . Therefore, if you want your children always had a loyal friend and support in his face , think about the birth of twins . However, a 100% guarantee you multiple pregnancy can neither loving husband o
r experienced gynecologist, but I'll try to get pregnant twins or twins does not prevent anybody.

Twins and twins: identical or different?
According to statistics, only one in 80 pregnancies is multiple. According to other estimates, are now among the entire population of our planet only 1.5 percent of people are twins. In any case, this means one thing: more than one child is born at a time is very rare. And it happens when one of about 200 menstrual cycles are not just egg matures and released from the ovary, but also divided into two absolutely identical cells, each of which continues to live his life. If fertilization has occurred before this, some of them developed two identical fetus, and later born twin, called identical. They have the same set of genes and similar to each other as two drops of water. But since their birth are required too much of a coincidence, these babies are born very rarely, and even among multiple pregnancies occupy only a quarter of the total.

In other cases, babies are born with developing in the womb from different eggs. This occurred because the mother's body at some point matured not one, but two viable egg. At the time of conception, each of them was able to take on the same sperm and together they moved into the uterus. Babies born after 9 months, will have a different genetic code and can even be of different sexes. Even a superficial resemblance between them can not be larger than normal, born at different times, brothers and sisters. Yet there between twins stronger connection that they feel and notice the surrounding.

Medical evidence suggests that over the last 20 years, the number of multiple births has increased. This means that your chances of having twins or fraternal twins have also grown, but how much - depends on many factors, both internal and external. And the reason - this is only one half of the circumstances surrounding multiple births. The second consists of the consequences for the health of a pregnant woman and a lot of consequences. The organism, which develops in two infants, operates with increased load on the heart, the circulatory system and other organs. Women pregnant with twins, more and more pronounced toxicosis and varicose veins, they get fat more than other new moms. Quite naturally, they need more vitamins and minerals, as well as a careful observation of doctors. But if your health allows you to safely carry and give birth to twins, then you need to take this opportunity as a gift of nature and take it with gratitude.

Tips for those who want to give birth to twins
Multiple pregnancies can occur for various reasons . Some of them does not depend on our will , and therefore can not be adjusted, but some may well serve as a clue for couples who want to give birth and raise of two heirs. Therefore, read and remember that the number of developing embryos in the womb affect :
  1. Genetic predisposition.As with all properties of the organism , the ability to conceive twins encoded in the genome. Therefore, if your family were births of two or more children , it means that your blood is a gene of multiple pregnancy and the chances of it increasing. This quality is passed "inherited" and the male and female line , so when planning conception, how to read all the family pedigree . Well , if you are already once gave birth to twins , the second time the probability of the birth of two babies at once is even higher.
  2. Hormone therapy.Most fertility drugs do not just help , and surpass all expectations of their application, causing birth of twins . Similar side effects are sometimes manifested in oral contraceptives. As long as a woman takes them, they inhibit the production of certain hormones . And immediately after the cessation of her body tends as soon as possible to restore the hormonal status , which increases the chances of a multiple pregnancy several times.
  3. Artificial insemination.This is most likely to date a way to give birth to two or more children. This is possible because of the in vitro fertilization procedure . During her placed in the uterus several fertilized eggs to increase the chances of survival of at least one of them . But in practice, in most cases survive not one but several embryos , and the parents have an opportunity to leave even one , though each of them.
  4. Age mother.Although not a direct cause , but indirectly affects the number of embryos . This is due to hormonal characteristics of the organism in the so -called late reproductive age , coming after 35 years . The older a woman is, the more in her blood hormone FSH, or gonadotropin , which is directly proportional to the concentration of activity eggs. That's why pregnant women are more likely to mature born twins.
    How to get pregnant twins or twins?
  5. Nutrition and lifestyle.Important conditions of the twins, known since ancient times, when conventional medicine does not yet have sufficient information, and because most of the recommendations handed down by folk traditions and superstitions. Thus, in particular, often pregnant with twins lovers of natural meat, poultry and fish. Later it was proved that this is due to the influence of protein: protein catalyzes the production of hormones. But sausages and smoked not rich complete protein, their use is not advised expectant mothers. All whole milk and milk products, cheese, all sorts contribute to multiple pregnancy. Moreover, it is best to combine them with fruits: peaches, pears, apricots and grapes. And any exotic fruits except plums. Sweet potato contains plant hormones also stimulate the female body to the multiple conception. As well as seafood, including crabs, mussels and shrimp.
  6. The climate and time of year.Oddly enough, it affects the number of embryos greater than one would assume. It is interesting that the natives of the Middle East and Africa give birth to twins are more likely than residents of representatives of other nationalities and races. Ukrainian Kopan village, located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains, has become known throughout the world is also due to the anomalous part of a multiple pregnancy of his residents. The fact that in just 50 years is 54 pairs of twins were born, the local population due to the influence of water from the miraculous mountain spring. But all those who go too far in the Carpathian Mountains for medicinal fluid may be advisable to schedule the birth of children in the summer months. It was the summer of reproductive function increases, and hormones are produced in more than at other times of the year, the number of both male and female body is getting enough vitamins. Therefore, most often twins and twins celebrate birthday in the spring.
  7. The physiological abnormality.So-called "two-horned uterus" Naturally divided by a partition into two parts is about 5% of all women. Such a structure of the body as if specially designed for the conception and gestation of twins. Women whose menstrual cycle is shorter than normal, and is only 21 or 22 days, are more likely to give birth to twins. And finally, if the period of breast-feeding, you get pregnant again, do not be surprised if this time the birth to not one, but two babies. Lactation increases the chances of multiple pregnancy - again, due to the special hormonal status of the organism.
If you believe the tabloids, the multiple pregnancy in recent years has really become much more common, especially among Hollywood stars and world music. Charming twins born to Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and Sarah-Jessica Parker. We can assume that their husbands love them twice stronger than the spouses in other families. But better remember that all these celebrities have long emerged from a young age. Plus, many of them took advantage of the achievements of modern medicine.

Although the official science , and folk observations concur that couples characterized by high sexual activity , often give birth to twins. Therefore , despite the fact that none of these methods does not provide a multiple pregnancy for sure, it makes sense to create the right mental attitude and a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Love each other and raise healthy , beautiful and happy children .