How to be tested for TSH?

To diagnose a number of diseases are sometimes required to be tested for blood levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone . The deviation from the standard indicators of TSH usually indicates a problem in the body, although any case and considered individually. So the doctor will refer you to the analysis . How should I prepare for it , what to expect from this study ? Here the necessary information .

For what is "responsible" TTG?
The gland of the brain, the pituitary gland synthesizesthyroid-stimulating hormone- Control of the thyroid gland . It stimulates the thyroid gland T3 ( triiodothyronine ) and T4 ( thyroxine ) . Once the levels of these hormones grows , they , in turn , begin to suppress the release of TSH. This self-regulating system can falter , and then the hormone imbalance adversely affect the function of many organs . It is no wonder that the appointment of content analysis TTG you can get not only on the endocrinologist , but also from the therapist , gynecologist , neurologist , surgeon.

Women over the age of forty years, is especially important to determine the level of thyroid stimulating hormone . Not less important it is for women who want to get pregnant - otherwise the pregnancy may not occur or may be harmful to an unborn baby .

How to get a reliable result?
Blood analysis on TTG is taken from a vein in the morning: at this time, the concentration of the hormone is highest.

Are you interested in so as not to distort the result of the analysis - so you need to know some rules.
  1. For a day or two before the analysis can not be physically and emotionally overstrained.
  2. In the morning, on the eve of the analysis should not have breakfast (we can only drink plain still water).
  3. If you are already taking thyroid hormone or steroid medications 48 hours prior to receiving the analysis it must be stopped , but only by following the advice of a doctor . The same applies to some drugs that increase the level of TSH (eg, furosemide, motilium , prednisolone ) .
"High" or "low" TSH?
Average content of interest to us is not the same hormone in both men and women , so you need to specify the rate of an endocrinologist in each individual case . By the way, your total deviation from the norm - not always evidence of the disease. TSH level is usually increased during certain periods of pregnancy , often - after exercise , when taking certain medications , etc.

With regard to the interpretation of the results of analysis in the case where the content of the hormone is not correct - trust your doctor.