How to recover lost SNILS?

Today there is no adult person who would not have the certificate of pension insurance. Even newborn babies at check immediately entered in the register of the Pension Fund of Russia, issuing a card (certificate), which looks like a green rectangle the size of a laminated-fourth of a standard sheet of A4. The certificate contains the personal data of the person: name, date and place of birth and insurance number of the individual account - SNILS. Unfortunately, there are cases when people lose their testimony and they are interested in the question: how to recover lost SNILS. Let's talk about how the insurance number is assigned and how to get a duplicate certificate in case of loss.

SNILS: notes
  • What is the SNILS?To begin with, that the testimony of the pension insurance is now required everywhere. It is necessary to provide for a job, applying for a loan, mortgage registration, registration as unemployed, and in many other situations. Why in these cases SNILS? The answer is simple: a green plastic card is
    a confirmation that the individual is registered in the system of mandatory pension insurance. And once a person gets SNILS (that is his name the account is opened, the number of which is specified in the certificate), on his account shall receive contributions to the insurance and funded part of the pension that will be paid by the employer. In addition, the system of the pension fund contains not only information about the insured citizens and their insurance premiums, but also about employment and seniority, which then will be used in the appointment of labor pension.
  • How long does SNILS?Many people are interested in the question: how long the card SNILS and when it needs to be changed.
  • How to replace SNILSIf the certificate mistakes ? What if the card has typos or errors , such as name , place or date of birth is not correct ? In this case it is necessary to apply to the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR ) and re- fill the questionnaire of the insured person , as well as form ADV- 2 - an application for a replacement SNILS .
  • Who should be the original SNILS?Plastic original pension insurance certificate must be only the insured person . As of the document in any instance , it should be up . They provide with the original ( the responsible persons could collate them) , which then takes back the insured person .
  • What to do if you change the name?If you changed the name of the insured person (marriage, divorce, adoption), or other personal data, it should be within two weeks to appeal to the FIU a statement to replace the pension certificate.
  • What should I do if I lose SNILS?If you have lost your pension certificate, within a month you need to apply to the FIU a statement on the issue you a duplicate (Form ADV-3).

How and where to get SNILS?
It is clear that if the bill for the insured person opens the Pension Fund of Russia , and the certificate attesting to registration with the Pension Fund , gives the same authority . Therefore , to get SNILS , you must contact the branch of the Pension Fund of Russia in the place of registration statement on Form ADV- 1 . Making SNILS free of charge , and the production of evidence takes an average of two weeks ( in case of loss - a month ) .
  • If you get a job and do not have SNILS , you will make out his employer . Your same problem boils down to the employer to provide all the necessary documents (passport , application form , application) . After registration SNILS will be issued on your hands , and the employer will charge a photocopy of the document and podoshet in your own business.
  • If you are an individual entrepreneur or unemployed , you need to self-refer to the territorial branch of the RPF for issuance of the certificate . There you will have to fill out a form and show your passport and come after registration certificates for the document.
  • If you need to get SNILS a child , then immediately after the registration of the newborn in the Civil Registry Office , you need to apply to the local office of the Pension Fund by providing a passport, birth certificate and fill out a questionnaire .

How to recover lost SNILS working citizen?
Given that the insurance number of the individual account assigned once, when the card is lost SNILS it is only a duplicate of the certificate, not assigning a new number. Therefore, the question of how to restore the lost pension certificate, clearly meets the FZ-№27 «On the individual (personalized) registered in the system of compulsory pension insurance. ' In paragraph 5 of Article 7 of the Act states that in case of loss of the document working under an employment contract the insured person must apply to their employer within one month after the loss of a document with a statement about restoring SNILS. And the employer must already apply to the territorial body of the Pension Fund, by providing a copy of the lost certificate, which is stored in the personal file of an employee, a copy of the passport and application form ADV-3, which applies to the employer the employee (it can be completed and the employer and employee to sign only).

Sometimes there are cases in which the personal file of an employee, for whatever reason, there is no copy of the pension certificate. Then you just need to specify in the application number. If this is not possible, and the number of the insured person should be required to find, the employer may file a request to the FIU or statement SNILS primary issue on which the refusal comes with the wording: "... the citizen is insured and he has given a number XXX - XXX - XXX XX ". Upon receipt of such a response, the representative of the employer may submit an application form to the FIU ADV-3 for the issuance of duplicate, stating therein the desired number. Within one month, a duplicate will be made and handed out citizen.

How to recover a lost child SNILS SP or unemployed?
If you are a sole proprietor , the unemployed or wish to receive duplicate SNILS a child , you may have to apply to the territorial body of the pension insurance , fill out an application for the restoration there SNILS - issue of a duplicate , and then, within a month , you will need to arrive prepared document.

If you forget SNILS child up to 14 years, you will need to provide your passport , birth certificate , a copy of the lost certificate or number . The application in this case is filled with parents . And if it is the idea of a child older than 14 years , it would take his passport number and SNILS and fill the application himself.

In practice, many are faced with such a situation: a person gets a job for the first time, but SNILS which he already had, he lost. Who should recover lost SNILS? On the one hand the law says that the obligation to obtain SNILS on working citizens rests with the insurer who pays contributions to the pension fund, ie the employer. But an employer can not physically provide the information to the FIU of the pension certificate his employee if he lost it to a job. So in this case, the citizen must address itself to the Department of Pension Fund a statement on the issue of a duplicate SNILS. And then the resulting document to present to the employer.