How to prepare for winter peonies?

Peonies especially loved by gardeners for the beauty and splendor of the bright and colorful delicate buds . And what about these magnificent fragrance surprisingly unpretentious plant during the flowering ! To the advent of a new spring season flowers continued to delight your eyes with its unique view , do not take a little time and effort in order to protect their green pets from winter frosts.

Herbaceous peonies do not require special preparation for the winter period, except in the year of planting, if it was made in late autumn. In this case, cutting the shoots to the ground, cover places of growth of flowers with a thin layer of peat, putting it on top of little twigs. In other cases, when the first heavy frost, which usually begins in October and November, just cut the aboveground part of the plant and gently place okuchte base of the shoots. A similar "procedure" should be carried out for the old and damaged stems tree peonies, but this kind of plants also require additional protection from cold w
inter temperatures.

Tree peonies are very sensitive to cold, so even during the landing should take care that the bushes of these plants were located along the fence or between trees and shrubs. This will protect them from the winds and blowing snow from areas where there are flowers and autumn will be enough just to hide their thick layer of leaves and spruce branches. If peonies are planted in open areas to the effects of weather, after selective cutting of the aerial parts of the plants Insulate each plant with peat or other mulch layer on top of which lay the burlap and upturned wooden box. Then set the "house" and secure branch twigs.

When the shelter pions do not use straw , municipal waste and cut parts of the plants , to avoid a possible fungal infection of flowers. Sawdust is also undesirable for insulation , because peregnivaya , they greatly increase the acidity of the soil, which can damage the peony.

In the spring, as soon as the soil starts to strip, clean and spruce branches of the insulation, leaving only a layer of mulch.