How to prepare for winter gladioli?

Approaching winter becomes a gardener of time , filled with endless chores of preparing your favorite plants to frost season . Of course, many flowers quietly tolerate the winter cold , but gladiolus totally adapted to the low temperatures. Therefore, if you want to keep intact their green friends in the fall you will be hard work digging for bulbs and gladioli and their children treated for storage .

Current time to extract the bulbs from the ground is not defined, as it depends on the climatic and weather conditions, varieties of gladioli and so. D., But experienced gardeners are advised to carry out this procedure exactly after 2 months after the last fade flower petals. This usually occurs in the middle of the fall. But if the weather forecasters foretell season rains, you can dig the bulbs early to protect flowers from a fungal disease that can lead to a strong increase in soil moisture.

Try to choose to dig a fine sunny day, when the ground is dry enough so it will be easy to keep up with a shovel. Ca
refully dig tubers and shake off them from the soil, trying to avoid rough mechanical impact on them. Cut the stalks, departing from the tops of the bulbs 10-15 cm. This is necessary to ensure that the tubers have absorbed as much as possible nutrients. Place the bulbs in a wooden box in 1-2 layers, leaving the distance between them to the air, and leave the rest up for a month in a dark and warm, well-ventilated place. Then carefully cut clippers and discard the remains of stems and roots, as well as remove the old bulb.

Healthy bulbs treat insect repellents ( quite suitable malathion ) and fungal diseases (use max ) , fold away from children in linen bags and hang in a warm (about 5 degrees) ventilated area. And do not forget to periodically check how they feel your bulbs !