How to deal with purslane?

If your garden weed has appeared with numerous tree-branching stems and fleshy leaves greenish, and the fight against this hardy plant takes you a lot of time, because when you try to eradicate it not only does not disappear, but, on the contrary, it gives more leaves and shoots - most likely, your parcel "liked" purslane. Only one specimen of this drought-resistant weeds can produce up to 40,000 seeds, affecting their speed germination. In addition to seeds, plants help to multiply and roots that produce new shoots, and even rooting quickly, discarded during weeding, stems. How to deal with troublesome purslane, and is it possible once and for all to defeat the green pest in your garden?

Just get ready for the fight with this plant , capable of quickly turn your once tidy beds in a continuous green carpet , you have a long and tedious . So please be patient and stick to the following rules:
  1. The main thing - a timely notice of the new " alien " in the garden to prevent it from flowering ( flowering purslane
    small bright yellow flowers ) and subsequent ripening . Each released to the ground seed Portulaca still capable of germination up to 30 years! Therefore, as long as the plant does not let the seed on the ground, in your power - to remove it from the area during the season daily thorough weeding . This stack felled and pulled out the stems and leaves , even small in a dry place where they will not be able to put down roots .
  2. If you missed the point , and the seeds fall to the ground purslane , Forget about the chopper and fight the weeds , pulling his hands. The fact is that cutting down stalks hoe , you leave weed chance to produce shoots from buds located at the ground level . In general , in the fight against purslane Chopper - more a hindrance rather than an aid, so it is best to abandon it at the very beginning of your war with weed .
  3. Good results in getting rid of purslane gives mulch . Pour a layer of mulch section 4-5 cm . As the mulch you can use any organic materials ( hay, straw , and so on . D . ) Mulching will create an obstacle for the output is activated by harmful fungi spores , and they will have a devastating impact on a nearby weeds .
  4. Because purslane seeds germinate from a depth of 1.5-2 cm, effective the deep digging through which the seeds fall to a considerable depth and are not able to give fruit. Immediately after digging cultivate the soil. Dig site in spring and autumn , and the combination of this method with the rest of the fight - a weed retreat .
  5. There is also another method of combating trapped in the soil seed purslane . For one 1-2 weeks before planting crop dig up flower bed and spend a provocative watering, keeping the soil moist until germination of weed . After mass shoots pull up their hoe deeper and remove from the garden .
Among the many tips to combat purslane have a recommendation to apply the chemicals that supposedly help to get rid of this kind of weeds. Do not try to eradicate this weed with herbicides . Results such a measure will not, but the harmful substances are more likely to fall into the growing beds on the greens and vegetables .

Another unpleasant feature of purslane is that being ripped off and folded in a heap it is virtually dry to the point where it can be burned.

Struggling with his eating purslane ...
If you can not get rid of the problem that has generated for you purslane, then try to change your attitude towards it. Young leaves and stems of purslane for a long time are the staple food of the population of the Caucasus, Central Asia, in the Mediterranean countries. They are used in cooked and raw in a variety of salads. The above-ground portion of purslane is rich in micro and macro, organic acids, alkaloids and vitamins. Try it and you play purslane in your diet, and then, perhaps, he will cease to be regarded as a weed in the area.

Patience to you - and the purity of your vegetable garden!