How to breathe at birth?

The closer the date of birth , the greater the excitement of experiencing the expectant mother . Childbirth - a very powerful exercise for the body and proper breathing during the birth process helps to significantly reduce the pain , enrich the blood with oxygen, relax and calm down. It is therefore very important to learn how to breathe correctly in advance, even during the period of gestation of the child to ease the birth of the baby.

A little about birth and respiration
The very generic activity takes place in several stages. The strength of the contractions caused them pain and fear mothers builds up over time. Therefore, at each stage of labor necessary to resort to various kinds of respiration. If in ordinary life we ​​do not pay any attention to how we breathe, the breath of labor - is a mechanism of breathing exercises. Pregnant women should be systematically train for 10-15 minutes a day to themselves during childbirth breathing exercises applied mechanically. Training can be done sitting or lyin
g down, eyes closed and relaxed, under quiet and melodious music.
  1. Slow and deep breathing.Slow and deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to help relax. Take a deep breath in through your nose, then exhale slowly through slightly parted lips. Exhalation should be 2 times as long as inspiration. It is important during this breathing mentally relax your entire body. You can imagine the sound of the sea, the singing of birds in the forest glade or mountain scenery. Vivid illusion helps you soon relax and recuperate. Such skills will not only help deal with the pain of contractions during labor, but also the tone of the uterus, headaches, anxiety and irritation during pregnancy. Keep in mind that doing muscle contractions squeezed even more painful, so it's important to be able to relax and rejuvenate. The first type of breathing is suitable for stage of labor, when contractions are not very strong.
  2. The slow and noisy breathing.Such breathing a bit like the first version , but here you need to breathe noisily through his lips , folded into a tube . Do not be afraid and do not hesitate to publish strange sounds " Shshshshshsh " , as it is breathing can help you cope with the strong and quite painful contractions.
  3. Noisy and rapid breathing.This type of breathing is popularly called a " dog " , since it is very similar to the breathing process of the animals on a hot day . Breathing must be very often, and only the upper parts of the lungs . Such breathing about 2 times more often than usual . Breathe better to do nose and exhale - through the mouth or nose. If you have the first time will not work , do not worry , still plenty of time to learn it. Such rapid breathing can help you cope with severe pain at the peak of contractions.
  4. A deep breath and paused.Taking a deep breath in the lower part of the lungs , that is in the stomach , head down , keep your chin to your chest and hold your breath for 20 seconds . Exhale quickly . Then immediately take a deep breath , hold your breath and exhale quickly . It is for this mechanism to breathe during attempts . When the battle begins , take a slow breath , exhale , then a deep breath with a pause , during which the press should stretch from best to push the fetus .
Breathing during labor
If you are not lazy and perform daily breathing exercises that prepare you for the birth process, you will do everything mechanically.

Since the beginning of the bout begins slowly and breath , and then breathing quickens as strengthening the fight and at the peak it becomes very frequent and noisy. When the pain starts to subside , breathing also becomes slower and deeper. Before the start of the next fight is very important to be able to relax - it helps reduce the pain and get ready for a new battle .

Childbirth - a physiological process so that the woman is by nature knows and feels like she needs to breathe.