How to wear postpartum bandage?

In the early days of motherhood happy woman dreaming about returning prenatal forms and considers its belly in the mirror can expect a deep disappointment by the fact that it (the stomach) looks like in the fifth month of pregnancy. This is due to the fact that during pregnancy the uterus increases and stretches the abdominal muscles and ligaments. The more relaxed the muscles, the more difficult to maintain their internal organs. Sometimes this results in unpleasant consequences such as a hernia or prolapse of organs. And, of course, the woman wants as soon as possible to find their old form back flat stomach.

This is intended to help brace helps relieve pain in the back, often occurring during the postnatal period . It can also be shown to those women who have the disease of the spine (scoliosis , sciatica ) . In the case of caesarean section the bandage helps to shape and aesthetically correct seam. After receiving recommendations on the use of the corset women raises the question of how to wear postpar
tum bandage .

Previously, women used the materials at hand , pulling the stomach , for example, conventional strips of cloth . But today, in order to improve the shape of the abdomen and prevent the occurrence of complications , the doctor suggests postpartum postpartum women wear a bandage. Medical consultation is necessary because there are some contraindications for the use of the bandage .

Main contraindications:
  • The problems with the gastrointestinal tract (especially those in which the characteristic of swelling) and kidney, followed by swelling.
  • Allergy and Infectious Diseases in the field application of the bandage.
  • Certain stitches after a caesarean section or abdominal surgery , as well as the seams are imposed on the cervix (at rupture during childbirth ) and in the crotch area . This is due to the fact that the belt slows blood flow, the healing process takes more time , the inflammation can begin .
Types of postpartum bandages
  1. Bondage-Belt.Belts are as obstetric and combined. Combination can be worn around 5 months of pregnancy. They are elastic belt with wide middle part (about 25 cm) and narrow edges. During pregnancy it is worn buttoned narrow strips in front, under the belly, in order to maintain the uterus and after birth on the contrary - the wide side, which is provided with rigid inserts. Postnatal model zones have a rectangular shape, can be fastened on the front or side of the Velcro. Wear and they both should be under your clothes to the laundry. However, this type of bandage has its disadvantages. It is necessary to correct, because in operation it moves up, especially if the woman has to move a lot. In addition, the band does not emphasize the waist, but only affects the abdomen. The advantage is the relatively low cost of the product.
  2. Ties in the form of underpantshigh belt on the abdomen and insert made ​​of a dense material , creating sculpting effect . Some models are equipped with lacing and webbing in the back . Fastens with a zipper . Sometimes they have additional Waist belt. These pants are helping to shape a smooth line of bending at the waist due to special reinforced zones. In addition, for the convenience of women provided clasp that allows to go to the toilet without removing the bandage completely.
  3. Corset.Almost the same as the band pant , only up to the chest . Equipped with additional stiffeners of the " seed ." Fastens with Velcro or zipper . The downside of the corset is that wearing it for a long time is not very convenient , it constrains the movement and brings a sense of discomfort. However, he gives the figure of femininity, allowing young mother look the same as before pregnancy. This type of bandages and doctors recommend that patients with curvature of the spine .
  4. Bandage a mini-skirt.Wider than the usual band-belt.
  5. Bondage shortsWhich is also called Bermuda bandage closes further hips, upper legs.
  6. Tights (to the ankle).Even longer than Bermuda.
The most common and enjoyed massive demand combined bandages and shorts . They are produced many well-known manufacturers . But Bermuda shorts and leggings - the most expensive options bandages , and not every company offers to its customers , so it will have to make an effort to find commercially desired size and model .

How to choose the band?
Type band selected on the basis of problems for which the purchase is made . If the weight gain for the entire pregnancy was not more than 11-12 kg worth to buy a bandage size that you normally select for his clothes . If the weight has increased by 15-20 kg , size need to buy one or two more.

Wearing a bandage should not deliver a strong discomfort, otherwise it will be impossible to use.

High-quality bandage should be well lets air and moisture , without creating " sauna effect " . It is not recommended to take from their friends a used bandage, because it is already stretched and would not be able to fully perform their functions . In addition, it is unhygienic.

How to use it?
Wear band (regardless of species) should definitely lying, because in this position, the abdominal organs are taking the most correct position.

With the permission of the doctor band can be worn from the first day after birth. The sooner you start to use it, the faster the recovery process will take . The bandage helps prevent back problems , improve the shape and tone of the back muscles . While some doctors are of the opinion that you should not use a bandage for the first 6-7 days.

Wear bandage need 9-10 hours a day (can not sleep in it!) At intervals of 30-40 minutes every 2-3 hours.

Total time use - about one and a half months.