How to put the newborn to the breast?

Any woman who is about preparing to become a mother , tries to prepare for the most important period of life - motherhood . And most importantly at an early stage of this period - the decision to breastfeed . Therefore, the future and newly minted mom trying to learn more about this process , further to avoid mistakes . After all, poor attachment of the child affects the health of mothers and the health of the baby.

The consequences of poor attachment
Some moms get all the first time, others - are making it at once. If in the early stages not pay due attention to good attachment , then for it in the future , you can pay with serious consequences :
  • cracked nipples: cracking makes further breast-feeding painful;
  • Mastitis: incomplete emptying of the glands causing stagnation of milk;
  • coarsening of the mammary glands;
  • kid eats not, and as a result, not gaining weight;
  • annoyed baby often cries because he can not meet your reflexes;
  • reduction in milk production: demand creates supply, but because of poor attachment chi
    ld receives it smaller and it decreases.
These effects disrupt lactation and may result in loss of milk or failure of breastfeeding.

Learn how to apply correctly
Before feeding , it is important to choose a comfortable position to relax as much as possible and let the kid nakushatsya enough. Note also that the process could be delayed because all the kids are paying different amounts of time meal :
  1. Feeding sitting:
    • Sit on the bed or in a chair, beneath the lower back and elbow pad;
    • Take the baby so that his body and his head was turned to you;
    • Aim the nipple to spout your child to get the most profound seizure;
    • nipple or areola touch baby's mouth, so he opened it and took the chest;
    • while feeding the legs should be slightly below the level of the head, and the baby's body - fit snugly to the parent.
  2. Feeding lying:
    • Lie on your side, place grudnichka close and pull the arm, which turned out to be the bottom, forward;
    • Turn the baby to him and slide it as close as possible, the baby must also lie on your side;
    • lower arm hold back the child that it is not overturned;
    • free hand free breast and nipple to point the spout of the child by touching his rotika areola;
    • during breast feeding, hold a hand to the kid was convenient to eat.
Caution With proper feeding of the child's body turned to the mother's nipple with the areola is in the baby's mouth . His upper lip a little inside-out , the tongue is pressed against the lower gum and tightly covers the areola . Little chin is adjacent to the mother's breast and the nose too, is concerned, that does not prevent him to breathe . Lower the child's hand as if hugging mother , and the top - or moves erratically , or lying on his chest.

Feed grudnichka lying handy during night feedings when the mom and the baby are in a half-asleep state.

The importance of good attachment
From good attachment depends on the health of mother and baby , as well as psycho-emotional background of both. During breastfeeding formed a close relationship between a mother and her child . Moreover , feeding calms mother and the child feels safe .

With proper feeding of the baby will feel good.

With proper applying of the newborn will receive the required amount of milk, so be satiated and calm, and his body - endowed with strong immunity.

What else you need to know?
Good attachment is not only the art of the process, but also in all kinds of ways to help support the lactation to a long and successful feeding:
  1. Night feeding.Applying mandatory night, as they help to increase lactation.
  2. Feeding on demand.In the past, mothers themselves set the time for feeding and do it at regular intervals . Today, experts advise to give the baby the breast at its request , as the residence time of the child at the breast will match his appetite , and he will always load . In addition, frequent attachment increases lactation , and hence no problem with production of mother's milk does not arise.
  3. Joint sleep.Specialists proved that if mom and baby are together and the next day to relax, not only strengthen the bond between them, but also to increase lactation.
  4. The importance of applying the first.It should happen immediately in the delivery room , after the newborn examination. Colostrum (initial milk) must be the kid that was formed in his gut microflora useful . And the sooner Mom baby to the breast , the sooner will come and milk.
  5. Dopaivat or not?If the baby is fully breastfed dopaivat the water it does not need . This is due to the fact that while feeding the baby sucks the first "light" milk, and at the end of feeding - nutrient , or as it is called , back . Therefore, a child and eats and gets drunk . Moreover , milk by 80% consists of water , so any malfunction of the kidneys of the child should not be observed . This is evidenced by the number of urination : normal newborn baby pees on average 20 times a day .
  6. Sucking reflex.During feeding , some mothers find that the baby stopped to eat, and when trying to take away his chest - he suddenly continues to suck it . Or , after eating , he sucking chest intermittently. So it satisfies their sucking reflex . It is necessary to calm the child. When the baby is completely satisfied - he let his chest.
  7. One or two?If the baby is completely eaten one breast - always ask second.
It may take a long time before you get the right put the baby to the breast. It is important to set yourself up for a successful outcome and to make every effort to continue lactation . Milk - it is the most suitable food for the child, provided by nature , so it is important to ensure your baby as long as possible .