How to cash money with a mobile phone?

Several years ago, funds on the account of subscribers of cellular communication has become a tool of the micropayments. Many quickly realized what amenities bears will be able to pay for various services, goods and even services using the balance on your cellular phone. For example, for the goods sold or services provided to you by completing the balance of your mobile phone can almost instantly pay any person living in any region of the country. Only one question arises. How to cash the money from your mobile phone? Especially if your expenses for cellular communication is not great and to spend these funds for their intended purpose not happen soon.


There are several possible ways to cash out money from your mobile phone.
  1. Contact the customer service office of your mobile phone operator with the application for termination of the contract and refusal of communication services . You will be required to present a passport . In most cases, the balance of the account you will have to give in cash over the co
    unter at once, or after a certain time . Currently , you must first check with your operator .
  2. Another option is that you agree with their relatives , friends or work colleagues that you top up their mobile phone with a direct transfer of funds , and in return you get money from them . Translation can be done inside a single operator ( MTS to MTS , Beeline to Beeline, Megafon , or on Megaphone ) and from one operator to another.
  3. Pay all of that can pay sending SMS to special numbers (traffic police fines, music and text content, the balance of online games, social networking functions, etc.). Withdraw money from a mobile phone in the truest sense of the expression to yield the cash you have, of course, did not happen, but happen indirectly through the purchase of services you need and services. Before sending SMS will be useful to clarify its real value from your service provider, as it can significantly underestimated compared to that indicated on the site in terms and conditions of payment.
  4. If you are registered in one of the electronic payment systems , you can try to withdraw money from cash and a mobile phone on them . To do this, you can find sites that are carrying out such services by typing in the search engines query " the withdrawal of money from your mobile phone ." But it must be said that under the guise of such sites often hide various kinds of crooks and send it means you can not get anything in return.
  5. If your mobile operator belongs to the big three ( Beeline, MTS , Megafon ), then logging in and creating a QIWI purse in it , you can immediately display it means from a mobile phone , and transfer them on to plastic cards . After this will only go to the nearest ATM and withdraw cash .

If you know of any other ways to cash out money from your mobile phone, please, tell us about them in the comments to this article.