How to see the attendance of another site?

Those who lead their sites are always interested to know what progress they have made of the direct competitors of search engines, in order to compare them with their own achievements, outline areas for further work and to identify possible problems with the site. The main indicator of the success of any site Stateyny information character is, of course, its attendance. Attendance reflects how relevant, and useful information, which is divided creator of the site with your readers. Therefore, knowledge of how to look at someone else's site traffic is very important.


Consider the main features and ways by which you can see the attendance of another site.
  1. Counter. They are the creators of the site are established to assess the attendance of a site , identifying sources go to the site , the key phrases that come to the site from search engines users , user satisfaction information received , and many other features that are very useful in the work on the website and help to make it better and convenient.

    The most popular counters in the Russian-language Internet and are Liveinternet Moscow . Usually they are in the so-called " basement " site, i.e. its lowermost portion . In some types of site design for the counters is a place in the side of the site - its sidebar.

    To find out the attendance of another site look at the counters installed on it and if they do not shut down the opportunity to view the attendance for everyone, then your task in this already solved. But quite often installed meters that do not provide information about the attendance. In this case, you can try the following .

    To counter LiveInternet without displaying the data on attendance in the browser address bar enter the following query:;

    pre substituting domain name you are interested in the site. If the data traffic in the settings of the counter set as public , you'll see something like the following image data on website traffic .

    attendance site counter LiveInternet

    Otherwise, you will see a blank image.

    To counter Moscow in the browser address bar, which made the entrance to one of the services of Yandex under your account, type:

    Only instead of the ID 12345678 substitute site by looking it in the source code of any page of the site. If statistics is open , you will get access to it. If that fails, you will see a message that you do not have access rights to this object .

    Incidentally, the source code of a site it is necessary not to forget to look, even if it seems that the meters are not installed on the site.
  2. In large sites, with the counter if you did not receive the required information , try to look for a section called " advertiser " or " site statistics ." These topics often provides information on site traffic for potential advertisers.
  3. If the previous two methods have not been successful, then there is only indirect identification of the attendance of another site on the basis of ranking Alexa.

    and replacing it interest to the domain name of the site, you should see the indicator Alexa Traffic Rank, which shows how much visited site relative to other sites on the Internet.

    The lower the figure - the more traffic to the site.

    To determine the attendance of another site you need to determine its Alexa Rank and compare it with the figures for the site, which is known exactly according to the established counters on them . It is very important compared to similar topical sites , since in this case the data will be more reliable .

Despite considerable uncertainty in the assessment of site traffic via Alexa Rank is the only way to learn traffic on those sites that do not have meters installed , or the data are closed for public access and viewing.

All other services and programs to assess the attendance of sites using the above methods, only eliminate the need for manual work and data analysis.