How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy?

As if you were not happy , nurturing a baby , there is always a " fly in the ointment " and very often the spoon - toxicosis . He appears in the first few weeks of pregnancy and on the basis of " sick - not sick " women understand that they may become pregnant . Doctors put forward many different reasons toxicity, but the expectant mother suffers the least want to think about why it is important - not why , but how?

How to relieve morning sickness during pregnancy
Nausea begins in the morning and accompanies future mother all day , so try to delay the lifting of the bed - let them bring you breakfast served in bed . Do not drink a lot of fluid at a time , a couple of sips of water with lemon and a few crackers will give you the strength to get out of bed , and thought that the meeting with your child become closer to 24 hours , will facilitate the next wave of nausea .
  1. The smell of fish, gasoline, sweet perfumes, household chemicals and even just a meal is almost always provoke nausea.
  2. Do not go on the marke
    t , remove all perfumes into the far corner , and use baking soda for cleaning . More walk in parks and gardens , forget for a while about theater , exhibitions and other places with large concentrations of people , and therefore odors.
  3. The thought "may try to eat less," I should not have come to mind.
  4. Always carry an apple and crackers - this will save you from unexpected attacks of hunger and mindless spending on pie, which is still unknown how accustomed capricious in your stomach.
  5. Ideal toxicosis from the beginning to record his reaction to this or that product - so are you to protect from many troubles.
  6. Avoid fatty, spicy and salty foods, rice and cook yourself oatmeal - these products do not usually cause nausea in pregnant women.
  7. Do not eat hot food, warm food is better absorbed by the body.
  8. Be sure to drink at least two liters of water a day ( provided that you do not have edema and restrictions from the doctor ) . Sweet drinks are not usually quench their thirst , and cause nausea , so it is clean water . Mineral water is also very good refreshing and fruit drinks from cranberries and cranberry .
  9. Ginger root (both fresh and dried) good relieves nausea.
  10. Fatigue - another factor that can trigger nausea. Relax more sleep during the day and be sure to keep in mind that your body is working for two and an additional burden in the form of general cleaning in the house he did not need it.
  11. Drink vitamins - they are necessary for you and your growing baby, but not on an empty stomach.
  12. Ask loved ones to massage the shoulders and head, a massage will help you relax and relieve stress.
  13. Quitting smoking and alcohol - these are truths, it is not necessary to explain the deleterious effects of tobacco and alcohol on mother and child.
Toxicosis very nasty and exhausting thing, but remember that the twelfth - fifteenth week of pregnancy, it usually passes, and the birth of a baby about it, you do not even remember.