How to take black seed oil?

Eastern medicine has long deserved respect among residents of western countries. Revered bowing to experience Asian healers, we gradually borrowed their best development. Such techniques include, for example, the use of vegetable oils: in the treatment of diseases, cosmetics, cooking. But every plant has Shrovetide individual properties, and not all of them are available in our latitudes. On some of them we had to guess only by the mysterious name. That black cumin managed to acquire legendary status - largely due to its mysterious, even slightly sinister name. However, oriental tales also tend to happier subjects - and the famous spice as the oil extracted from it, in fact, bears are not harmful to people, and of great benefit. And we will tell about it, and how to make black cumin oil in different situations.

The composition and the use of black cumin oil
Black cumin - a popular, symbolic name. In botany, a plant known as fennel flower, horticulture - Nigella sown, and the inhabitants of the South-West As
ia and the Mediterranean - seydana, sedan, Nigella (from the Latin Nigella sativa) and a Roman coriander. At the same time a common caraway it has little to do, and even belongs to a different family, but among the nearest "native" black cumin listed buttercups. His well-known story of black cumin began during the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, in the Old Testament, it was recommended by Prophet Muhammad as a means "for all diseases except death" and became one of the pillars of Islam medicine. Today, it continues to grow in hot countries: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Ethiopia, the United States, Central Asia and the Mediterranean. For the full maturation of black seed needs abundant sunshine. Then they are suitable for the production of valuable oil.

The oil is pressed from the seeds of caraway cold pressing method, which allows you to save its chemical composition as close as possible to a natural state, which is about 45% fatty oils and up to 1.5% essential oil in each seed. Fatty oil-based contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and essential oil gives a nice flavor and activates metabolic processes. At the same biological activity of the essential oil of black cumin is so high that its use is permitted only as part of other substances (as black seed oil first pressing), drugs, food and cosmetic products. But any of them rich black cumin oil, it becomes incredibly useful for the immune system, metabolism and other systems and organs:
  • The cardiovascular system.Reduces the amount of cholesterol, vascular walls are cleaned and maintained, become more elastic.
  • Digestive System.A beneficial effect on the quality of digestive enzymes , improves bowel motility and absorption of nutrients from food. It has a mild choleretic , diuretic and laxative effects . It helps to cope with excessive appetite.
  • Endocrine.Pancreas starts to work actively, thereby gradually lowered blood sugar levels.
  • Respiratory.It is used for inhalation (with runny nose, cough) and grindings (bronchitis, asthma).
  • Nervous system.Aromatherapy is used for migraines, anxiety, neuroses and other psychological disorders.
  • Skin.It is used for eczema, psoriasis, acne and other skin irritation genesis.
In addition, we discovered antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties of black cumin oil. They, and other qualities make up a complex chemical composition, the main advantage is - fatty acids (8 saturated and unsaturated 18). The second important place is occupied by the right proteins and essential amino acids involved in building human tissues. Among vitamins play a major role in the representatives of the group, and folic acid, and among minerals - iron, calcium, phosphorus, zinc and copper. But this is only the substance content in the oil of black cumin most highly - just as in its composition, there are more than 100 components known to modern science. Therefore, this exotic product, common in eastern countries, for us is still quite expensive. It is best to buy in pharmacies and be sure to check the quality certificate. At the same time, do not worry, if you find black seed oil, different looks: Depending on the type of seed, it can have a different color from golden brown to dark green. Black color - a sign of unfiltered oil. All these species are useful if the oil is not spoiled by improper storage. Subject to the necessary conditions, it must have a pleasant aroma and aftertaste, regardless of color.

And dosage of black cumin oil
black cuminblack cuminThe history of the use of black cumin oil has more than one millennium. And this is no exaggeration - as that is a natural substance can enhance , heal and transform the human body . But, of course , even the most useful products can harm if taken irregularly . A black cumin oil has too much power to ignore the tested recipes . But by using these techniques reception of black cumin oil is very effective , either alone or as part of a total treatment :
  1. With flu and SARS black seed oil mixed with olive oil in equal proportions and instilled into the nostrils at least three times a day . For inhalations 1 tablespoon of black caraway seed oil is poured into a liter of boiling water and inhale the resulting steam.
  2. At high temperatures, black cumin oil is added to herbal tea or decoction of anise: 7 drops to 1 cup of drink.
  3. At a cold black cumin oil impregnated cotton balls and put them into the nostrils for 20 minutes.
  4. When you cough , bronchitis black seed oil is mixed with warm olive oil in a ratio of 1 : 5 and rubbed his chest. In addition, twice a day ( morning and evening) 1 teaspoon black caraway seed oil taken on an empty stomach , dissolving under the tongue .
  5. When ulcer and gastritis black seed oil to be mixed with liquid honey ( 10 drops of oil to 1 cup of honey ) . Within 2 months every morning on an empty stomach to eat 1 teaspoon of honey and oil mixture , and then drink 1 glass of warm milk .
  6. When flatulence black cumin oil is added to tea or coffee (3 drops per cup).
  7. When diarrhea black seed oil is mixed with thick natural yogurt with no additives (1 tablespoon of oil in a glass of yogurt) and twice a day to drink before a meal.
  8. In diseases of the liver oil of black cumin (5 drops) was added to honey (1 cup) and mixed with powdered oak bark (1 tablespoon).
  9. When high blood pressure, black cumin oil is added to hot beverages (5 drops per cup of tea or coffee), and the body is pounded with a mixture of olive oil and black cumin oil (1: 1).
  10. If low blood pressure, black seed oil a few drops added to cold milk and drink twice a day before meals.
  11. When headaches black cumin oil 1 teaspoon taken three times a day for half an hour before meals and at the same time rubbing his temples.
    How to take black seed oil?
  12. When a toothache black cumin oil dropped on a cotton swab and rubbing the gums aching tooth . Additionally, you can mix black seed oil with olive oil in equal proportions and buried in the ear on the other side , which is closer to the aching tooth .
  13. When nervous tension, insomnia, black cumin oil added to warm tea, cocoa or other beverage (5 drops per 1 cup), or mixed with honey (2 drops per teaspoon) and drink / eat just before dinner.
  14. Cholesterol-lowering black seed oil in an amount of 7 drops in a cup of broth is added mint leaves, sweetened with a spoon of honey and drink every day on an empty stomach.
  15. To improve the functioning of the brain black cumin oil is added tea, cocoa and herbal teas (5-7 drops per cup) and drink 3-4 times a day.
There are also specific recipes intake of oil of black cumin in diseases of the skin and eyes, but it is better to exercise only under medical supervision. But to stop hair loss and / or accelerate them using black caraway seed oil, and you can own: this, add a few drops of it in the shampoo every time you wash it. After - rinse hair decoction of nettle with the addition of black caraway seed oil (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of broth). In most cases, black cumin blends well with other herbs and their effect even mutually reinforced. But more than the dosage of oil is still not worth it, and in the treatment of children under the age of 14 it should be reduced by half compared with the above recommendations. The rest of the black cumin oil can be considered as a powerful and unique in its own natural substance that strengthens the protective properties of the body, gives energy and strength, promotes the health, beauty and longevity.