How to take Diflucan for thrush?

Diflucan - one of the most advertised drugs manufacturers who promised a safe and quick relief from the unpleasant disease - thrush. Frequent flashing roller causes not only of interest to the drug, but the question - whether he is really effective? Experience shows that Diflucan for more than 30 years successfully used by women all over the world for the treatment of candidiasis (thrush such scientific name), so the efficacy of the drug can be no doubt. The main condition for the effectiveness of treatment - the correct and timely application of Diflucan.

Diflucan or fluconazole, speaking in medical terms, is different from most treatment alternatives thrush.
  • slow metabolism in the fungal cells;
  • disease-producing organisms are killed;
  • the body returns to a state of normal functioning.
Of course, this simplified scheme , but it clearly shows the main advantage of the drug - no harm to women's health. The medicament is drawn for several hours through the gastric system and also rapidly excreted via the kidney
, without penetrating into other organs and tissues. In addition, a special formula of drugs , derived by French specialists , allows to get rid of candida in just one application , and it is convenient and economical.

It will be a mistake to promise all complete freedom from yeast with a single capsule - the duration of the drug depends on the " neglect " of the disease. In milder forms of candidiasis may indeed be enough one application , but if the disease is passed into the chronic stage , one capsule would not be enough .
  1. When the rare symptoms of thrush should take one capsule of Diflucan (150 mg ) . After one or two days burning and unpleasant discharge stop with probability of 80-90 % (according to tests carried out by the manufacturer) . 2-3 times a single application thrush, is likely to leave you all.
  2. If thrush worried often enough - more than 4 times a year - in one capsule to do probably will not succeed. Depending on how often retsissiruet disease may be administered various treatment - 4, 12 or 24 capsules . The frequency of the drug as well may vary depending on the individual . Usually Diflucan prescribed to receive twice daily for three days, and then one capsule the first day of the menstrual cycle in a period of 6-12 months.
Diflucan - an effective tool , however, as to the use of any drug before using it is necessary to consult a specialist . Symptoms are similar to many diseases and you can take as candidiasis any other inflammation. Also , do not forget about contra - Diflucan should not be used at the age of less than 18 and older than 65 years , diseases of the renal system , etc. - In short, only an expert can determine exactly fits your vehicle or not. Successful treatment !