How to give your baby breast?

Breastfeeding - a guarantee of good health of the baby. Breastfeeding allows you to avoid many diseases chubby little boy, stock essential trace elements and nutrients for the successful growth and development, as well as to establish contact with her mother. Breastfeeding allows the mother and child to create a harmonious relationship, which will give them the opportunity to love and appreciate each other throughout their lives. However, very often mothers face a number of challenges, chief among which is the fact that the baby can not properly capture the chest. Let us examine this very important issue!

Anatomy of the breast
Carefully look at your nipples. Under collagen casings is the lining of the contracting mikroepitelnyh cells that surround the glandular tissue. Milk moves from the alveoli into the ducts, thanks to the action of the hormone oxytocin. Almost reaching the nipple ducts extend some form lactiferous sinuses. It was going to milk them. On all sides surrounded by pigmented nipple okolososoc
hnym circle or halo. It is this area is a kind of visual reference for the child. The shape and size of the nipple and are individually different shape, but it is in any case does not affect its operation.

As the halo and the nipple provided with a large number of nerve receptors, because my mother is quite easy to understand whether the baby seized the nipple or not.

Recommendations for good attachment of the child to his chest
  1. Feeling mother.Good attachment - it is a situation in which neither mother nor baby is not experiencing discomfort. Undoubtedly, during the first week after birth the young mother will experience some discomfort, but after a while the skin of nipples "zagrubevaet" and by next feeding mother does not feel any discomfort. Nursing mother should be wary if she feels a lot of pain, burning or any unnatural sensations. This may be due to poor attachment to the breast. Do not ignore your feelings - they will help you establish a successful breastfeeding!
  2. We are looking for a comfortable position.Before you start feeding should learn one thing : the child must feel comfortable . In this case, it will not turn my head alarmed , twist arms and legs in the search for the correct position , distracting from the true purpose of the event.
    The child should feel confident . Such a state will give him a strong mother's arms. If you feed lying , kid must press down firmly to your entire body , leaving only a little space for direct feeding. If you prefer to feed your baby sitting , gently hug him back and shoulders . This close contact gives the child confidence and it will be easier to find a mother's breast .
    Currently, the ideal solution for young mothers is to acquire the U-shaped pillow for pregnant women. This wonderful tool will help you when you will only be in joyful anticipation of the baby , and after - to carry out feeding. This cushion is specifically designed to mother could choose from several options most suitable to her position when feeding your baby.

  3. Equipment good attachment to the breast - step by step.Optimally, if the baby's first feeding occurs immediately after birth . It was at this moment appears the search activity of the child . It is important to make the toddler in the first 30-60 minutes after birth. If you are unable to do so, attach the baby as soon as can.
    • Step 1.Fold your thumb and forefinger peripapillary region.
    • Step 2.Gently We touch the nipple to the baby's lips.
      Do not try to push the nipple into a half-open mouth , as it is likely that the baby simply shrink its jaws without letting go deeper. Try to act quickly. To put the chest in a baby 's mouth you have only a couple of seconds. If you do not have time , try to do it the next time . If the baby properly seized the chest , it must immediately stop and allow the baby gently to release the nipple . This can be done in the following ways :
      • tickle the baby's lips at the corners;
      • slight pressure on the palm of the baby in the immediate vicinity of the thumb;
      • gently press on the chin toddler;
      • gently cover the nasal passages - the child reflexively open mouth and stop sucking;
      It is important!
    • Step three.The first feeding in the hospital does not last long - about 5-10 minutes. Subsequent feeding will continue about 20-40 minutes . During feeding a baby can sleep , but do not tear off his chest ahead of time. He can wake up and continue to breastfeed . Growing up, the toddler will reduce feeding time , 10-15 minutes sucking the put portion.
General advice on the correct attachment of the child to his chest
  1. The main tool of the crumbs.The lower jaw - a key tool for the crumbs in fact it actively helps the child to suckle . The upper jaw is still in place. If you stick to the chest , you can inadvertently be near the baby's lower jaw , which prevented him from freely open and close his mouth properly capturing the chest. The kid must be free to tilt the head to find the chest, grab the nipple and the halo and start actively sucking . That is why it is important to leave room for the baby "maneuvers" .
  2. The position of the lips kid - "Butterfly."In that case, if the child is correctly captured his chest , his lower lip is sticking out slightly . You can evaluate the correct position of the baby in your breast if lips are closed , and the sufficiency of disclosure and side resemble butterfly wings , then you 're doing it right , and your toddler can easily get useful breast milk .
  3. Calmness, only calmness!Try to be patient in this important matter. Very often young mothers panic: kid shows active "search" operation, mothers decide what toddler does not want to take the breast begin to worry about the health of the crumbs. Very often the kids refuse to accept the mother's breast, worry about it, spit out the nipple. In this case, mother should exercise patience and perseverance, without ceasing to offer the breast. To make it clear to your child what a tasty breast milk should decant a few drops on a spoon and give crumbs.

    This is very important! If absolutely necessary , try not to teach the baby to the horn . Suck a mixture of bottles tot much easier than to work , getting mother's milk from the breast . So accustomed to the horn kid may not want to take the breast only because it would be " too lazy to work ."

    Only in this case will be to establish a successful breastfeeding.
  4. Inconvenient chest - give other!Many mothers worry that they were uncomfortable for the baby form of the nipple - a flat , drawn- thick or long . Any toddler can adapt perfectly to any shape of the nipple of his mother . Just a mom with a baby "unconventional " form of the nipple have to exert a lot of effort and patience to teach little kids the proper breastfeeding .

    Good advice ! In stores for mothers and children there is a large selection of pads on the chest . These contraptions allow the mother to establish breastfeeding , if the kid does not want to take the breast or mother are cracks and other damage. However, the plates do not get involved , to toddler is not used to it eventually .
  5. Free breathing.When the baby is attached to the breast , his nose pressed against the mother's skin. To chubby little boy was breathing than when feeding , try to pipsqueak could breathe freely . If the baby will have difficulty breathing , he will be anxious to try to free up the spout and be able to concentrate fully on the important process of feeding.
Carrying out all the rules , you can easily establish a successful breastfeeding . While on the way to accustom the baby to the breast , do not turn around at the others: some kids moms successfully breastfeed begin the first minutes of birth, other moms have to compete in some way with your toddler before establish breastfeeding . Every new mother needs to remember that her baby is different, and only she could find a way to your dearest crumbs in the world .