How not to forget to take a pill?

Modern medicine is capable of much. But, unfortunately, even the most effective drug would be useless, if you remember to take it regularly. And this forgetfulness - is not uncommon. But who, pray tell, in the whirl of everyday affairs did not forget about some little pill? At best, you think about it during the lunch break, in the worst - it will remain in the medicine cabinet at home lying to the your return. Not surprisingly, this approach even useful undertakings, from an important therapy before receiving multivitamins, often turn into anything. So, if you do not want to take medicine for multiple sclerosis, along with any other pills will have to find a way to remember to take a pill. How to do it as soon as possible?

Proven ways to remember to take a pill
Most preparations intended for oral administration, meant cumulative effect. Simply put, you need to drink pills on schedule, at regular intervals between the reception, otherwise the treatment is ineffective. Pills schedule ensures that the body wi
ll be maintained in a stable amount of active ingredient. If time is lost, the level of drug in the blood drops, and with it comes to "no" and the healing result. And right even if it is only a vitamin complex. Then you just drink a pill later without serious consequences. But skipping oral contraceptives, for example, is fraught with much greater problems.

To avoid this , do not forget to drink a pill on time. Unfortunately or fortunately , this puzzled more than one generation of people. His efforts have connected and psychologists offer a way out in the form of a sort of " beacons " or tags to be reminded of the need to take a pill . Therefore, today we can adopt one or several of the old - good reminders of taking medication :
  1. Location.Choose a comfortable place in the house where to put tablet for the daily administration. Usually, people choose for this purpose the shelf in the bathroom or bedside table. In short, a place that will inevitably be on your mind at the right time. The tablets can be put next to the alarm near the toothbrush, the coffee maker, or to store them on the dashboard of the car. The disadvantage of this method lies in the fact that, leaving on vacation or business trip, you risk leaving the tablet there, in their usual place. It remains only to remember them and to shift traffic to the travel bag or purse, always keep to himself and often open.
  2. Time.Always take the tablet at the same time of day - for some people this method is even more effective. For example, if you wake up every morning at 6:30, immediately swallow the medicine. You can schedule a pill at any suitable time: lunch break, homecoming, evening watching the news, etc. It is believed that a steady habit produced an average of 21 days. So, after three weeks you will be at one and the same time to think of the tablet. The main thing that it was still relevant (suitable, for example, to multivitamins and other drugs intended for long-term use).
  3. Circumstances.Try to "fix" the medication to other everyday actions. Formed a ritual like that that "immediately after brushing I drink a pill." Or, "I drink a pill before lipstick." Anchors and anchor can be anything: put the pill in makeup and combined with the application of make-up, get a saucer on the table specifically for the pills, and drink them at breakfast. This method works most effectively in combination with that described in the first paragraph. Permanent place and circumstances of the medication will not let you forget to take a pill. With this agrees the vast majority of people who have tried the method on their own experience.
    beautiful container for tabletsbeautiful container for tablets
  4. Attractiveness.In every adult child lives, avid for interesting, fun, and just beautiful things. From this, you can simultaneously please your inner child and do not forget to take a pill: Head of a cute case for drugs, a case, a box. In general, keep the pills in a store that you want to pick up and that you are happy. Rather, on this cute little thing you do not forget and do not give up the possibility of once again to twist it in your hands. Accordingly, immediately recalled and inside the portion of the medicine.
  5. Delicacy.Using this method depends not only on you but also on the manufacturers of medical products . Its essence is simple: a tablet should be tasty , then you will not forget her drink. Remember how in the kindergarten children are waiting for distribution vitaminok . Banal Revit or yellow balls askorbinki equal to the treat candy - so how can you forget about him ?! Of course, not all products are available in a palatable coating. But given the choice, and the tendency to skip medications should prefer just such tablets .
    a note remindera note reminder
  6. Note.Sometimes the easiest way to remember to take a pill - write it on a piece of paper. Attach the message to yourself in a prominent place : the front door , mirror, refrigerator door. It's simple, but effective - no wonder the people are reminders comic got the nickname of " paper - sklerotichki ." The main disadvantage of the method lies in the fact that he still does not forget to record a reminder. And pay attention to that message , become familiar among the colorful magnets on the refrigerator.
  7. Danger.Oddly enough, but it is a risk that the medication and the problems that will follow could provide the most effective stimulus - reminder . Some people are so impressionable that thought about the consequences of missing pills do not allow them to relax and forget to drink the medicine . You can enhance the effect, in the colors of imagining possible problems . Or financial costs associated with the need to re- buy the pills and start a course of treatment which was interrupted due to an unfortunate forgetfulness.
Everyone is different, so each is better to act your way not to forget to select a tablet. But statistics show that the best reminder - it is a sincere motivation. The athletes build muscle mass, do not forget to take the drugs for stamina and support the body, because they want as soon as possible to get the result. Women concerned about brittle nails and the appearance of wrinkles, do not forget to take vitamin and minerals, because they want to improve the condition of the skin. In general, you do not forget to take a pill - just do not want to forget, that's the best solution.

New ways to remember to take a pill
Not just laziness - the engine of progress . Technological advances , in turn , does contribute to laziness and forgetfulness , so that they in cahoots . But we are with you , thanks to this fruitful collaboration , we can make use of modern methods reminder to a mobile phone , a computer and other devices :
  1. The functions of the smartphone.Even in the simplest model of the phone has the ability to record a memo. Not to mention smartphones , which is accompanied by a reminder alarm clock or themselves jump at the right time . You only need to configure once this function to receive regular notification that it is time to take a pill .
    smartphone applicationsmartphone application
  2. Special application.Depending on the type of smartphone operating system , you have a larger or smaller selection of applications reminders . Anyway , it features a number of programs , most of which are installed and operated free. In this regard, the application is very convenient for women, containing a calendar with the possibility of installing updates .
  3. Computer screen.Create a picture or a label with a reminder of the medication. Put a reminder on your desktop or laptop phone . Just make sure it does not get lost among the sets of colorful labels. Ideally, it should be all alone on a solid screen. As an option - stick sticky paper on the monitor or keyboard .
  4. Fitness gadgets.Not everyone will spend money on such a device only in order not to forget to take a pill . But if you love sports and recreation , why not combine business with pleasure ? Fitness bracelets, smart watches and other special devices not only monitor the state of your body , but also take on the duties of the personal trainer : at least remind you of the time to take a pill .
But artificial intelligence can not be compared with the human mind . And no miracle of technology is no substitute for live communication , so sometimes it is easier to just ask someone from relatives to remind you to take a pill . Of course, if his memory is better than yours. Or you can agree on a pill to remind each other : some people love to teach, that will never forget about this possibility.

Proper medication.
Forgetting to take a pill is dangerous, but even more dangerous to confuse the amount or kind of medication. In the case where there is an intensive treatment, there is a need to take not one but several different tablets for different times of the day. Some pills drunk on an empty stomach, others - only after a meal, the third cause drowsiness or contraindicated to drivers, the fourth, on the contrary, cause a surge of energy and interfere with sleep late ... In general, the need to take pills on time is undeniable. It remains only to learn how not to forget to take a pill in due time.

Ask your doctor the possibility of taking different pills at a time. If he will allow you to reduce the risk to forget to take a pill : just take them all at once when you remember. And while taking critical medicines not hurt to buy a spare pack and keep it at work or in your bag . With this trick , you can take a pill even think about it after leaving home. And each time mentally put a tick : tablet taken . I have a nice memory and good health!