How leaking amniotic fluid and what to do in this case?

The first pregnancy - like a new life, in which a woman waiting for the unfamiliar and sometimes unexpected effects. It is necessary to adjust to the growing volume and body weight, mood swings, and tastes like starting new discoveries. Some of them - pleasant and encouraging, brightened the 9 months of waiting baby. On the other - it is better to know ahead of time, preferably only in theory, not in practice faced. For example, how leaking amniotic fluid, and what to do in this case. For the majority of women give birth on the leakage of amniotic fluid - a nightmare, they scare themselves and each other.

In fact, the amniotic fluid is not leaking at all and is not as common as it may seem, if you cheat yourself. But to know what to do in case of leakage of amniotic fluid, should every woman - even if just in case. This will help determine the amniotic fluid is leaking or not. Especially since the leakage is possible not only at the first pregnancy and the information is useful to you or your family for th
e future. As you know, fear has big eyes, but in all that concerns pregnancy and health in general can not be relied on intuition and fragmentary information. It should be clearly understood as leaking amniotic fluid and what to do in this case.

Amniotic fluid and leakage
Amniotic fluid - a fluid that surrounds the fetus . Amniotic fluid or amniotic fluid surrounding the baby throughout fetal development and protects him from all infections , physical or any other hazards . The chemical composition of the amniotic fluid is rich in vitamins , salts , hormones , amino acids , and contains waste products , vellus hairs and skin cells of the fetus. This is due to the features and capabilities of amniotic fluid :
  • Meals in the early stages of fetal development occurs through absorption of substances from the amniotic fluid directly through the skin.
  • Protection against physical influences from outside on the basis of depreciation.
  • Creating an environment comfortable for the fetus: a free "swimming" in a liquid under constant pressure and constant temperature.
  • Prenatal diagnosis : analysis of a sample of amniotic fluid is determined diseases (genetic , congenital ) , and possible violations of the fetus as a whole. In addition , amniotic fluid allows to know the sex and blood group embryo.
As you can see, the amniotic fluid are needed and a child, and doctors. Only pregnant women, they cause trouble, though, on the idea of ​​nature, should not cause trouble. In a normal pregnancy the amniotic fluid poured out only during childbirth, and before that held securely amnion (fetal shell). Amniotic fluid leak sometimes a little after 37 weeks of pregnancy. But if leakage of amniotic fluid occurs earlier than the deadline, it may be indicative of pathological conditions during pregnancy, fetal development and even cause premature birth.

How and why leaking amniotic fluid?
In a normal amniotic fluid poured out upon completion of the first stage of labor , when the cervix opens. Premature rupture , which began long before the onset of labor , especially in the period less than 37 weeks are called Dribble amniotic fluid. The reasons for leakage are different :
  • Physical trauma.
  • A weak cervix is ​​not withstand the pressure of the weight of the fetus.
  • Malposition due to different physical characteristics of the mother or other problems.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • The excess amniotic fluid (called polyhydramnios).
  • External interference during diagnosis.
Sometimes leakage of amniotic fluid may be a sign of multiple pregnancy , but in any case it is impossible to ignore the phenomenon . However, many women because of excessive suspiciousness tend to self diagnose yourself leakage of amniotic fluid and other violations . It is also strictly forbidden , because it causes stress and most of the future mother and the baby inside her.

Signs of leakage of amniotic fluid.
signs of water leakagesigns of water leakageIt is important to note a timely manner and to determine leakage of water , but do not confuse it with other natural body secretions , urination , etc. Mistake is not difficult, especially in view of the excitement associated with pregnancy. So remember as leaking amniotic fluid :
  1. Premature rupture of membranes occurs abundantly, about half a liter in volume.
  2. Fetal bladder can not break, and only slightly overstrain, then leak fluid meager but constant.
  3. If the smell and color of the discharge is clearly expressed - that without a doubt is a sign of the progress of pregnancy.
What to do when leakage of amniotic fluid
What if leaking amniotic fluid ? First of all , do not panic and soberly assess the situation . It may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis , but the best way to do this is already a doctor. Leaking of amniotic fluid can not be ignored or " watch " a little longer . But what to do - depends on the circumstances , your state of health and pregnancy. Here is a list of basic actions when detecting leakage of amniotic fluid :
  1. Make sure that it is leaking amniotic fluid . To do this, go to the toilet , then wash in the shower. Wipe dry and put on a clean and dry clothes. Additionally, enclose the laundry dry cloth white. In the next couple of hours , check the state of tissues . If indeed leaking amniotic fluid, significantly gets wet cloth .
  2. If the fears were confirmed, and amniotic fluid leaking, immediately go to the gynecologist for examination.
  3. Modern tests allow us to determine the amniotic fluid at home. They are sold in pharmacies under the name " amniotest " at a fairly reasonable price. Tests of this type is determined pH balance . When mixing the natural acidic environment of the vagina with a slightly alkaline amniotic fluid test will show a neutral environment . But, of course , does not replace or obviate the need to visit a doctor .
  4. Visit a gynecologist should be as soon as possible , because the leakage of amniotic fluid indicates a violation of the integrity of the amniotic membranes protecting the embryo . Rupture of the bladder admits into pathogens , deadly for the child , and to pregnant women .
    How leaking amniotic fluid and what to do in this case?
  5. In many cases, leakage of amniotic fluid is an indication for immediate hospitalization.
  6. As a rule, if the amniotic fluid leaking for up to 32 weeks of pregnancy to try to extend this period.
  7. When leakage of amniotic fluid in hospitals pregnant observes strict bed rest.
  8. If leakage of water began at 32 weeks gestation or more , in most cases it is necessary to encourage childbirth, to save the child and the mother . The fruit at this time already viable to breathe on their own .
  9. Leaking of amniotic fluid in the 35th week of pregnancy or later always becomes an occasion for giving birth, and the woman immediately sent to the maternity ward.
  10. Often accompanied by leakage of amniotic fluid contraindications to natural childbirth, while a pregnant woman is ready for cesarean section.
The main thing to do to a pregnant woman when leaking amniotic fluid - is to see a doctor , in any case without waiting for the usual routine inspection. If you act quickly and correctly , will avoid bad consequences. Early diagnosis and therapy of amniotic fluid leakage increases the likelihood of a normal labor and protection from infection.

Security leakage of amniotic fluid is directly proportional to gestational age . The more time - the less risk to health and life. In any case , now you know how leaking amniotic fluid , and the strategy of behavior in this case . And we sincerely hope you will not face this problem and to have a healthy , beautiful and happy baby!