Like a walk in the winter with a newborn?

Walk with a newborn - is the key to a good mood, good appetite and vigor, as the mother and baby. If the birth of a child happened during the cold season, there is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, it is even better, because in the winter the air is much cleaner than in the summer. In cool weather grudnichki feel much better, rather than in the scorching heat. Yes, and sleep outdoors chubby little boy is much better. However, many young mothers concerned about a variety of issues associated with winter celebrations: how to dress the baby, the temperature at which air can safely go for a walk and when to stay home? On what day after the baby is born, you can go with the crumbs on the street? Let's try to understand!

The first walk with a newborn
So you come back with the baby from the hospital to the home flat. A few days later , and you have become gradually accustomed to the new regime and a new member of your family. Outside the window - frosty weather , but you would like at least a little bit to
bring their crumbs for a walk. In this case, you should observe a few important rules :
  1. Be sure to check with your doctor or health nurse with respect to the output with the kid on the street . After the first festivities with crumbs newborns is very important , largely because it determines how it will shape your future trips out.
  2. As a rule, the first walk with a newborn can make 10-14 days after birth. However, this depends on many factors. For example, in windy walk with a toddler is not necessary at all. Recommended temperature range - not less than -10 degrees. If you find on the thermometer -15-20 degrees in the day is best to stay at home .
  3. An important factor will be the mood of a newborn toddler.
  4. Baby first walk should last no more than 10-15 minutes. It is preferable to make a baby in her arms out and sit with him , for example, on a bench in the park . So the child will feel that his mom and dad around, and not be afraid of sudden change of situation , and it will be sweet snuffle in the hands of parents.
If the baby's first walk will be held on the "cheers", continue to increase the time spent on the street each time for 10-15 minutes, until you reach 1-1.5 hours.

How to dress the newborn crumbs for a walk
clothes for a walk in the winterclothes for a walk in the winterSurely, one of the main issues of concern to many young mothers who want to walk with the baby in the cold season, this is exactly how to wear a newborn?

In any case , you should ask the community nurse , who will come to you in the first months of baby's life and talk about how to properly care for a toddler . Young mothers should remember that putting a child is exactly the same as myself , plus a single layer.

For example, at a temperature of -8-10 degrees, you can pick up a set of clothes:
  • Body with long sleeves or cotton overalls;
  • Fleece suit or warm fleece pants and jacket;
  • cap and a warm hat;
  • winter overalls.
  • that your toddler is not frozen, lying in a stroller, it is necessary to lay the envelope on a warm sheepskin or duvet.
Mom note! Today on the shelves of children's shops are presented on a sheepskin comfortable envelopes . They are very practical as they allow to warm the baby , both the first and the second year of life . In the envelope there are special slots for the straps , so my mother could wrap up the crumbs in this envelope , and when the baby is lying in the cradle , and when he was able to sit in a stroller.

Cosmetics for a walk with a newborn baby
Many young mothers, going for a walk with the baby, wondering how to protect the delicate skin of the crumbs from the negative effects of the environment. In this case, young children, parents should buy a protective cream for walking. Cosmetics, created specifically for the delicate and sensitive skin of newborn crumbs opportunity to walk in the bad weather in the cold season. Included in the cream marigold extract, sea buckthorn oil and peach, as well as vitamins E, A and soften baby's skin will provide reliable protection of the skin from the cold and wind.

Walk on the balcony of a newborn
Walk on the balconyWalk on the balconyIn some cases, the young mother can be difficult to give your child a complete walk in the park.
  • In the street to set the temperature below -15 degrees.
  • In the immediate vicinity of the house there is no parks, squares, quiet courtyards;
  • The apartment is located on a high floor (no freight elevator or it is broken).
  • Young mother is not feeling well, or she had accumulated a mountain of urgent matters.
  • The child does not sleep at home, and in the fresh air immediately plunges into the arms of Morpheus.
Only in these situations a young mother has every right to bring the baby for a walk to the balcony. However, in this situation, there are some nuances . There are a number of rules that must be strictly followed, posting crumbs for a walk on the balcony:
  1. Never, under any circumstances, do not leave a toddler unattended. We understand that your baby sleep on the balcony - it is an opportunity for moms not only to remake a lot of cases, and finally take a break. Many parents think, what will happen with the baby on your own balcony? However, there are some dangers lie in wait for the crumbs. Very often careless neighbors thrown out of their windows and trash and cigarette butts zatushennye that can easily fall into the cradle where the sweet snuffle your child. Therefore, if you send your baby to sleep on the balcony, do not forget to constantly monitor it. An excellent option in this case is to use baby monitors.
  2. For the full sleep is necessary to lift the kid some or all of the valves open one . Be careful to not walk on the balcony draft. Preferably, if your kid will walk more than once , but for a long time , and twice 1-1.5 hours .
  3. Do not forget to wrap up well and the baby periodically check his nose . If it's warm , it's okay and nothing to worry about . If the baby is frozen, the skin on his face redden . In this case, immediately take away the child from the balcony.
By sending crumbs in the "balcony" walk remember that it is in any case not replace the baby full festivities with her mother in the park or in the park.

How to dress my mother for a walk with the baby
Young mother should think not only about what it pipsqueak go for a walk, but a dress she will wear. Very often her that choose clothes for themselves according to the principle "that first came to hand, then put them." However, it is fundamentally wrong. After all, the young mother is equally important to dress warmly and comfortably, because of her health depends on the existence of a prosperous child. Therefore parent should consider your outfit in advance. For winter walks suitable water- and windproof material with warm fleece lining. Particular attention should be paid to the shoe, as my mother would have to walk a lot and for a long time. You can select ugg boots in the warm fur, high-quality leather boots or boots.

Recently, on the streets of our country can be found young women with baby carriages , equipped with unusual devices . Young mothers carry their brood for a walk in the park , safely hide your hands from the cold and wind in warm coupling studs on the handle of the stroller. This wonderful device for cold weather can buy in any children's store . It will help mom keep warm on the walk with the crumbs . In addition, after a stay in the street Mom can take the crumbs on his hands not icy and warm and gentle hands .

Great weather, good mood mother and baby, warm and comfortable clothes - all this is a prerequisite for excellent walks newborn crumbs on the street in the cold season.

If your child was born in the winter - it's great ! Enjoy this wonderful time of the year to strengthen the immune system of its crumbs . Walk with the child in parks and squares of your city , and these magical moments will be useful not only to your newborn baby , but to you!