How to open his business from scratch?

Every employee, from office clerks to farm animal husbandry, from time to time, think about how it would be great to wave goodbye to his superiors and go to the free swimming. Being one's own boss and no one could depend, to plan their working hours to take large and small solutions and, of course, make a profit on their own - whether it is a dream, realize they want very, very much? But cheer up, to open his business from the ground up, one. This is understandable: the dream dreams, but the real problems and difficulties can be at the root of ruin any undertaking.


Let's examine what is in any case, business and undertaking which the output should generate profits and moral satisfaction to its founder.

What do you want to do? This is one of the main issues on which you have to answer yourself . What education do you have , what talents and abilities that you know how to do , what lesson brings you pleasure and never get tired of ? When you have thought out answers , you will see in which direction to mo

Maybe you love cats or dogs and are willing to mess with them for hours. Then your business can be a pet store , a hairdresser or dog training school . And not have to be , for example, the trainer , to open a school . Your job - to organize everything and pick up the personnel .

Or do you always good at organize and carry out events for their relatives and friends.

If you like to dig in the garden , you know all about the plants and know how to get an excellent harvest , the scope of your abilities can be agri- business , from growing mushrooms and herbs in the home to create a complex of greenhouses with fewer employees.

Marketing research
Before you open a business from scratch or at least begin to make a business plan, you need to reconnoiter the situation.

How to open his business from scratch?Yes, you would like to open a pet store . But if your small town already has ten units , it is likely you will be hard to break and find a buyer . On the other hand , find out , maybe all the same type of stores , selling food and fillers, but no one has been individually aquarium fish , and this is just your thing . Then you can open a specialty store for fans and admirers of fish aquariums in the interior and to find its niche .

How to conduct research? Visit the businesses operating in the area that you are interested , look , communicate , ask questions customers . A good place to gather information - online . Visit the thematic forums of your city to find out what people are missing . It can provide you a good idea for a business.

Before proceeding to implement the selected project , be sure to write a business plan . If you have enough knowledge to do it yourself , contact a specialist. Do not start a business at random . You must be clear on what you need and how much it will cost.

Perhaps, after the preparation of the business plan you will see that this project you can not afford.

Start-up capital
There are options for the business in which the initial investments are minimal. For example, the business of growing herbs, or flowers , or even some plants. If you have a garden , but it already has a greenhouse, you will need to invest only in planting . Of course , the profit will at first not too big , but if you invest the money in the expansion of business, then gradually you will achieve the desired volume.

The same applies , for example, the holidays . Being the master of ceremonies at weddings and anniversaries of their friends to start , you can informally and it does not require any investment. And if you want to develop this business , then gradually acquire the right connections , to gain experience and save up some money to rent an office , hire staff and get to the next level .

In some types of business without start-up capital is indispensable . This applies primarily to trade : you definitely need space , equipment and funds for the purchase of goods. The same applies to different kinds of production and services .

If you do not have spare cash, you can get a bank loan.

In order to formalize your business according to the law , you will need to apply to the judicial authorities . Most small businesses are executed as individual business - it is the simplest form . Not less than their common limited liability company . They are convenient in that if you organize the business together with someone , then you will act as co-founders .

There are activities that require licensing , but in some cases, a license is not needed. The most difficult is the registration of companies to provide medical services and catering . In this case it is necessary to collect a considerable number of various certificates and permits. But it's worth it - both of these businesses profitable enough .

There are activities , which do not need legalization . For example, if you owned a garden plot there - individual part-time farm , you can grow it on whatever you want in any quantity , and have the right to implement it on the market or sell to traders . If you want to deliver their products to the shops , cafes and restaurants , and it is more profitable , you will need to register as a private entrepreneur.

Office space, equipment, staff
How to open his business from scratch?All of these questions, you also have to decide in advance. For room to store imposed some requirements for private dental office - quite different to open a photo studio and beauty salon also need to understand how to be a suitable property . Some businesses do not require a special room , you may run out of his apartment , a computer and the Internet.

Also, you should find out what equipment you need, how to choose and do not be mistaken, as it stands, and whether to take it out.

As for the staff , it is possible that at first you will manage on their own. And maybe you just need an assistant . Find personnel can place an ad in a newspaper or other media by contacting the recruitment agency or through the Internet .

Advertising and promotion
Think about how to do that for you and your newborn business to know more people and, especially, your potential buyers.

Create your own site , give it detailed information about their services and their prices . Make good photos and post on the website - it always attracts attention . Promote your business on social networks and in the appropriate forums - it gives results.

Arrange an advertising campaign , distribute leaflets , samples , or samples of the products , the first promise discounts to clients or customers . Distribute flyers and business cards. Book commercials on television or an article in the local press .

In general, you use all available methods of advertising and your imagination . And remember that the main advertisement - it is a high quality and adequate price your products or services . Satisfied customers telling their friends about you - aerobatics advertising.

To summarize
Short abstracts to answer the question how to open a business from scratch, you can use the following items.
  • Find an interesting idea
  • Understand that the demand in your city or region
  • Make a detailed business plan
  • Collect seed capital, or take a loan, or start small and save up for business expansion
  • Get familiar with the legal aspects
  • Pick a room, purchase equipment and get the staff
  • Arrange an advertising campaign

On your way to your own business certainly there will be many obstacles and challenges that need to be addressed . The ability to pass all of them without losing confidence in their business and its success , largely determines the future success of any emerging business.