How to ask for a pay raise?

Money is needed and all usually in an amount slightly or greatly beyond what is currently available. The main source of money for most of us, working people - wage. So, to increase the amount available to us funds, we need to increase the size of our salaries. How can I do that? The most promising option looks shift low-paid or under-paid work at a job with decent pay. But there are others. For example, career growth. Higher, honorable and responsible post accompanies a nice salary. And you can try to achieve the increase in payment of your work, do not go beyond the office. Both options are good, so we treat them will be parallel.


How to correctly ask for higher wages ? Of course, you must first think about the tactics and develop a strategy . Such important events that determine whether we can in the next month to buy new shoes or change tires on the car , must be carefully planned . Consider the basic steps in this process .

Find out how to increase salaries usually occurs in the company or th
e company where you are working. If it turns out, for example, that wages increase for every three years of work by twenty percent, or when switching to a higher position, and no other enhancements not been seen during the existence of the company, your solution will be obvious. Either wait three years or aim higher. In order to implement the second option will need some preparation. Perhaps it makes sense to take refresher courses or some other courses that can help you in your work and improve its results.

Another direction of your intelligence activities - monitoring wage employees of other companies and organizations that perform the same job as you. If you find that you underestimate the financial , it will weigh heavily in the upcoming conversation with the boss.

Backstage game or soil preparation
Suppose you have someone praise superiors . When you are also designed with an intriguing finding volunteers who could go to the authorities and , as it were, by the way, tell us about what you are good, necessary and effective member of the team , but note one thing : there must be a reason for praise. Real , which can be represented in the form of reports , charts, samples , or other visual aids .

If, in the common reflection, you realize that you are not particularly praise for that, but the money still want to do something heroic. In the field of your work, of course. Something for everyone that your colleague wants to praise you. For example, finished ahead of the annual report. Or come up with new, original, effective and user-friendly embodiment of what you would normally perform in the workplace. Then perhaps you will praise you and tell their superior authorities and without your requests. And you certainly do not miss the moment to drop a hint or just inform you that your selfless and progressive work deserves increased tariff rate.

How to ask for a pay raise?Drawing up a list of laudable
If you could not recruit volunteers , have to praise themselves. Think of all the possible and probable reasons why you deserve praise and done , both verbal and physical . These reasons need to write and learn . And when you go to the head of a request put to him without hesitation .

Aspects that are considered desirable in a commendable list:
  • How to improve your skills since you came to work in the company.
  • What results you have achieved.
  • The positive dynamics: increased sales, new customers, increase revenue of the company, etc.

Right to ask for a pay rise - it means to choose the right moment.

On the eve of your conversation to be head of fed (but not drunk : the wishes expressed and even approved in the final stages of a corporate party , usually in the morning are not valid ) , pleased with himself and others, and is relatively free . He must be in good mood , should not hurry somewhere , especially on important or unpleasant event for him , in an ideal - just happened something pleasant . But the ideal , as you know, difficult to achieve , so enough for the above items , without the latter.

The following advice looks strange and devoid of common sense, but , in the opinion of the People's statistics work. And it is this: to ask for wage increases is better on Wednesday afternoon. Why is that? We can assume that the environment - it's the middle of the week when all the important and urgent matters have been resolved on Monday , the last day of a fuss before the weekend has not come yet . After lunch - even more clear. See para. About satiety .

Implementation procedures
Ask for higher wages - not to behave in an inappropriate way , or doing something reprehensible . This is the normal working time. Head very busy, his command tens, hundreds, thousands of employees (underline) . He simply has no time to follow the career and salary growth of each employee , otherwise it would already notice you and your effort and rewarded properly. You just help him do it. That is helping him in his work.

Something like this you should talk to achieve the desired level of calmness and confidence. You are promising and valuable specimen . Your company was lucky that you got them . If they do not understand , they also worse. So you think to yourself , but apparently behave with restraint and moderation modestly. But surely . Without flattery , stuttering and mumbling .

Come to the office of the chief. On the face - a small smile. Tells about the work done (briefly), and offer to do something else. This is an important moment. One of the good opportunities to get higher wages - to take on additional responsibilities. Or form one of the old duty so that it looks new and promising. Head must understand that this is what most lack. Then he will definitely agree. And with your new duties (and possibly a change in the title of the post), and a new salary.

Perhaps the increase in wages and without promotion or taking on additional work. If you have made a commendable list competently and confidently showed all his points , and proved that your work deserves more gratitude, then you have every chance of success .

The result can be both positive and negative, and it does not necessarily depend on you. Reasons not to increase your salary may be different : the lack of funds at the enterprise , the economic downturn , the policy manual , which excludes further encourage employees , personal animosity , etc.

If you have not increased wages once, it does not mean that your carefully planned event was in vain. If you behave confidently and planted some seeds in the soul of the authorities , it is expected that these seeds will germinate in the future. And you will be the first candidate for promotion.

Further actions
If you have achieved success - celebrate, but do not get carried away.

If in this difficult matter you be unsuccessful , do not worry . It is better to think about what to do in the future. You may find it useful to look for another job with a higher salary . And may decide to raise the professional level of the old place and try to break through to the heights later. In any case , you will have gained experience , which is always valuable.