How to improve relations in the team?

The psychological atmosphere in the team is playing a huge role. From the relationship of workers depends largely on overall productivity, efficiency. When the relationship is going well, employees are willing to come to the aid of each other, together to solve problems related to work, to give important advice, educate and instill the necessary skills. Likewise, everything happens in teams of pupils, students, creative circles. Mutual understanding and respect that prevails in the team, certainly a positive impact on any activity. Often, to improve relations in a team is not easy, because all people have different opinions, views and temperaments. If we consider some nuances, to follow the advice and the algorithm can significantly simplify your task, to establish a good relationship in the team.


How to improve relations in the team?
  1. When you have problems the team, immediately proceed to the psychological adaptation. First of all pay attention to your personal attitude to work, study, any lessons. You ne
    ed to develop a positive outlook on the environment conditions. Start with yourself - your positive attitude will definitely help to establish a good relationship. Find the advantages of working, pleasant side of the labor process, the positive features of management, members of the team. If you are sincere, spontaneous and friendly, your natural behavior certainly a positive impact on the relationship with the team.
  2. If there is something you still annoying, is the desire to make changes , fix bugs , not in a hurry to share your ideas with colleagues. Only in really serious problem that simply can not be ignored without prejudice to the generality of the case , you should pay attention to the chief of department , personnel administration. Everything else you need is to take for granted. When there are some difficulties , it is better not to oppose itself to colleagues. Do not immediately try to change something , criticize , analyze .
  3. To really improve relations in the team, do not try to do it artificially. Remember that your excessive persistence can be perceived as intrusive, cause negative emotions and rejection. Try to behave naturally and comply with the measure. For example, not necessarily just to make gifts, to offer large expensive cakes, constantly compliment and emphasize the dignity of all colleagues to achieve them. Of course, well, if you're ahead of the weekend Treat colleagues cakes, but do not make it too ostentatiously. Otherwise, your behavior will seem insincere, the effect will be counterproductive.
    How to improve relations in the team?
  4. How to improve relations in the team, if you have encountered serious conflict appeared hidden enemies and open enemies ? Do not try to create them "counterweight" , do not agree with friends. Avoid any intrigue, controversy. Make every effort to remove the psychological tension , establish a business relationship . Translate into a permanent state of conflict , does not support it by their actions . Gradually, the situation will run its course.
  5. Finding a negative attitude toward themselves , not negates relationships with specific people . Remember your important business contacts. They can easily be installed and with the colleagues with whom you have a personal incompatibility. Strive to do your good business relationship beneficial to both sides. When your foe appreciate your communication skills, effective business communication with you , he'll go to the contact.
  6. Act purposefully eliminate all negative factors. Do not alienate colleagues, try to find a compromise. Do not leave behind "enemy": take the time to achieve better relations with everyone, even if the majority on your side. Any foe can start setting up against you and other colleagues. Be aware of the practical side of the issue. When you will be good and easy to work, you will be willing to help, to give the necessary advice, work together for the overall result, your enemies will want to improve the relationship with you.
  7. Be friendly always . Behave honestly , naturally. Praise colleagues , pay attention to their positive traits . Do not hesitate to ask for advice , to admit that you do not know how to do everything . Be sure to thank the person who is helping you , explain what to do .
  8. Pay attention to your workplace.
  9. Even if you are doing a fine job with the work, you know how to do something better than colleagues, have certain advantages and merits, in any case, do not allow boasting, even if unintentional. Do not emphasize their dignity - all your work speak for you. Do not forget that your progress may cause negative mood colleagues. To establish relations in the team will help your sincere interest in the success of the common cause, the desire to help colleagues. Your willingness to support, the ability to provide valuable advice in time is bound to cause positive emotions of team members. Then only will your ability to please your colleagues.
  10. Remember that it is not necessary to move in establishing relations in collective defined border. Observe the ethics of some colleagues do not discuss with others, do not join in the "coalition" and not become someone's side in the conflict. Try to take a neutral position or to find a compromise solution. Keep a small distance differs from personal business relationships do not mix them .

Try to really become part of the team, with a sincere attitude to everything around an interest, enthusiasm for work, avoid conflict, then you will be able to build relationships with colleagues.

We build relationships in the team.
Faced with difficulties in relations within the team , be sure to pay special attention to the establishment of relations with colleagues . Proceed carefully and purposefully , but do not forget about duties. Will help you and the algorithm .
  1. Immediately determine how important your relationship in the team: depends on the working environment, the emotional atmosphere, the productivity of work.
    How to improve relations in the team?
  2. Demonstrate humility, kindness, sincere interest in the affairs of the group.
  3. Analyze all the difficulties with a pen and piece of paper . Think that you manage well and above what still needs work . Write down all the points , your achievements separately separately - slips necessary steps to correct them .
  4. Determine what is rooted causes of the problems with colleagues.
  5. Avoid criticism, do not emphasize your strengths, advantages over other colleagues.
  6. Observe the necessary distance.
  7. Refrain from discussion of colleagues, leadership, participation in the conflict.
  8. To pay due attention to the work.
  9. If necessary, seek advice, but do try to help in time.
  10. Build relationships slowly, do not put pressure on colleagues.

Behave naturally try to avoid controversy, then the relations in the team will improve.