How to choose a profession like?

How to choose a profession like? This question can excite and students on the eve of the prom and students, having studied more than one course at the institute, and even adults who suddenly discovered that the work does not bring them any pleasure. Not all have such luck as a favorite work. And it really happiness, and possession is worth fighting. With its own laziness and passivity, the desire to go with the flow and do not strain, with the pressure of circumstances, the opinion of friends and family, and many other factors. Winning this fight is not easy, but the prize that awaits you, it is worth the effort.

Why is it that , having worked for several years in the specialty, acquired in college , and even reached certain heights in it , one realizes that this is not something that is his soul ? There can be several , and they are both external and internal.

Firstly, perhaps the task to choose a profession like all originally not intended . This happens all the time. Many people think about the demand fo
r specialty , wage and prestige of the complexity and cost of education , and his own soul , and forget to think about your destination .

Secondly, at a young age a person can be bad to know yourself. It seems that he wants to become a psychologist after he saw the movie where the main character - a successful and attractive psychologist, one of the little finger movement and others to solve their problems in life. Or he decides to go to navigation school after talking with his uncle, a sailor long voyage that stir the heart fledgling tales of romance and high-wage workers sails and helm. But his real inclinations and desires may lie in completely different fields. But he is not about suspects.

Third, some young people have a bad habit of doing everything for the company . Go to discos , skip class , to enter a university . All gone , and I went. Most often this happens when a person does not know what he wants. And it seems that with friends, in any case , have fun . Maybe fun, but in the choice of profession is not important. Realized his mistake sometimes get after graduation.

Fourth, there is the fashion for certain professions . As well as the prestige of a profession . For example, several years ago, it was very fashionable and prestigious to study law or economics. Millions of young people go to universities appropriate orientation, finished them, have not been able to find a job and were disappointed in his choice . Now there is a fashion trend to become designers and photographers. Under its influence also get a lot of those who do not know what they want and to strive for.

Fifth , many applicants and their parents when choosing a college based on geography . If the city has a polytechnic, pedagogical institutes and fitness , many believe that it is necessary to choose one of them. Someone is afraid to go far from home in an unfamiliar city , someone anxious relatives are not allowed .

Choosing the right profession - this is not just some vague thought about how it would be great to be so-and - so is having a cup of coffee with friends . This is a difficult and hard work . And if you want to eventually get a job , which will go in the morning with a joyful smile , take your choice of profession seriously and with full attention . You will have to spend some amount of time , effort , and possibly finance. Be prepared for this . Several of the recommendations that can help to choose a profession like :
  1. If you yourself can not understand their inclinations, abilities and desires, pass a psychological test for career guidance. And even if you think you know yourself well, you still go. You know yourself better, and possibly from an unexpected quarter. Testing can take place and on their own by buying a book of psychological tests, or use a specialist. The second option is preferable, because contact with a psychologist - an independent view from the outside. You yourself are not always in a position to objectively evaluate yourself and even answering the test questions, you can prevaricate. Psychologists have in schools, universities, enterprises and psychological centers where anyone can apply.
  2. Create playlists. List what you enjoy doing. The list of things that you would not ever want to do in life. The benefits of a particular profession. Its disadvantages. The list of what you need to do to succeed in their chosen profession. List your skills, talents and skills. The list of weaknesses that you have. The more you draw up lists, the better. Make a separate list, you can begin to combine them and group. This activity is very good at helping to understand yourself. After analyzing written, you will find what you want is really what you have to do is: the ability to finance, geographical advantages. And also you realize what you are missing: education, experience, specific skills, etc. The latest list - a detailed plan of what you need to do to achieve their goals.
  3. Learn the details. Sometimes a representation of a person about a particular profession can be very different from the real situation. Maybe you think that the writers - people who sleep until dinner, then breakfast of coffee and croissants and roam the city in search of inspiration, after which they were visited by a muse, they sit at a laptop and a couple of hours writing half of the novel. And the rest appends the next day. Try something to write and publishers to sell, and you will realize that it is not. Collect information about your chosen field: literature, specialized newspapers and magazines, on the Internet at niche sites and forums.
  4. Test. This advice - continuation of the previous. To learn more details about the profession you are interested, try it on taste. You pull and draw your dream and career as an artist? Draw. Do you think that the picture - your element? Shoot. Do you think it would be nice to be a businessman? Try. Invest in any small business, or part of it. No money? Earn. You want to do just that. Not every profession you can just taste, but to approach it is quite real. If you want to be mayor of the city, then you are unlikely to be allowed for a day in his chair, but you can otherwise take part in political life and taste it: join any party, to speak at the meeting to develop a project to improve roads In your city.
  5. Consider your lifestyle. As well as the lifestyle that you have to do if you change profession. Perhaps you dream of becoming a flight attendant , because they have a beautiful shape and they travel the world . But you need to think about if you can not sleep at night if night flights not to be at home for several days and generally lead a nomadic life .
  6. Think about health. If you differ in poor health , then you will not do the profession requiring stamina , increased efficiency and the ability to work day and night . You can hardly become a surgeon , pilot or polar explorer . If you are allergic to the components used in the trade of chemicals , you should not become a hairdresser , a perfumer or a painter and decorator .

Changing profession in adulthood is much more difficult than to find yourself in the years of adolescence. But there is nothing impossible. If you have grown hateful your job, you go at it as hard labor, and thus know exactly what is your soul and what you would actually do it - go for it. Of course, the way a mature man waiting for a lot of problems, but it also has significant advantages: experience, which will help to understand what was happening, money savings, with which you can hold out during the development of a new profession, and finally alternate aerodrome - already with a job to which he can always return in case of failure.