How to cheer up at work?

Not enough sleep at night? Tired Weekend? Causes monotonous workflow and the monotony of the environment? This happens quite often. If you look at any of the average member of the office, we can see that at least a third of them are looking at the monitor sleepy eyes, yawns and stretches. Someone not have the strength to work in the morning, someone runs out of steam towards the end of the day, the whole day, some feel tired and dream only of your sofa with the TV. And only a few always cheerful, happy and industrious than others is incredibly annoying.

Thus, we consider how to cheer up at work, not only to sit until the end of time, but also to achieve some professional success.
  1. Exercise.Earlier, in Soviet times in the Soviet offices, there were special breaks for gymnastic. They all came off from work and waved their hands and feet on command radiodiktora. For all the strangeness of this activity, it was quite effective. During the long sitting motionless body numb, in the neck, back and arms appear hotbe
    ds of tension. It interferes with the normal circulation and well-being. Therefore, the warm-up - it is very good. If you hesitate to get up from his desk and start ups and tilts, knead quickly. Stand up, walk. It is desirable for a high floor on the stairs. Browsing can be rotating the head, neck stretching, pull up the spine to straighten legs and hold them suspended or turn to strain every muscle in the body. At first it may not work, especially if you have untrained muscles, but with constant practice, you'll soon be able to swing the press, not looking up from the annual report.
  2. With the help of stimulants.On energy drinks will not speak. There will not even think about them. Harm from them much more than cheerfulness. Foremost among promoters who use the working population, it is coffee. In offices and other work places him drink liters, especially in the morning. Coffee really helps to wake up and feel like a work unit, not an amorphous mass. However, its effect is quite short, but in large quantities it is harmful. To reduce the harm of coffee, you drink it is not too strong and cream. So it reduces irritating to the stomach. A stimulating effect is maintained, because many functions are not the coffee itself and its concentration, and the smell and the ritual. There are no less effective stimulant than coffee - it is a green tea with ginseng or Eleutherococcus tincture and regular mineral water. As for the tea, but no harm from it, and use in combination with stimulant herbs, a very palpable. With regard to the water it can be said that even the minimum dehydration reduces efficiency and slows mental processes. Therefore, a bottle of water at your desk from you from time to time you drink it, can be a wonderful tool to energize the workplace.
  3. Dreams and dreams.Every working person in the process there are times when he finds himself on the fact that the figures, reports and texts from his brain completely superseded, and instead present there dreams and dreams. You can dream about how to lie in a comfortable deck chair on a tropical beach and listen to the sound of the surf, or on how the chief secretary brings you a cocktail of fresh pineapple and rum, while wearing a bikini at a minimum, and maybe the object of your dreams - Nobel Award in the field of accounting or tenfold increase in salaries. Catching himself for such inappropriate activities like dreams in the workplace, you usually shaken and try as quickly as possible out of my head all this nonsense. Well, nothing. You have reached a point change of jet lag, which occurs in the human brain every one and a half to two hours. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic and analysis, takes a break, conceding a workplace right. This break lasts from five to twenty minutes. Do not interfere with the left hemisphere to rest. Relax and dream. But do not get carried away too much. Fifteen minutes from the new forces to return to work.
  4. Cold water.On the soul and pouring the workplace dream, unfortunately, it is not necessary, therefore, dispense means available. Perfectly invigorates washing with cold water or washing contrast, when the icy water alternates with boiling water. But this method is more suitable for men, because not every woman would agree for the sake of energy and working spirit and seem to wash off makeup in public with a flushed face washing. If you are a woman, concerned with their appearance, try to cheer up cold water through the hands. In our end is a huge number of nerve endings, stimulation of which has beneficial effects on brain activity. If you are within five to ten minutes, hold your hands under cold running water, or give them a contrast douche, you will feel much fresher. And can stimulate other body parts, such as ears. And not necessarily in cold water, it will be enough to rubbing. However, this method also has a side effect - your ears will be bright crimson. But if you have long hair and bushy hair, this is not scary.
  5. Preliminary operations.Methods Express vzbadrivaniya - it is certainly good, but better if you feel healthy and full of energy every day.
    • Get enough sleep - at least seven and preferably eight hours.
    • Proper nutrition - plenty of fiber, which is found in fresh fruits and vegetables and less food with artificial additives.
    • Vitamins, especially in spring and winter.
    • Any physical activity - sports, walking, skiing, cycling or rollerblading.
    • Recreation.
All these tips are valid only if you work at least half is interesting, but its quality execution at a given time prevents light physical ailment . In that case you have to on a daily basis through the power to perform a job that is not interesting , then reach pep will be very difficult . In this case, it makes sense to think about changing jobs to another , better match your interests and abilities.