How to go to work abroad?

Work abroad dream of many Russians. Most agree on the work of foreign residents of provincial cities, where wages are much lower than in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the choice of vacancies is low. But foreign employers are not always honest with employees. And if "their" head of council can be found, to complain to the courts for non-payment of wages or poor working conditions, do something like this abroad virtually impossible. Therefore, to make the decision to go to work abroad should be cautious. Do not settle for illegal work, let them and promise mountains of gold! Only an agency that for many years successfully selects staff for foreign companies, can ensure that you return home with money, not with an empty purse, lost health and disappointments. Here we must be guided by the proverb "look before you leap - cut once", so as not to run into scammers.

Finding the right country and the employer
According to statistics, the majority of Russian citizens prefer to work in the UK, USA, Germany and Canad
a. The most popular abroad are employees from the sphere of information technologies, as well as the financiers. But doctors and humanities will be in difficulty: in another country definitely need to confirm diploma, which will take a lot of time and effort. You can certainly find a job that does not require special skills, but it will have to give all the best to the full. Young people can try yourself as an animator on the same Turkish resorts.

In any country, the employer will pay attention to foreign language . Therefore, language certificate be reserved in advance to present it during the interview . Of course, English is considered international , but if you go to work , say, in Germany, will learn at a good level , and German. No matter whom you will be working in the country : a laborer or a programmer , only knowledge of the language will save us from various problems .

Turning to the recruitment agency , see if there is a license to international recruitment. Honest agency working legally required to put it on the site. There are clearly defined job . One-day firms do not have such licenses . And the vacancy speak casually , they say, will come into the country , find out for yourself. By the way, this rule is triggered and the invitation to the network business , " let's talk about the job during the interview ."

Select a job in the agency ? Ask the company in which you work . It is better , when your future employers have an international reputation . The offer from Google or Microsoft- is a guarantee of excellent employment . If the company is little known on the market , look for it in the "black list" , that is , on sites where workers are deceived by placing negative information on foreign employers.

Resume and interview
If you decide to find a suitable company for yourself , make a competent summary that will allow you to convince the employer in its significance . If you still do not know a foreign language at an appropriate level , the teacher ask a friend to check your CV for spelling mistakes . Pay attention to the writing positions , educational institutions, geographical names in a foreign language . Look online professional social network , more often drop in foreign recruiters .

He found a job through an agency, you can ask the manager to help you create a resume.

So read your resume , the employer decided to talk to you personally . The conversation may take place over the phone or in to Skype. Be prepared that you will be asked a lot of professional issues in a foreign language . Since the employer can assess your level and language skills and your professional experience.

From interviews to a positive decision could take several months.

What are the costs borne by the employer?
On payment of the flight and visa negotiate with the employer in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Even if the employer agrees to pay your move to the country , the money for the tickets to you upon return , even when applying for a job in the office. And start your visa is when an official invitation to come to work.

Having decided to leave to work abroad , do not expect that the company will provide you with service housing . Yes, in major international companies have special services involved in foreign device . But most Russians have to find housing on their own, agreeing at first to live in a hostel or a cheap hotel . Discuss this issue with the employer immediately set aside a certain amount of rental housing .

Foreigners mentality is very different from Russia , so try to find the web community of Russians working abroad so as not to feel lonely in a foreign country . And will help you with your job search , and social adaptation .

What to do in case of fraud?
Experts claim that around 90 % of announcements of foreign fraudsters work place , which provide work seven days a week for minimum money , sometimes overstating several times the expected salary. The " best " case, they just take the money for the visas and tickets, disappeared in an unknown direction.

What if you find yourself abroad without money and documents ? Please contact the Russian embassy . Going to another country to earn ( but at least and just relax ) , always inquire with addresses and telephone numbers of embassies of Russia, where you will be able to help. Record numbers and free phone lines , dealing with employment abroad .

Do not settle for the first available free ads!