How to get to the prosecutor?

Prosecutor - a prestigious profession and is very responsible . However, it is not necessary to hope that it will be easy to work , and wages will immediately high. Attorney Salary depends on the budget of the region and the quality of your work. And it is quite unlikely that immediately after graduating from high school , you become the head of the local branch of the Prosecutor's Office . To achieve a high rank and position , you have to work hard . First - an assistant prosecutor , then - performer , etc.

Getting started: where to study the future of the prosecutor?
The basis of any profession - quality knowledge. Proper education is the future prosecutor can now be obtained at any public university of the Russian Federation, which has a department of law. If you plan to study in Moscow, you will approach, for example, the Law Faculty of the Moscow State University, People's Friendship University, Moscow State Law Academy, the Republican Party or the Financial University under the Government of the Russi
an Federation. To do, however, it is quite difficult: a competition for one student place is very big, an average of about 20 people. However, if one of these institutions to get you failed for any reason, you can try your luck in the walls of SP (Institute of Prosecution). Here, too, the high admission requirements, but the competition is less, typically 2 - 3 people in place.

In addition to the standardized tests (there are often replaced by exam scores ) , you will also pass psychological testing . As mentioned above , the work of a prosecutor is rather complicated , tense , so the moral and psychological stability of future prosecutors is very important. It is unacceptable that in the executive branch working people with unstable emotional state .

If you plan to become a military prosecutor , then you need to do in Military University . The girls here do not accept , as the first few years the student will serve in the army regularly go for military training and shooting , take the competition on physical fitness . Before entering make sure to apply to the district military commissariat , enclosing a reference from the last place of study and / or work, curriculum vitae and documents proving that you have a complete secondary education.

Second stage: the investigator and the prosecutor's assistant
Immediately you no prosecutor appointed. It's too important post for a man who five minutes ago was a student. Even if you are well versed in all the intricacies of the legal , emotional stability , etc. You need to get a certain experience , so first try himself as an investigator. If you can , and show themselves , and did not make the comments , will become an assistant prosecutor. It's a few years of hard work . Yes, the path to the prosecutor's chair - not easy , but what to do ?

Step three: the appointment of the Deputy Prosecutor and
After 3 - 4 years working as an assistant prosecutor can be expected appointment as deputy. In the role of " second person " you have to work for about 5 - 10 years. Sometimes - more, sometimes - less each case is different . Appoint to the post of head of the district department of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Prosecutor's Office .

While working in the prosecutor's office you will be assigned class ranks . To be Attorney General , is necessary to have the highest class rank , ie, be a valid state adviser of justice . This is possible only after obtaining experience and positive recommendations on the work .

If you're not a soldier , who dreams of becoming a general , that is the prosecutor and just want to work in the office of the prosecutor's office or as an assistant public , in this case the prosecutor's office to get much easier. Contact the Human Resources Department prosecutors and provide them with the necessary documents. It is very likely you will soon one of the vacant posts.