How to prepare for pregnancy?

Nature has created the female body is not only sturdy, so it can withstand the loads associated with pregnancy and childbirth, but also capable of deep internal and external changes during and after pregnancy. But we live in an environment far from the primordial unit. The world is changing, and these changes will inevitably affect the lifestyle, health and even the structure of the body of modern humans. In addition, we know about your body a lot more than was known to our forefathers, so worried about it more, trying to affect the natural way. In general, anything that did not even occur to great-grandmother, is very concerned about women who decided to become mothers in the XXI century. And medicine, light industry, food and sports industry create all conditions to properly prepare for pregnancy.

Why prepare yourself for pregnancy
Of course, we'll talk about those cases where pregnancy is planned and expected. Nevertheless, even in this case, some expectant mothers (especially very young) believe that th
e nature of their wiser and she take care of everything. On the one hand, with the wisdom of nature can not argue. On the other hand, it does not take into account and / or cancel a purely individual characteristics of the organism. Especially if you are planning to become pregnant after having already had a bad experience, unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant, abortion and so on. Therefore, special care is necessary to prepare for pregnancy for women who:
  • abortions;
  • experienced a miscarriage;
  • have chronic diseases (especially musculoskeletal, metabolic, cardiovascular system).
All this does not deny the possibility of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby. But even if all is well in the past , you need to prepare for pregnancy . Not least because we all are not angels , and people with their weaknesses , which are expressed in our lifestyle , diet , and even bad habits . Only here the baby they do not benefit. And the impact on it long before the expectant mother became pregnant , and even earlier . How to make these " features a cute ' do no harm to your child ?

When to start to prepare for pregnancy?
How to prepare for pregnancy?Everyone knows that pregnancy lasts about 9 months, but few will respond as necessary to advance to prepare for it. Ideally, of course, your whole life should be subject to the rules of healthy and provide the necessary level of strength and you and your offspring. But in reality, it happens not always, so let's face it: it is desirable to start preparing your body for pregnancy at least six months before conception. For the 6 months prior to the expected fertilization body time to at least partially cleansed of toxins and accumulate sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals to strengthen the internal tissue and increase metabolism.

Half a year - good stock, whereas three months - the minimum necessary to prepare for pregnancy. During this period, you will have time to do the necessary tests, and normalize the power mode of the day, visit the doctor and make the necessary procedures. But this, of course, does not negate the regular check-ups, and so that should be in your "non-pregnant" life. Simply, if you have already visited the gynecologist a few months ago, now we have to come to him for the specific purpose and objectives. And that many more important - during the preconception you not only physically but also psychologically tune in pregnancy. And a moral being in this business is of paramount importance.

How to prepare for the first pregnancy
A truly responsible people are prepared not only to the pregnancy itself , but also to its planning ! And they're doing the right thing . Because some hidden problems can prevent conception or adversely affect the course of pregnancy afterwards. Note that the state of your body directly, and to the smallest detail depends on the health of the heir . So do not be lazy to check it thoroughly and put in order . Here are the basic guidelines for the preparation of his body to conceive a child :
  1. Proper nutrition.Your baby's health is inextricably linked with your health, and it, in turn, depends on what and how you eat. It goes without saying that you need to forget about fast food, store sausages and smoked products, confectionery industry and refined sugar. Instead, your diet will be filled with protein products (chicken and lean meat, eggs, cheese, beans), complex carbohydrates (cereals, baked whole grains and coarse flour, nuts) and healthy fats (saltwater fish, nuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil) as well as in fiber (vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs). All of these products contain vitamins and minerals in their natural ratio, but to support the body's take a complex of vitamins and minerals in addition, they are specifically produced for maintenance of pregnancy.
    The child will take everything you need out of your body for building bone, nervous system, all of the internal organs. Therefore, if you do not want to experience dizziness and fatigue, lack of calcium and iron, take these substances for two, for myself and for the guy (or girl) that will soon settle within you. And be sure to drink enough pure non-carbonated water to reduce the risk of edema. Well, as regards the specific diets, ostensibly aimed at increasing the probability of conceiving a child of a particular sex, it's better to be prudent and balanced feed to the baby, it will be a boy or a girl, she was healthy.
  2. Refusal of bad habits.It is logical and follows the default of the preceding paragraph. If the ban on tobacco, alcohol and other harmful substances is not obvious , you can search the Internet for a list of references and medical pathologies that come in children born to smoking and drinking alcoholic parents. Quitting these habits should be as soon as possible : for a year , two, and preferably five years before conception. And not only the expectant mother , and both spouses .
  3. Stable weight.Pregnancy is inevitably associated with an increase in body weight, but if you are driving the right way of life and eat rationally, this weight can not be considered superfluous: it consists of the weight of the fetus, placenta and amniotic fluid, and very little additional weight of my mother's body, which in most cases disappears after childbirth. Pregnancy - is not an excuse to grow fat. All the cakes are eaten to remind myself fluid retention and fatty deposits. Moreover, obesity may prevent pregnancy and to prevent normal delivery. The same goes for anorexia, that is underweight. Therefore, under the guidance of a doctor find your ideal shape and maintain it in the future.
  4. Exercise.The growing fetus exerts a heavy load on his back a woman. So better to strengthen the muscles that support the spine. Same thing with the endurance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. There is a large variety of exercises and group sports activities for pregnant women. Before conception, you can do the usual types of loads and even the gym. During pregnancy, choose a lighter Fitness: walking, jogging, pilates, yoga, stretching for pregnant women, etc., always in consultation with the doctor and coach.
  5. Holiday mode.Sleep - the drug and the method of recovery. Suitable during sleep , it is sufficient length - the necessary conditions for the formation of the correct and normal hormonal state of the nervous system during pregnancy. So, try to train yourself in advance the time to go to bed and stay up late. Holiday in the middle of the day will be an added advantage .
    complex medical examinationcomplex medical examination
  6. Complex medical examination.In everyday life, you can not even guess at the hidden and / or chronic diseases. But before you get pregnant, they need to identify and treat. Therefore, pregnancy planning necessarily imply a complete blood count, visiting physicians, surgeons, Laura, a gynecologist, gastroenterologist, neurologist. Each specialist must give its go-ahead for the conception, only then can you be sure of the future health of the baby. In addition, vision problems may be a contraindication to natural childbirth, and it is also better to know in advance, to plan maintenance of pregnancy and childbirth by caesarean section.
  7. A visit to the dentistissued as a separate item , and you can add it to your liking. Important point: during pregnancy , and a certain time after giving birth you will not be able to do x-rays and anesthesia used , without which it is impossible to prosthetics . Not to mention the fact that healthy teeth - a pledge of good nutrition . When a baby begins to develop rapidly within you , your teeth are insufficiently treated may suffer from calcium deficiency .
  8. Contraception.Not all the young women know that oral contraceptives can not be stopped suddenly , and even more so - not long before conception. To restore all reproductive female body can take up to two years. This applies to the contraceptive pill , patch , spiral and other hormonal contraceptives.
  9. Profession.Honestly answer yourself , are you ready to leave and maternity leave , at least temporarily abandon career ambitions . The question may not be obvious , but stumped more than one young mother . The usual way of life , professional development and competition should be sidelined when the fore in your life will come a newborn baby .
  10. Family matters.And finally, a sober assessment of the upcoming pregnancy and motherhood from the perspective of your family. Needless to say that this topic should be completely clear between you and your husband. But there are grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives , and the ratio of aid which will affect the course of your pregnancy and the life after. But most importantly - are you ready to become a mother yourself ?
How to prepare for pregnancy after the abortion
Transferred abortion can critically affect the possibility of conception. If you are lucky enough to avoid such severe consequences, preparation for re-pregnancy should be particularly careful. Particular attention should be paid to the endocrine system and physiological state of the internal reproductive organs, in particular the state of the endometrium and the uterus as a whole. Production of hormones necessary for the proper level can be achieved under the guidance of a doctor, which is especially important in the run-up to make pregnancy and during the first trimester of e. But even with careful medical monitoring during pregnancy after the abortion increased the risk of miscarriage.

How to prepare for pregnancy after miscarriage
Miscarriage (in other words - miscarriage) pregnancy occurs for various reasons, many of which are practically independent of the women (infectious diseases, unanticipated stresses, accidents, etc.). Especially important to properly prepare for a subsequent pregnancy. To do this, be sure to tell your doctor about previous abortions (and / or abortion), so he could just assign adequate studies, drugs and preventive measures. To minimize the risk of a repetition of the problems and new complications, maintain hormonal, reproductive and immune systems should both prospective parents. Because to prepare themselves properly for pregnancy - so fully aware of the coming changes in the lives and sincerely want them not only to the 40 weeks of pregnancy, but also for life. Good luck to you and loved ones healthy children!