How does alcohol affect a pregnancy?

Alcoholic drinks for everyone tacitly considered something of a "legal poison." That is, we all seem to be aware of them unprofitable, but continue to allow themselves in larger or smaller amounts. As they say, adults are free to decide how to build their lives and treat your body. But this indulgence is not acceptable when it comes to children's health. And the problem here is not only and not so much about what not to sell alcohol to minors. Monitor need not grown child and themselves. And because alcohol affects pregnancy, it is necessary to start to control even at that stage, when you are planning to become parents.

It is interesting that almost everyone knows or guess how alcohol affects the pregnancy, but somehow hoping that it concerns someone else, not them. Although the laws of biology and chemistry are relentless and they are objective and, in fact, still, you drank a glass of conditionally harmful dry white wine or beer. The child in the womb no one asked what drinks he "prefers at this time of
day." And if asked, he probably would have said that he prefers to be born healthy and beautiful, without the effects that alcohol has on the fetus. And if you think the risk abstract enough tangible, let us consider in detail how alcohol affects pregnancy.

Alcohol during pregnancy: for and against
The fact that the embryo is inevitably receives a portion of alcohol, drunk his mother during pregnancy is beyond doubt. In the body of the mother and fetus is a continuous exchange of substances through the placenta. If the pregnant woman's blood alcohol is present, then in fetal blood it too. Moreover, if the alcohol percentage calculated based on body weight, the child in the womb, "drink" at times more, and "drunk" is stronger. Only the mother will pass intoxication and leave behind except a slight effect, and for the child - serious consequences, and not temporary, but for a lifetime.

It would seem that in any such case may be arguments in favor of alcoholic beverages during pregnancy? And pregnant women and fetal alcohol affects very negatively, and this issue should be closed once and for all. Today, the way it is. But until recently, just some 30-50 years ago, the official medicine seriously capable of receiving small doses of alcohol by women during pregnancy. It was believed that the natural alcohols (for example, in high-quality grape wines) have a positive effect on the hormonal levels of the female body, increase appetite, and red wines, and even increase the level of hemoglobin. But you will agree that these effects can be achieved by other, much more friendly way than alcohol. Fortunately, modern medicine has formed an unambiguous opinion about this: Alcoholic drinks have no place in the diet of pregnant women, nursing mothers and even those who are planning a pregnancy in the near future.

How does alcohol affect fertility?
the impact of alcohol on the baby at the moment of conceptionthe impact of alcohol on the baby at the moment of conceptionThe near future - are too broad concept. How long before pregnancy need to give up alcohol ? Or , formulated differently , how soon after giving up alcohol you can conceive a healthy child? Finally, whether or not a man to give up alcohol before conception of the child, or alcohol affects only pregnant women ? To date received and , unfortunately, confirmed in practice , the answers to these questions:
  1. Sperm is completely renewed in the male middle-aged approximately every 60-70 days . This means that the sperm involved in the conception, a store information about what they ate and drank "boss" in the past two months .
  2. The eggs are stored in the female body "with reserve" for several years, so that their structure is determined by the way of life for a further term.
  3. The sooner you clear your diet of toxins from alcohol , the healthier will be your offspring. But a healthy psyche is also important for the parents of the child , and deny yourself the pleasure ( if alcohol is for you - it tastes good ) throughout the life of the mind is not helpful. On average , it is considered sufficient if the parents stop drinking alcohol at least six months before the planned conception . The more you extend this time - the better for you and your child .
  4. Unfortunately, not all of conception is so carefully planned . Often pregnancy is preceded by a romantic evening with wine by the glass . If love does not get drunk until he lost consciousness, with a high probability of risk can be avoided. This is facilitated by a special natural mechanism that protects the fetus in the preimplantation period, which lasts about 5 days after conception to implantation of a fertilized cell in the womb .
However, the alcohol can prevent conception in another way. The fact that the sperm activity is inversely proportional to the number of alcohol consumed man. If he drinks regularly enough, the activity can be reduced even by 20-25%. Alcohol lowers and hormonal levels, but not enough to fully prevent conception. But the child conceived in a state of extreme intoxication, it runs the risk to be born unhealthy. Pathology of development can occur both at the early stages of pregnancy, and after a few years of life.

How does alcohol affect a pregnancy in the early stages?
The first trimester or the first three months after conception , are considered the most complex and important in the formation of the body of the child. It was at this period lays the main organ systems , and that the alcohol in the first trimester of pregnancy harms particularly strong (if such a separation on the degree of influence at all relevant) . Use of alcoholic beverages in the first trimester of pregnancy is fraught :
  1. Pathology , arising from the use of alcohol in early pregnancy , most of them irreversible. This means that it is impossible to cure or compensate for , and born a man all his life will suffer from varying degrees of illness and / or deformity . Arising from the fact that his mother was not able to resist the dubious pleasure of alcohol .
  2. C₂H₅OH, or ethyl alcohol, trapped in the body from 1 to 13 weeks fetal development can cause a range of defects in the formation of internal and external bodies, physical and mental development of the child.
  3. Under the influence of alcohol face embryo freaks can get flattened elongated, or vice versa, with a low forehead, squinting eyes and other defects.
  4. The brain and the entire nervous system develop properly , so that with time the child drinking mothers can keep up with the other children at school , badly trained and not even deal with the coordination of movements , not to mention a cursory letter.
  5. Physically, a child also develops slower and worse than other children: he was shorter, had a weak heart and poor immunity.
All these horrors - not fiction and not an exaggeration on the part of health workers. They watch these pictures with alarming regularity . As well as the nature of trying to protect the people : the early stages of pregnancy, alcohol causes abortions more often than at a later date . Another option : the death of a fetus during labor or birth of a child unsustainable .

How does alcohol affect pregnant women?
avoiding alcohol during pregnancyavoiding alcohol during pregnancyPerhaps these factors is enough to make even the most carefree woman realized the extent of the risks that come with the use of alcohol during pregnancy. But here enters into force strange logic that can be passed like this: "If you can not , but really want, you can be a little bit ." Let's not talk about the absurdity of such an assumption , but for clarity, we consider that this " little " , and if you can , how much?
  1. According to some reports , during all nine months of pregnancy are allowed to drink about 100 grams of dry wine . But not all at once ! If you absolutely can not give up alcohol , divide this portion into several parts and drink until the second or third trimester , diluting with water .
  2. 30 ml or more alcohol ( regardless of the variety of alcoholic beverage ) per day lead to a virtually guaranteed fetal alcohol syndrome , which can still be called fetal alcohol syndrome . Disproportionate body , cleft lip , deformed limbs and underdeveloped brain - just a few of the possible consequences of this syndrome .
  3. The above dose of 30 grams of alcohol is contained in just one glass of wine or a couple of beers . It does not matter what kind of alcoholic beverage prefers pregnant . Cocktails and / or " granny " strong tincture on alcohol is no "better" Vodka , when talking about the use of alcohol by a pregnant woman .
  4. The risk of premature birth and / or miscarriage increases by about 70 % , if a pregnant woman consumes more than 5 grams of alcohol at a time. And no one can say in advance what dose would be critical in each case .
Ethyl alcohol, or ethanol, C₂H₅OH, refers to a group of the most potent toxic agents. Both the alcohol and its breakdown products , getting into the bloodstream of the fetus through the placenta from the mother's act at the cellular level . Suffer absolutely all tissues that form the organs and outer membrane of the embryo . The metabolism and hormones. Because alcohol affects at different stages of pregnancy , and the results can be shown as immediately or years after the birth of the child .

No short-term pleasure, which include any of the products and so on. H. Alcohol is not worth a child's health. And no excuse not to fix congenital abnormalities. It is impossible to calculate in advance how much you can drink during pregnancy, and how many - too. All organisms are different, and a pregnant woman is responsible not only for your body but also for the human body, the beginning of life within it. And it depends on what will be later this life: full of pain and suffering, or the full life of a healthy strong man. Do not panic and prepare in advance for the worst, if you drink half a glass of good wine, when still did not know about the pregnancy. But the two strips on the test means that from this point of alcohol in the world does not exist for you in the next 9 months plus the time until the last breastfeeding. Protect yourself and your children, be happy in a healthy and strong family!