How to take badger fat?

Benefits of badger fat is undeniable. This natural product contains a complex of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy functioning of the body . Badger fat has a tonic , immunostimulant , anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties . This is due to the uniqueness of this means of natural origin badger fat that accumulates in the animal during the year to provide themselves with health and vitality for a period of hibernation.

Fat Badger is widely used in folk medicine as an aid to medical therapy. It is used for inflammation of the airways and gastrointestinal tract , metabolic disorders, hormonal failure and skin diseases . Furthermore , this product has been used successfully in the field of cosmetology , promoting regeneration of the skin and eliminating visual defects . At the same time the only contraindication to its use is individual intolerance .

Strengthens the immune system
Admission badger fat is best to combine with the hot drink. This can be milk, anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting he
rbal infusions or broth hips. If you are not allergic to honey, before use, add it to the fat in the ratio of 1: 3. Well as the combined use of the therapeutic agent with a warm raspberry, currant or cranberry juice. In order to give your body a daily dose of vitamins and minerals Accepted 1 tbsp. spoon (children - 1 tsp.) every day on an empty stomach 40 minutes before a meal, alternating a month receive two weeks break.

Once more you will achieve therapeutic effect by adding a badger fat is not only honey but also apricots , raisins and walnuts , minced . All the ingredients are displaced in equal quantities and store in the refrigerator. Take 1 tbsp. spoon on an empty stomach . This means not only restores the immune system , but also copes with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract , and also has tonic properties .

We treat a cough
First of all, when airway inflammation then polish fat neck, chest and feet. Topical administration align with receiving means , mixed with the warm milk inside , half an hour before meals 4 times per day. The recommended single dose of children - 1 tsp. , Adult dose is increased to 1 tbsp. spoon. The first visible results you get already at 3-4 days after the start of the application , but to consolidate the therapeutic effect go through a 10-day course of treatment.

In the treatment of tuberculosis or pneumonia take badger fat in the same doses during the month , washed down with hot milk (preferably rural ) After two weeks of treatment make a break , and if necessary to continue treatment for another 2-3 weeks .

Badger fat as a remedy: a prescription from Tibet
Tibetans call this tool "cure-all" and used it as the inside, and as salve.
  • badger fat - 100 g;
  • Cocoa powder - 100 g;
  • Honey - 5 Art.
  • natural butter - 5 tablespoons.
  • Aloe juice - 1/4 st .;
  • mummy and propolis - 5 g;
  • alcohol - 100 ml.
Mix all ingredients thoroughly mash and add alcohol. Once again, stir until smooth . To use rubbing 1 tsp. Ointments, allocate the funds in 200 g of warm water ; when taken orally on an empty stomach means use by dissolving 1 tbsp. spoon the mixture in a glass of hot milk . Drink slowly, in small sips .

Home Beauty
The cream is prepared at home with the use of badger fat , perfectly nourishes, moisturizes , rejuvenates and tones the skin . In addition, it has a pronounced therapeutic effect , helping to solve the problem of pimples and acne . For the preparation of creams require the following ingredients:
  • badger fat - 3 tbsp.
  • cocoa butter - 50 g;
  • wheat germ oil - 10 g;
  • essential oils of geranium and rosewood - 6 drops.
All ingredients except the essential oils , mix and hold in a water bath until dissolved. Remove from heat , add the oil of geranium and rosewood , quickly stir and put in a jar of dark glass . Cream store in the refrigerator and use overnight preheating the right amount of mixture to body temperature .

Try one of the recipes with badger fat - and you will see how effective this tool in the fight for the beauty and health of your body!