How to make a rug develops his own hands?

The full development of the baby - is the primary task for any doting mother. As a rule, being pregnant woman studying magazines for expectant mothers, familiar with the various techniques of the early development of beetles. With the birth of the baby have trouble young parents added. With each new month of life the baby grows not only the needs of a new family member, but also costs. Industry of children's educational games offers new parents a huge arsenal of different items. As a rule, any toy is quite expensive, and the purchase of any significant impact on the family budget. However, young mothers-skilled workers will be able to make educational toys with their own hands. An excellent thing you can do on your own is developing a rug for the baby.

General purpose of the children's rugs
Soft pad with different elements used for the harmonious development of the child up to a year . However, experienced mothers fit this wonderful element for the development of games and older children. For every toddler
age - their goals and needs. Children aged 6 months spread on the mat on his stomach . The child learns to focus on different elements , drawings , tries to keep the crown . Kids from 6 months to a year is interesting to study the surface of the mat , crawl and play on it.

This is interesting!
Children's rug - an indispensable tool in the arsenal of a young mother . It contributes to the development of fine motor skills , excellent hearing and develops the musical abilities of the child. At the age of three the child likes to crawl or sit on the mat . Bright and attractive for visual perception , mat will become a favorite place to play kid.

Getting Started - is determined with the theme!
You need to choose the material from which you will make a rug . For manufacturing bases can use old flannel blanket. Choose a blanket with a smooth surface that it could sew different decorations . If that is not found in the house , you can buy a thick cloth , scribbling it on the perimeter , and fill with foam . When packing , be careful not to do too thick , then the child will be uncomfortable to play it .

In choosing the material for the carpet to prefer only natural fabrics . The child will be on it for a long time , so unacceptable to use synthetic materials . The child may have an allergic reaction , and have to throw rug . Avoid bright , neon colors and too dark . The mat should attract the attention of the baby, but do not irritate the child's vision .

To produce additional elements we need:
  • colored elastic bands and Velcro;
  • colored buttons of different sizes;
  • shoelaces;
  • rattles, rings;
  • toys, including music;
  • colored zipper;
  • sound elements (children love to touch any "rustling" material, so for this purpose you can use candy wrappers);
  • yarn of different colors (for embroidery and sewing);
  • scissors, glue;
  • needles.
It is important!
Choosing decorative element for a rug , consider whether it will harm the health of the baby. For example, caution should be taken to the choice of lightning. Better to choose the size of a large lightning , with large teeth , rounded at the ends. In case of breakage parents will notice a torn piece . Children love to try everything " tastes ." Therefore, make sure that all the details of the rug had sharp edges , were secured on the basis and present no hazard to the child.

Draw a sketch pad
Before proceeding to the manufacture of the mat , to determine what he will be devoted to the subject . The basic mood of baby products will easily complement its other elements as children get older . Draw on paper , will be located where these or other elements .

Creates for his child - examples of various rugs!
  1. Water World.Sea theme is popular among children. The basis of the mat may be the image of large fish or boat . As entertaining elements suitable rubber ducklings , rattles, carved out of wrappers , frogs and fish , musical toys , devoted to the sea theme. As the baby so you can complement other elements of the mat . For example, if you place on fish will be missed , you can make it into a pair of second fish , mats fastened together " fins " . The child will have more space to play , and you have - for imagination .
  2. All year round.Thematic mat allows to introduce the baby to seasonal changes in nature. Conventionally surface divide into 4 equal parts. Each part of the - of the year. The basic idea - represent the same element in different weather conditions. For example, you portray derevo.Vesnoy on the tree will appear young leaves in the winter it is covered with snow. As the central object can be represented as a lake or the sea. The main idea - the central object should take a look to the change of the season. Further it is possible to imagine every sector. For example, the fall can be attached to a children's glove. Try to do it, the baby will be able to pass through it in his hand. You can also pick up items that are assigned to each time of the year (the maple leaf, fresh apple, scarf and so forth.) And ask them to spread the baby sector.
    You can add variety , if any picture a weather phenomenon associated with each season. Sew the sector "summer" any green waterproof cloth and let the kid pours it out leechki . This mat can be supplemented endlessly, everything depends on you and your creativity.
  3. School rug.This mat will help your child to learn letters and numbers. Think protagonists pad and draw them . Let it be your favorite characters from books : 3 Little Pigs , Boldly Buzzing Fly , Speckled Hen , Winnie the Pooh and others . Sew to clothes fantastic heroes little pockets . With this mat , you can develop your baby simple games , for example, ask him to lay down pre-prepared cards with numbers in the pocket Winnie the Pooh and Piglet .
  4. The Magic House.The mat will help your child not only to develop fine motor skills , but also learn how to use various items : zippers , snaps , buttons. The main object of the mat is a fabulous house . Make the stavenki house closed to the real locks , door - with a zipper, a window - for lace , etc. Be creative , using as much as possible subjects. This mat allows your child to master the skills of handling simple household items.
  5. Fairy mat.If your kid is crazy about Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty , you can make a rug based on the works of the beloved baby. Build a castle where the prince lives , turret , which evil sorceress imprisoned princess and stuff. Take the kid to the game : ask your child what he would like to add to his magic kingdom . Children from 3 years can be involved in the production of decorative elements for the rug .
The basic rules for the manufacture of developing mats
  1. Check all items on the safety mat.
  2. Pre-think over design rug.
  3. Do not choose synthetic materials.
Make developing mat with your hands is not so difficult . This will require quality hypo-allergenic materials , ingenuity and a couple of hours of free time a young mother . Be creative and fantasize , and your child will appreciate the wonderful carpet , which is for him to make my mother's caring hands .