How to sew a pillow-the letter with his own hands?

You always wanted to decorate a room with original accessories ? If you want to please your loved ones , cook for friends, family trivial gifts? You can simply sew pillow - letter with his own hands ! You will surely enjoy the presents personally prepare , in addition, you will be able to take into account the various nuances . For example, you can give a big pillow , by letter , which begins the name of the person .

There are other options: sew a set of cushions that make up words to define symbolic letters. For example, "L" begins with the words "love" to "C" - "happiness", "family" to "U" - "Smile". Walk up to the task creatively, and in the attached postcard explain the value of your gift. Such cushion exactly all will like. It is necessary to make big letters, and those who have a child. That baby instantly transformed with accessories such as kids and teenagers love to play with soft pillows. It features the letter on which to sleep, relax, sit, and its practicality. It is useful as a cushion, a soft
lining on the seat, successfully replace conventional teddy bears. How to sew a pillow-the letter with his own hands, so that it all just happy, helps to relax and get energized? How to make airbags, strong and durable, for her to come up with the original design? Keep in mind a few tips to be careful when choosing materials and follow the algorithm, stitching details.

Cushion-shaped - the best gift
To start, determine how you will use your pillow.
  • The symbolic significance of the letter.Be sure to remember not only the letters that you associate with something good , positive thoughts should call your loved one. We need to think not whether the letter will provoke negative emotions . For example, it is worth remembering the names are not very pleasant for the donee people to avoid matching their capital letters.
  • The complexity of the task.Perhaps your friend's name or Dmitry Zahar , and you have not yet mastered the right degree of sewing skill . It is not necessary to give a cushion in the form of a letter , which begins the name of the hero of the festivities ! You will approach the letter " C », «L», « U» . Their you will be much easier to make , and the symbolic meaning of the letters you will always be able to explain in a postcard .
  • Set letters.Remarkably, if you decide to capture the imagination of a friend, relative , loved one by a set of letter- pads. These accessories will never be superfluous , and several letters can form words . The easiest option - to sew three letters that make up the word "Dream" . You can take on more complex work by stitching kits "Love" , "Happiness" . Newlyweds will be pleasantly surprised to receive a refined set of bright pillows " advice and love ."
  • Gift wrap.When you shёte letter for yourself , you do not need packaging . And for a present need to choose the appropriate clearance . It is best to choose a transparent packaging , such as plastic. Only the package is sure to tie shiny ribbons , make a nice big bows . They should be easily untied . You can tie up the bags with colored tape letters with large beads on the ends. Well , if the same band draws on the edges own pillows.
Creative imagination.

Design solutions: create a unique cushion-letter
Clever design details of your pillows.
  1. Selection tissue. Try to imagine how it will look your selected material when you're out of it soshёte capital letters . For example, if you liked the fabric with catchy large print , it is important to determine whether you will be able to showcase the beauty of the picture , the right to make a pattern . It may happen that the aesthetics of the material remain unnoticed , since the shearing , the fabric will be processed latent image , or not properly underlined texture .
  2. Braid.Carefully choose to braid your pillows. Note: some of the letters have a rather complicated form. They, too, can sew without difficulty, but partly have to do outer seams, finishing the edge of the tape. It's much more convenient, faster. But the tape has to be beautiful, catchy, that no one came to mind, the first thing she needed to handle edge cushion. It is important to remember that the tapes you need strong, reliable. Then she will stand noticeable mechanical loads. With a pillow you can play, sleep on it without fear that the seams will disperse, braid starts to move away.
  3. Accessories.Useful for design pillows and accessories. As the decorations you use any buttons, beads , beads . Remember that children's pillows should be chosen larger accessories, the most reliable of their fix . It is better not to use adhesives , since they can not only spoil the appearance of your letter , but be ineffective . Of course, jewelry should not be showered with pillows.
  4. For more details, pillows letters.It should demonstrate creativity, choose non-trivial design solutions. For example , your characters may resemble people, animals . It is enough to attach some small details to the letter "P" resembled a giraffe or a man with a bent arm , and the letter " W " into a graceful snake.
  5. Colorful or monochrome material?You can make two or three letters from different tissues to pinpoint which design you prefer . Multi-colored pillows look more vivid, memorable , but solid-color accessory to any interior take a worthy place . If you shёte pillow as a gift, is to pick a shade monotonous letters for finishing in the room where it may be your pillow . Multicolored accessory drawings easier to fit into almost any interior design .
Be bold, coming up with the design of your pillows.

Robust and safe pillow-letter
How to sew a pillow-the letter with his own hands?Be sure to pay special attention to the choice of materials, process them carefully.
  • Reliable materials.Pillows should be chosen for simple, reliable tissue. Check the material he hesitated , stretched . The fabric should not be too soft , delicate. Pillow of a material not serve you for a long time . You can find a calico , flannel , compact cotton with print . Suit and synthetic materials , but it is necessary to choose a safe tissue that does not cause allergies, skin irritation .
  • Dyes.It is advisable to buy cloth in a well -proven product in the market , quite large . Materials to avoid too bright , unnatural colors. They can be unreliable : the fabric quickly fade , begin to fade .
  • Processing seams.Carefully sew parts and well processed seams.
  • Choose a thread.Pay attention to the choice of thread.
  • Pillow Cover.If you are going to use your regular pillow - letters should take care to be easily washable. You can sew a pillow - cases , of which easily removed filler. They should provide a small fireball , and close the top zipper tape. When it's time to wash the pillow , braid must be carefully otporot , unzip and remove the filler. After washing, you just dry the pillow and then re- insert it in the filler prishёte braid in place.
Think over all the nuances to your pillow, the letters were not only beautiful but also durable, easy to operate.

Sew the pillow-letter
In order to properly sew the pillow-the letter, make it beautiful, durable, follow the algorithm and do not forget simple tips.
  1. To get started, choose materials carefully.
  2. Be sure to pre-thought-out design of your pillows, please be with all the necessary accessories.
  3. Make a template out of cardboard or paper.
  4. Carefully make a pattern. Be sure to leave 3-5 cm on the seam . Note the location of the pattern on the fabric. Sometimes it's better to spend a lot of stuff , but make the pillow more attractive , emphasizing the beauty of fabrics, showing the original print .
  5. For letters of complex shape may be needed to sew a few details . The easiest way to make the letter " A ", " C" , "Y" , "N" , "G" . It is more difficult to sew cushions with holes in, for example, "O" , "U " , as well as an intricate form letters ( "D" , "F" ) . Better to start with simple choices .
  6. Prepare the items made of cloth, they can begin to sew.
  7. Treat taped seams.
  8. When all the parts are sewn pillow already filled with synthetic padding, you can begin to sew ornaments: beads, crystals, beads and buttons, applications.
If you decide to give someone a pillow - the letter , it should be beautifully packaged . Try to make your pillow original and memorable . Fastening items carefully to the joints are not dispersed. Your big soft letters allow to rest with pleasure , will be a great decoration of the room , they will serve you for many years.