How to be tested for enterobiasis?

The exact meaning of the word " enterobiasis " You may not be familiar, but the name of the parasite as a pinworm many heard for sure. First of all it is encountered young parents as the procedure for obtaining certificates from the clinic for a variety of social institutions is almost always accompanied by a pediatrician requirement " to be tested " or " pass scraping " on enterobiasis . The latter phrase is used more often, and captures the essence of the art of medical research.

Except where required mandatory for a child of this manipulation , parents should remember the enterobiasis in the case when the child starts to act up and night for him , and parents become sleepless . In addition to this , there are gut " colic " , bloating, diarrhea and constipation alternate . There may be too early interest of the child to his genitals , as the migrating larvae can creep into their cavities , causing severe pruritus .

However, the adult has to go study in the design of sanitary medical books for admission to
work in child care , in medicine or in the food industry . Also during the preparation of the admission to the swimming pool often require this procedure .

The peculiarity of the life cycle and behavior of pinworms defines the technique of taking scrapings on enterobiasis that despite the scary name , is completely painless. The female pinworms at night out on the skin around the anus , and after selecting a sticky liquid that lay their eggs . It is this fluid causes a child's anxiety and desire to scratch problematic place .

Therefore, the study on the presence of pinworm eggs must be carried out in the morning before a bowel movement.

There are two methods of taking analysis enterobiasis:
  1. Using adhesive tape.
  2. Using cotton swabs.
Let us consider each of these in more detail.

Taking a scraping from the adhesive tape:
  1. Take a transparent office tape widths up to 2 cm.
  2. Cut the piece is not too long (4-6sm).
  3. Blotted movements, gently press the tape to the anus and perianal area.
  4. Then apply the segment to a smooth glass surface, preferably flat.
  5. Bring the subject to the laboratory or in the office for future infectious disease research.
Taking scraping with a cotton sticks:
  1. Take the usual cosmetic cotton swab, which is present in almost every female beautician ,.
  2. Soak a cotton piece in glycerin . It is important that the liquid was viscous and transparent . You can use a transparent liquid paraffin . Fleece should be neither too dry nor too wet . Excess liquid can be removed by slightly pushing the vessel wall.
    How to be tested for enterobiasis?
  3. Gently parted the buttocks (if the child is asleep, you can slightly raise the upper buttock) and gently circle around the anus perianal folds in a circular motion.
  4. Place the wand into the tube or small bottle and close its lid.
  5. Bring to the clinic.
It remains to add that you have taken the material attributed to the clinic on the same day . For some time for the analysis of material it may be located in a home refrigerator at 4-8 ° C , i.e. in general , rather than freezer.

If the sample is taken at enterobiasis requires the personal presence of the child in the clinic or you must pass the analysis , the same painless procedure , which you have already seen above, will make a nurse . Only specify only time cabinet infection , as noted above , this manipulation is carried out in the early morning .

Do not get sick and be healthy!