How to check the traffic police fines?

Every driver can make a mistake and violate certain rules of the road . If the violation was recorded traffic police , then a protocol on administrative offense and issued a fine to pay . Relatively recently appeared on the roads as surveillance cameras that automatically capture all traffic violations and enter them into a database , then the owner of the car also issued a fine and sent a letter demanding his payment .

Very often forget to pay drivers fined , losing copies of the minutes , or received by mail a letter. Unpaid fines may result in the imposition of a fine double , to 15 days of arrest and recovery of debts by bailiffs. Therefore , it is useful to periodically check penalties. How to check the traffic police fines ?
This can be done in various ways.
  1. The standard way - this appeal to the nearest department of administrative practices and fines in your city. Check the address of departments on the official website of traffic police at, go to " Fines inquiries about the accident ,
    traffic police department " and select your region , if he was not identified automatically . After that, you just have to call to the police and present a driver's license for information about unpaid fines .
  2. If you are very busy and can not visit the branch in person, try to call the phone number listed on the website of traffic police.
  3. More convenient and modern way of checking the traffic police fines is to use the Internet.

    How to check the traffic police fines?
    In the form, enter the state registration plate of the vehicle, series and number of the certificate of registration and verification code.
  4. Not all regions, local traffic police sites can provide information on fines , since there is a gradual transition to centralized management of government services , which include fines traffic police, through the site However, to obtain information about the traffic police fines through this site should be warned beforehand about the registration and confirmation of personal information that is too complicated and requires an activation code via Russian Post , service centers of "Rostelecom" or confirmation of identity by using an electronic signature.
  5. Drivers Rostov, Voronezh, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tambov regions, the Republic of Kalmykia and Adygea and Krasnodar Territory information on fines issued in these areas is available through the site Open the page of this website, you should check the date of an update base fines on your region and get the information by entering the number of the state registration plate of a vehicle, the number of the certificate of registration of the vehicle and the verification code from the image. In the presence of fines can be directly from the site, you can print a receipt for the payment.

    How to check the traffic police fines?

    This site provides information on fines and on your mobile phone.

    STSI blank space №TS №VU

    For example,

    STSI A777AA77 77AE123456

    Also, using the balance of your cell phone, you can pay the fine by sending an SMS to short number 9112 the following text:

    pay the amount of space blank space №postanovleniya Name and Payer

    For example,

    pay 100 77TR123456 Ivanov AND AND

    Team payment submit only once to avoid overpayment penalties. Within five minutes from the mobile operator has to come a message confirming the deactivation . If it is not received after 15 minutes, the payment request was for some reason fails.

    Getting information about fines and repayment via SMS is a paid service.

Do not knowingly violate traffic rules, and if such a violation took place, it is time to pay the fines.